Ways to Play!

There are so many ways we can play! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

A quick list of what’s on the menu:
Don’t see your fetish, kink, favorite jack off material? Visit my contact page. Let’s talk about it before you make the plunge into Lucy’s play land!

An “Extreme” webcam session would be a nude session with stuff like; panty pissing, pee in bucket, wet and messy play and forced fantasies. We can also do shower, bath or oil shows with this option.

After years of dominating men and much consideration, I have decided that domination is mostly just not my thing. There are areas of domination I still enjoy:
Playing with sissies
Jack off instruction
Tease and orgasm control

I am not looking to own slaves or submissives.

I am involved in the local BDSM scene as a submissive. I consider myself a heavy masochist who, in addition to pain, is interested in humiliation, degradation and service (think, homework assignments).

Light impact (spankings, paddles, etc.)
Pervertable play (ice cubes + use your imagination!)
Pain (the other CBT- cunt and breast torture)
Service fantasies

Body part specific fetishes: Feet (mine are size 10.5 and awfully cute), legs, breasts, belly, ass (whether it be my curves or my tight hole), pussy and hair
Pantyhose and stockings
Ask me about my fetish, it’s awfully fun and chances are likely you can satisfy my needs in this area! 😉

Role Playing
Naughty secretary and mean boss
Neighbor, co-worker, friend, wife’s friend (pick the one you’ve been lusting after)

Vanilla Fun
Yes, I’m kinky but don’t think I forgot about the #1 flavor!

69, pussy eating, cock sucking and fucking
Girlfriend experience
Mutual masturbation