An “Extreme” webcam session is a nude session with stuff like pee play, wet and messy play, forced fantasies and heavy BDSM.

Heavy BDSM
I am a heavy masochist who enjoys pain to the point of getting bruises and marks. I often reach sub space on my calls, depending on the level of pain, a feeling of fear and other factors, such as sensory deprivation or restraint. I love pleasing sadistic dominant men by beating myself heavily. At first it was difficult hitting myself hard enough, but I am getting better at this all the time and would love to show you how hard I’ll work to satisfy your sadistic desires.

Currently available for you to use on me: collar, leash, bit gag, nipple clamps (clover), nose hooks, clothespins, paddle, prevertible cane, leather strap, rope, chains and pig tail butt plug.

…and, if you feel like rewarding me, I have the following toys to use, if you choose: several dildos, mini Hitachi and butt plug.

Piss Play
Ever since a dominant man I served peed on me in my bath tub, piss play has been permanently added to my list of kinks. I love peeing my panties, into a bowl or tub so I can play in it as well as pissing while masturbating.

Wet and Messy
Wet and messy is everything from playing in a bath tub full of bubbles, taking a warm (or freezing cold) shower to playing with food or pouring baby oil over my huge breasts and down my belly to my pussy. WAM is as messy as it is fun!

Forced Fantasies
Since I was very young, I have had kidnapping fantasies. As I grew and became a sexual being, the fantasies turned sexy and violent. I love playing these out with like-minded folks via phone sex or cam by struggling, pleading and even screaming.