Sexting with Nick 2

Nick is still doing frequent sexting sessions where we make up stories about Selena. Here is one of the recent ones we did.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Have Selena dress like a slut and be drunk when a customer gives her coke in the private bathroom and it is after closing

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: Detailed with pics what she’d wear? Or just tell you?

anonymous Yahoo ID: As she is doing the second snort he pulls her jeans down

anonymous Yahoo ID: And makes her “pay” him back

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Find her top

anonymous Yahoo ID: Show me

lustylucycam: Ok so skinny jeans and a bra that shows through a loose shirt she has on. Sort of a punk outfit.

lustylucycam: ok lemme see

lustylucycam: what I can find

anonymous Yahoo ID: It’s like a sports bra

lustylucycam: I was thinking a regular bra

lustylucycam: REALLY slutty

lustylucycam: sorta like this, but a hotter top

(I Google image search the kind of top I’m thinking of and send him a picture)

lustylucycam: That’s almost exactly what I had in mind, except a little sexier.

lustylucycam: And a black bra, not lace

lustylucycam: Skinny jeans and booties

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: Oh no

lustylucycam: High heel sandals or wedges

lustylucycam: Since it’s summer

lustylucycam: haha

lustylucycam: Not booties

lustylucycam: Anyway

lustylucycam: So she’s tending bar and this one guy comes in alone.

lustylucycam: He’s really tall and a little cut

lustylucycam: Kinda sexy

lustylucycam: He spends the whole night slowly drinking. Has maybe three martini’s the whole time.

lustylucycam: But he’s really nice and gives her a lot of attention. Maybe he pays in cash for each drink and tips her with huge tips.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I think he would have come in before too

lustylucycam: Each drink is like $11 (I’m assuming this is a nicer bar) and he gives her $20 each time telling her to keep the change. So she give him a lot of attention.

lustylucycam: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: And always been like that

lustylucycam: He’s like that every time, HUGE tipper.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes. She would give him a lot of attention

lustylucycam: Maybe he sort of planned this.

lustylucycam: He wanted to see if he could do a slow seduction then get her to do coke and fuck him.

lustylucycam: And he wants to be rough with her.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: He assumes he can get away with it. But this is kind of his thing… a “slow seduction” at the bar over the course of weeks.

lustylucycam: Then he goes for it.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Maybe he usually dumps the girl after. Fucks her then never comes back but Selena shows him he can go even further with her so he will come back for more. Anyway, so near the end of the night when it slows down, she’s leaning over the bar flirting with him and he asks if she can slip away.

lustylucycam: She says, “where” and he just gets up and heads to the hall where the bathrooms are.

lustylucycam: She follows him after a min. and when she gets in the hall he pulls her into the men’s room.

lustylucycam: It’s a multi-urinal/toilet room with no lock on the outside door.

anonymous Yahoo ID: And he locks it

anonymous Yahoo ID: Oh

lustylucycam: I’m thinking he can’t.

lustylucycam: It’s risky

lustylucycam: And both of them like that.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

anonymous Yahoo ID: Go on

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: But he can if you want

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: hehe

lustylucycam: Ok cool

lustylucycam: So he kisses her and he realizes he doesn’t even need to share the coke with her, but he likes to get girls fucked up.

lustylucycam: She’s had a few drinks and he watched this closely.

lustylucycam: He pulls the coke bag and his driver’s out of his pocket and walks over to the mirror where there is a little shelf.

lustylucycam: He makes a few lines and with a rolled up $20 does two.

lustylucycam: He hands her the $20

lustylucycam: She does one…. and he says

lustylucycam: He just tells her to do more coke.

lustylucycam: So he gets her really fucked up and being the slut she is, she gets right on her knees to suck his cock

anonymous Yahoo ID: No

lustylucycam: He forces it in her mouth after she only gets to play a few seconds.

lustylucycam: no?

anonymous Yahoo ID: As she is snorting he takes her jeans down

lustylucycam: Ooh that’s right

lustylucycam: From behind?

lustylucycam: While she’s leaning over?

anonymous Yahoo ID: She asks what he is doing but he tells her to keep her nose in the bag

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes while she is leaning over

lustylucycam: Then what?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Show me what kind of thong or g-string the little slut has on

 (I Google image search pink thong panties and show him a pair with lace and a bow on them)

lustylucycam: Do you like those?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Very much

lustylucycam: ok

lustylucycam: So I have an idea of what I want him to do…. unless you have an idea.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes. Go for it

lustylucycam: Ok so she listens and snorts more coke while he starts rubbing her. He slides his hand between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy and guess what? She’s wet.

lustylucycam: So it doesn’t take long before she starts moaning.

lustylucycam: But then I think he does something REALLY nasty.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: He puts his arms around her mid-section and drags her over to the urinal. She can’t move him away because her jeans are around her ankles and her shoes are still on. She’s kind of bound. He pushes her down and she has to brace herself on the urinal. Then he gets on his knees and pushes her so that her panty covered pussy is exposed to him. He starts eating her from behind… pushes her panties to the side and licks and sucks on her until she moans some more. As she braces herself on the urinal, she’s disgusted by it but kind of turned on that he wants to do something so nasty to her by making her face in it. (I don’t know if this is too gross for you. I personally think it’s kind of hot)

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: Yay

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: So then he stands up and pulls his cock out. She’s soaking wet… like dripping down her thigh wet at this point.

lustylucycam: And this is how he knows how nasty she is, by the way…. he never tried anything so nasty and now he knows the kind of girl she is.

lustylucycam: He pulls on her g-string, yanking it hard and it snaps, hurting her. She yelps and he pulls her cheeks apart and drives his cock into her pussy making her moan.

lustylucycam: No condom

lustylucycam: Selena doesn’t even think about it.

lustylucycam: She pushes back against him.

lustylucycam: He slams into her over and over again and grabs at her hair pulling her head up so it’s right where men aim their piss in the urinal. Right where it hits the back of the urinal and he starts telling her she’s a nasty piss mop

lustylucycam: He fucks her and makes her say it

lustylucycam: “I’m a piss mop”

lustylucycam: She starts saying it over and over

lustylucycam: “oh god I’m a piss mop”

anonymous Yahoo ID: So hot

lustylucycam: While he’s plunging his cock in her then she adds to it

lustylucycam: “cum inside me. I’m a piss mop god I want your cum”

lustylucycam: But he doesn’t cum inside of her

lustylucycam: He pulls out then and yanks at her hair pulling her back

lustylucycam: “on your knees”

lustylucycam: She does as she’s told and he jams his cock in her mouth exploding as soon as her lips get around it

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes!

lustylucycam: And the load is so big and comes out so fast she can’t swallow it quick enough and some dribbles down her on to her chest.

lustylucycam: I think then she’d have to go home with no panties, cum drying on her. She can’t even figure out where all of it is to clean it off.

lustylucycam: She’d leave her broken panties- forgetting about them.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Wow

anonymous Yahoo ID: Oh she would?

lustylucycam: Yes

lustylucycam: Definitely

anonymous Yahoo ID: Hmm

lustylucycam: The other bartender might find them hehe

anonymous Yahoo ID: Lol

lustylucycam: Figure out what happened since Selena disappeared

anonymous Yahoo ID: Wow that made me cum hard.

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