Role Playing

Role Playing

Catch me camming:
You are my brother-in-law, roommate, husband or fill-in-the-blank. You come home unannounced and hear some strange noises coming from the bedroom. You listen outside the door and seconds late bust in to me on the bed facing my laptop and cam dressed in a slutty outfit. It is instantly clear someone is watching me! You confront me and I admit I cam for money. You make me learn my lesson- if I’m going to behave like a slut, you’ll treat me like one! Right in front of my caller!

Catch you sniffing my panties:
You went through my dirty laundry and pulled out a pair of panties. You pull your cock out and start stroking while you take in a huge whiff of the scent of my pussy. The panties are my sexy, black cotton g-strings and you know I wore them on a work day; ten hours of masturbating to cam and phone sex calls!

Abduction fantasy:
You are a man with a lot of power. You send your men to abduct me from my bedroom while I’m sleeping. They drug me and bring me to you. When the drug wears off, you tie me to your bed and have your way with me; mixing pain with pleasure until you are satisfied and I am completely spent.

Sissy shopping trip:
After making you shave your legs smooth, I take you to the mall. First stop is the beauty salon. You get a manicure, pedicure, full makeup (with ruby red lipstick and fake eyelashes) and your shoulder length hair is styled with ringlet curls. Next we go to Frederick’s, because Vicky’s won’t do for what I have planned. I make you try outfit after outfit until I settle on something slutty (tight and low cut) and prissy (pink with bows and ruffles). Next we go to the shoe store where you try on pumps and fetish heels. The entire time we are at the mall, I make you flirt with every hot man we see and I tell them about our last stop… the glory hole at the adult store.

I’m sucking your cock just the way you like it. I hear the door open and movement in the room, but you hold my head down, fucking my mouth deep. Someone puts his hands on my ass and I feel a cock being pushed inside of me. You let me look and I see a tall, muscular man is fucking me while three men on either side of me jerk their cocks. You make me kneel, lay down, get on all fours – every possible position to get me the most cocks and the biggest mess of cum, all over my body.

More to come…