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webcam-toy-photo25 (1)Nick has been a loyal customer for probably over a year, by now. We’ve done a few phone sex calls, but what he enjoys most of all is sexting sessions via Yahoo. Over the last year, we have woven a dirty tale involving a slut, Selena. You may have heard her name before. I wrote part one of a naughty story about her for Nick, which he was kind enough to allow me to make available for others to purchase (click “stories” on the link).

Most of the sexting we’ve done has revolved around a story involving Selena’s relationship with a fictional character named Drexel, a pimp and drug dealer. He coerces Selena into being a whore for him. Over time he gets her to invite her friends to his house where his friends use them and groom them to become prostitutes for Drexel’s gain, just as Selena does the same. Nick and I have spent a lot of time on the story, and there is so much to the story that isn’t explained here… but Nick has given me permission to share one of the latest installments in which one of Selena’s prim and proper, church going friends, Paris is introduced to Selena’s friends at a club party/orgy. Paris starts out a virgin, but leaves without that title and a lot of sexual experience under her belt.

Please note, there is a lot of reference to a girl named Lexi. She is one of Drexel’s new escorts. Selena brought her on for Drexel to pimp out. Lexi is the one who brings Paris to the party… I hope you enjoy this naughty tale.

lustylucycam: I love what’s going to happen to this drunk and drugged virgin. With her TIGHT virginal pussy.

lustylucycam: Lexi invites Paris to a party at a club. Drexel’s friend owns the club. The whole club is shut down for the night for certain people to attend ONLY.

lustylucycam: And Drexel and all his horny friends are there.

lustylucycam: The only girls invited are girls Selena knows.

lustylucycam: So those sisters, Desi, Lexi and whoever else they bring.

lustylucycam: Sound good?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Lexi considers this the perfect opportunity to bring Paris in…. she wants favor with Drexel. Maybe she wants to be his Top Bitch (which Selena is now). Do you like that idea?

lustylucycam: So, she invites Paris….

lustylucycam: And Paris, despite being a bible thumper or whatever, she knows how to let loose. So she starts drinking right away.

lustylucycam: Downs multiple cocktails in the first few hours.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: On her third cocktail, she’s too drunk to notice that Lexi slipped some kind of drug in her drink. Not a roofie (however you spell it)…. something that will loosen her inhibitions, but not make her forget the night.

lustylucycam: It also gets her horny.

lustylucycam: Paris is a virgin, right?

anonymous Yahoo ID: I assume

lustylucycam: HOT

lustylucycam: So. Paris starts feeling the drug. She’s a flirt… and she suddenly has a “beer goggle” kinda thing going on. She doesn’t care what these guys look like, what they say to her, NOTHING. She starts flirting with everyone.

lustylucycam: Sitting on laps, dancing with her body right up against the men… that kind of thing.

lustylucycam: While she’s on this BIG black dude’s lap, it starts.

lustylucycam: The guy is built like a football player. He’s 6’5” and heavy, but kinda buff. She’s in his lap CALLING HIM DADDY. hehe He is hard the entire time.

lustylucycam: All of a sudden, he drops her from his lap and she falls on the floor.

lustylucycam: He’s towering over her, and he pulls his cock out. (it’s totally appropriate, because the club owner told the guys this was going to turn into some kind of orgy. That the only girl’s invited would be whores and sluts).

lustylucycam: It’s a really big cock. 9 inches and super thick.

lustylucycam: Are you with me?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Very much

lustylucycam: Are you close to cumming, Nick?

lustylucycam: Allo? Where’d you go?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: I am

anonymous Yahoo ID: So close

lustylucycam: Good  Keep stroking… cause Paris is about to get violated.

lustylucycam: So he pulls his rock hard 9 inch black cock out.

lustylucycam: He jerks it and pulls at Paris’ hair and tells her to get up. The club has some stages for dancers. He tells her to get on the stage. She hesitates and he slaps her across the face.

lustylucycam: She gets up on the stage.

lustylucycam: He pushes her down on her back and her legs fall apart. She’s wearing a skirt so he has access now.

lustylucycam: He pulls her panties to the side. Her pussy is wet from all the flirting. When he feels that with his finger, that’s all he needs.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Lexi is enjoying the show?

lustylucycam: He pushes his swollen cock head against her cunt and starts to ease it inside slowly.

lustylucycam: Oh yeah.

lustylucycam: Lexi AND Selena are totally into this.

lustylucycam: Maybe they’d even start making out or fooling around with some of the guys.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I bet

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok so back on stage

lustylucycam: He keeps easing his cock in, aware of it’s enormous size… and he can tell she’s a virgin as he puts it in. He can tell he’s going to cum hard in this tight cunt.

lustylucycam: When he gets it in nearly all the way, he starts fucking her in and out.

lustylucycam: Slow at first, but faster as he goes. Faster and faster he pumps his enormous black cock. She’s scared, but somehow her pussy keeps getting more and more wet.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: So wet, the juices are running out around his dick. Practically squirting around it. It’s the drug. And the drug makes it feel good too.

lustylucycam: It feels SO good.

lustylucycam: So good, in fact…… just as he EXPLODES a huge hot load of creamy cum inside of her, she has her very first orgasm on his massive dick.

lustylucycam: Very first!

lustylucycam: She’s never masturbated before.

lustylucycam: She’s never even had a guy finger her.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Nice

anonymous Yahoo ID: Now this older black guy just broke her in

lustylucycam: He pulls his cock out slowly and looks at the damage. Her pussy would gape if she had fucked before…. but her poor, used, only just used pussy sucks back up and becomes tight again. It’s lips are swollen though. And sopping wet.

lustylucycam: Yup.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Nice

lustylucycam: Did you cum?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Almost

anonymous Yahoo ID: What happens next

lustylucycam: Hmmmm… well, Selena and Lexi were close to the action, making out.

lustylucycam: When the guy turns around and sees this, he laughs and says, “on your knees”

lustylucycam: The girls giggle and drop. They start playing with his cock.

lustylucycam: It’s still hard and covered in Paris’ juices.

anonymous Yahoo ID: And what happens to Paris?

lustylucycam: And it never gets soft. In fact it gets even harder.

lustylucycam: Well.

lustylucycam: I would imagine she’d lay there crying yet feeling all those good feelings after an orgasm.

lustylucycam: I think some of the other guys would have to use her next.

lustylucycam: Don’t you?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Do you want to hear about big dude  and our two PAID WHORES? Or Paris and the other guys?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena wants to keep Paris so tell me how she does that

lustylucycam: Honestly, for that I think Selena would have to give Paris some attention now, don’t you?

lustylucycam: Sort of “aftercare”

anonymous Yahoo ID: Hmm

lustylucycam: She’d have to get in her head.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Take her into a room and talk to her

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Maybe get her high for her upcoming fucking

anonymous Yahoo ID: That Selena says are inevitable

lustylucycam: Maybe caress Paris and tell her this is the way it needs to be. Kiss her and tell her that everything she’s learned in church is wrong. Not like that would work right away, but it would get in her head. YES she’d take her into some back room and give her heroin.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Tell me about that

lustylucycam: She’d get her super fucked up.

lustylucycam: She would tell her that this is exactly what a girl like Paris needs.

lustylucycam: So Paris would eventually stumble out of the room, high as shit.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena would stay there during the fuckings?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Stumbled out

lustylucycam: Yeah… she would be around…. but Paris would go back out in the club

lustylucycam: Asking for it at that point.

lustylucycam: Willing

lustylucycam: She was so virginal, she doesn’t even know what she’s asking for… but she BEGS for more.

lustylucycam: She walks up to some guy and presses her body against him.

lustylucycam: She plays with his pants.

lustylucycam: She pulls his cock out. This guy is young… like 22 or something, thin but kinda cut. He helps her get his cock out and it’s like 7 inches… and thick.

lustylucycam: He tells her to kiss it.

lustylucycam: She drops to her knees.

lustylucycam: She’s not thinking now, just doing as she’s told… she kisses it and he says, “suck it”

lustylucycam: As she does this, more guys move in.

lustylucycam: Maybe 2-3 more

lustylucycam: They pull their cocks out.

lustylucycam: They guide her to suck their cocks too… taking turns.

lustylucycam: You know what’s gonna happen right?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena is loving this

lustylucycam: Oh yeah. Like a proud whore house madam AND horny as fuck at the same time.

anonymous Yahoo ID: She is confident Paris will be working on her back next weekend

lustylucycam: Yes

lustylucycam: That too.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok I came

lustylucycam:  When?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Thanks you

anonymous Yahoo ID: Just now

lustylucycam: Paris looks so innocent in the pics.

lustylucycam: It’s so hot thinking that’s who we were talking about!!!

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yeah. Most of them

anonymous Yahoo ID: Talk to you later beautiful

anonymous Yahoo ID: I am sleepy

lustylucycam: Thank you.

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: Hope you relax

anonymous Yahoo ID: Thanks love

anonymous Yahoo ID: You too

Hope you enjoyed a peek into one of my sexting sessions! Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the options on my store for IMing/Sexting with and without pics. Contact me on Skype, Yahoo or phone and we can make arrangements to get started!

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