A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 18

Got an early start on this day in the life of a cam girl! I was up at 4:30 am. After some coffee, I got ready for cam and started my day! Once again, I wrote notes the day of and cleaned them up quite a while later, so there isn’t a ton of detail. But here it is!

  • Wrote out to do list.
  • Got call from a sissy. She was wearing a red bra, red panties and black thigh high stockings. She had two dildos with her; a ten inch and a smaller one to suck. I talked about fucking her with my strap on while I called her my slut. Then we talked about bringing in a man to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat! She sounded so excited when she came in her panties!
  • Continued writing to do list.
  • Took pics for Twitter and sent out tweet.
  • Sexting with a regular. He was at at work and couldn’t get off, so we basically just flirted.
  • Paid bills.
  • Coffee and took Burt outside.
  • Background work.
  • Chatted with a guy on Skype. We were not a match, but it was a pleasant conversation.
  • Let one of my sadistic Master callers know the needles he bought for me were delivered!
  • Updated Justfor.Fans.
  • Chatted about possible show.
  • Continued updating JFF.
  • Painted nails.
  • More sexting with my regular. He told me he got some “help” with getting off while at work!
  • Finished updating JFF.
  • Snack
  • Wrote descriptions for new videos for Clips4Sale and ManyVids.
  • Downloaded new pictures and videos to computer.
  • Yoga
  • Sexting with my bitch boy. I sent him pictures for tributes to tease him. He likes pictures of my butt in particular. We both edged ourselves for an hour. Then I came and got some more coffee and we continued.
  • Call with regular who is into me being a slut for BBC and being bred!
  • Talked with caller about possible show while sexting with my bitch.
  • Took Burty outside.
  • Took foot pics for caller who bought me a pedicure.
  • Talked with my bitch some more.
  • Sexting then call with guy who wanted to see me as shemale get fucked by BBC. Then fuck me.
  • Sexting with bitch some more.
  • Call with a regular who likes me to be a “worthless cunt” for him to abuse and use sexually.
  • Wrote fellow phone girl, Cassandra.
  • Pee show with caller I haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Wrote cassandra. Wrote caller I missed while on show. Wrote my bitch.

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Kink Sessions

I’m on vacation and will return April 29! While I’m gone, please visit Kink Sessions to play with one of my friends!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 17

This day in the life of a cam girl was a long one! I got started just before 9am, stopped my regular hours around 7pm and then one last extra call came in around 9pm or so! It was lots of fun and very productive. I’ll let the details tell the story.

  • Sent out daily Tweet.
  • Typed to caller about a show and between typing, organized new content for Clips4Sale and ManyVids.
  • Responded to email.
  • Organized new content.
  • Edited videos and picture sets.
  • Lined up posts on Justfor.Fans/LustyLucyPlays.
  • Did phone sex call with infrequent regular. We talked about him fucking me while sliding a dildo into my pussy next to his cock. He came twice and he sounded so good!
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Did phone sex call with a regular who can’t reach me as often now that I mostly do afternoons to early evenings. He’s a morning guy and I’m so glad he caught me today! We did a long call. Talked about lots of black guys with huge cocks fucking all of my holes while he mostly used my mouth; having me both lick his asshole and take his cock down my throat.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Had a snack.
  • Chatted with caller.
  • Edited video.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Heavy BDSM show with sadist who recently made me cry! He is the second BDSM caller to make me cry EVER. He was a bit tame on this show. I think he could tell I was freaked out after our last show. It was very painful. This one was painful, but not as challenging. He had me do tit rubberbands, shake my stiff, purple tits, pinch and twist my nipples, stuff panties in pussy, put a big buttplug in my butt and a rope around my neck.
  • Show with a guy I’ve talked to before, but it’s been a while. He liked me making fun of him and laughing because he cums too quickly. I teased him with my tits and pussy. Then I used my vibe on my pussy and talked about fucking other men and making him eat the cum as I got myself off. Then he came and admitted all of this is a fantasy – that he likes being told he’s too small but he’s not. He showed me. He’s NOT small!
  • Lunch
  • Reviewed what older content I have that isn’t on Justfor.Fans.
  • Edited video.
  • Snack
  • Show with a guy I’ve played with once before. He is a feeder with a weight gaining/fat girl fetish. I squeezed my belly, talked about food I ate recently and talked about how fat I am.
  • Played with Burt. He knocked over a bunch of my stuff, but not my laptop this time, thankfully.
  • Show with a guy I’ve done sexting and phone sex with before. He basically wanted me to behave and talk like a slut while he complimented me a lot.
  • Played with Burt some more.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Did a long show with a regular who loves calling me names like whore and slut while he jerks for me. We started out trying to find someone for a threesome because our regular favorite wasn’t around. We didn’t luck out but we had a great time and orgasms!
  • One of the girls my last caller and I tried to hook up with got back to me so I explained what my caller likes. We’re going to try to make it work another day.
  • Finished posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Call with a new guy. He was jerking off in his car. He wanted to hear stories of times I’ve caught guys jerking off in their cars. I told him about a time my friend and I caught a guy doing it in his truck in traffic. I also told him about a time a guy offered money to me and two of my friends to do who knows what (we didn’t speak with him, he just slowed his car down and held up a handful of cash).
  • Snack and started a movie.
  • Wanker wrote me. Blocked and back to the movie.
  • Chatted with a caller and fellow cam girl Nikki (see here on KinkSessions.com and Twitter) for a bit.
  • Did Daddy show. Sucked my dildo with lots of spit, talked about licking his ass and begged for his cum! He loves for me to vape too, but I just changed my coil and had to let it sit.
  • Stared into space for a while.
  • Had a show with another infrequent regular whose girlfriend is trans. He told me about their Valentine’s night sex while he fucked himself with her cock replica dildo and I masturbated with my vibe!
  • Watched movie some more.
  • Phone sex call with a regular who likes to call me his fuck doll, stupid whore, cum slut, etc. We talk about him choking me, fucking me so hard he hits my cervix, fisting me, making me lick his asshole and similar.
  • Had a snack.
  • Movie
  • Sexting with a new caller then a phone sex call. He just had me suck, gag and drool on my dildo. We talked a little bit about how we might do some heavy BDSM in the future. He says he likes humiliation, face fucking, degradation and bondage. I’m looking forward to it!
  • Movie
  • Call with a newer regular who has an extraordinarily interesting role play involving power, public humiliation and a little bit of pain. I’d love to share more details, but he’s very private about what we talk about so all the fun is just for him and me!
  • I finished the day with that last call, but then my Daddy texted me at 9pm or so and we had a cam show. Daddy is very controlling. He told me how to stand, when to strip, when to spread my cheeks and when to touch myself. He had me play with my ass. I loved doing anal with my big toy for him. Toward the middle, he started telling me a fantasy about how things would be with us if we were together. He made me cum a lot, as always and at the end, we talked about him spooning me.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 16

I’m getting ready to move in with my boyfriend so between background work, calls and shows and packing my apartment up, this was a very busy day. It’s nice to keep busy, but I have to admit that since I booked the movers, I am feeling the stress a bit. I’m looking forward to moving in with him. I think it will be a very positive thing for me. I’ll miss my apartment and having my own space, but I know this move is best for me.

Being in the city is nice, but I honestly don’t make much use of the benefit of living here. I don’t go on my walks very often at all anymore since my dog died and I haven’t been meeting people out here or having many people over. I enjoy time to myself, but I find myself wanting to be with my boyfriend over half the time I’m relaxing here by myself. Also, there is a strange additional con. My apartment is the top floor of a row home that was converted into two apartments. My neighbor downstairs smokes cigars and cigarettes and something with the duct work or otherwise causes the smoke to come into my apartment. It smells bad, but it’s also been potentially effecting my health. I’m prone to migraines and they are worse since I’ve been here, which I believe might be because of the smoke. If not the smoke, it’s likely something else in the environment.

Moving in with my boyfriend will mean I am with him a lot more. I’m excited because time with him will be limited even living with him. His commute is an hour each way without traffic. He gets home at 8pm, so it’s a short evening week nights. He also owns property three hours away where he hunts in the winter and plays in the woods , goes boating and jet skiing in the summer. I go with him sometimes, but usually he goes alone. I’m looking forward to having more time with him.

I’m still going to have my own space at his place! Despite our age and being together for the better part of nearly 18 years at this point, we don’t have kids, so there’s so much room in his house for us to spread out. He has taken over the basement as his own space and I get the top floor. We’re talking about renovating it to change out the fake wood paneling for drywall and include new lighting. It’s already nice enough, but those changes will make a huge difference. I’m also looking forward to being able to ride my bike and I’ll live closer to many of my friends.

So here is a day in the life of a cam girl who is moving and trying to keep her business going despite everything that needs to get done!

  • Took two picture sets for ManyVids and JustforFans. One of me in heels and a teddy and the other of me doing different types of rope bondage. Mostly breast bondage, but I also ran the rope up between my legs at one point.
  • Sent daily tweet out.
  • Signed on.
  • Took phone call for family member about a doctor’s appointment.
  • Wrote to people on Skype who I missed earlier. Including a few possible new guys!
  • Worked on watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Booked show. He had technical issues, disappeared and never came back.
  • Ate sandwich and worked on watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Did quickie titty show with a regular. I showed him my big tits up close while he jerked.
  • Finished watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Read cam girl and phone sex operator forums.
  • Chatted with regular about a future threesome show.
  • Sexted with caller about a smoking fetish show (I vape).
  • Did vaping show. He’s a Daddy who likes me to behave like a dirty, smoking whore and suck his cock deep with smoke coming out. I sucked, licked and choked on my toy while smoke was all around my mouth. I also sucked my nipples. At the end, I took a big hit on my vape and let the smoke fall out of my mouth with my tongue was sticking out.
  • Drank coffee, listened to Weezer and futzed around on the Internet.
  • Did a phone sex caller revolving around flip flops and me being fucked by black men.
  • Had a meal.
  • Talked to my daddy for a little bit… a dominant man who means a lot to me who I’ve been spending time with for a very long time. We couldn’t play, but we caught up with each other for a bit.
  • Put laundry away.
  • Show with a regular who I had a dream about Sunday night. Told him about the dream and then we played. We talked about him having anal with his wife for the first time. Then I watched him stroke while I played with my pussy with my vibe and dildo. I saw him start to squirt but then I started to cum and closed my eyes so I missed most of it. The orgasm felt good, but boo to missing his cum shot!
  • Show with a guy with a sexy southern accent. Didn’t get to see him. Sucked, licked and bit my nipples. Played with my pussy until he came.
  • Packed kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Snack
  • Continued packing kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Phone sex call. The guy said an escort is running a special where if a client can get her boyfriend to cum on his face faster than she did, he gets three free sessions with her. She did it in 7 minutes. So we talked about ideas including ass licking, docking, ball licking, teasing the cock for a tiny bit and having the boyfriend fuck my caller’s face.
  • Continued packing kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Chatted on Skype with a caller I haven’t played with in a long time.
  • Did show with him. We hadn’t played in so long, but we have a good connection and awesome chemistry! He kept calling my pussy, his pussy. I loved that!
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 15

I created this post mid-September, so a lot of this is old information:

My daily schedule goes in cycles. Sometimes I fall asleep early (around 10pm) and “sleep in” until 7am or 8am (I only set an alarm if it is absolutely necessary). Other times, despite a lack of energy to do anything exciting, I simply do not want to sleep. So I stay up watching TV until as late as 1am, even and cannot sleep in at all and will instead wake up around 6am, when I have crazy energy and I get a ton of worthwhile things done between work, household stuff and more recently, “art” projects (if you want to call what I make “art”).

Lately, I’m on the very little sleep cycle and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I woke up at 5am, got a few videos uploaded to ManyVids and did some prep work for a video idea I dreamed up a few weeks ago that I’ve been procrastinating about. Then I got on the phone with my oldest, closest friend. I have known her for 25 years. We used to skip class together in high school to hang out in the dug out, smoke cigarettes and talk. In our twenties, we lived a five minute drive apart and would drive around talking either while running errands or with no purpose or destination, just driving to talk and drive. Then at night we would go to a dive bar and get tipsy and talk between guys hitting on us (usually hitting on her, but sometimes me too). Now we live an hour apart and we talk for a solid five hours on the phone just about every week and it’s mind boggling even to me that we have anything left to say to each other but there are still stories and thoughts she shares that I have never heard before.

This morning, after getting some work done, I spent the rest of my pre-cam time talking to her while I cleaned my apartment, boiled eggs, ate lunch, put makeup on, fixing my hair and getting my room ready for cam! And here I am starting my cam day:

  • Did a heavy BDSM show with a regular. He had me put a clothespin on my tongue. It hurt so bad. Not just my tongue, but my entire face. He then had me slap my tits, dig fingers into them, paddle them and then use the paddle and leather strap on my thighs.
  • Did a pee show with a regular. I peed my panties while sucking a dildo and imagining it was his cock. Then I pissed on the dildo. Then I turned around and fucked my ass.
  • Had a quickie cam show. Played with my tits then showed him my ass and pussy from behind. He had to cum fast before his girlfriend came home.
  • Did a phone sex call with a regular. We talked about him being my boyfriend and watching other guys fuck me.
  • Did a cam show where I was his mom’s friend who walks in on him jerking off.
  • Had a phone sex call with a regular who I enjoy to pieces and who I have talked about before. He’s pretty private about his fantasy so I won’t say much, but it involves extreme pain and some talk about aftercare.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 14

This turned out to be a fun day between cam shows, phone sex calls and chatting. I was able to allow time to IM with a caller I used to chat with a lot who has brought me a lot of good luck in the last year or so. In that time, he writes me and I try to say hello for a bit and suddenly I get swamped with requests for shows! I let him know and I squeeze a cam show with him in, but we never get to catch up. We have been emailing instead. Anyway, on this day, we finally did get to chat for a while.

  • Took pictures for cam day tweet. I like to tweet a picture at the beginning of the day, but I ended up tweeting it at the end. I was super busy and did some slacking off in the form of chatting with a caller, my friend, Stella and some other cam girls in a group chat.
  • Talked to fellow cam girls in group chat.
  • Did second cam show ever with a guy. I stripped, sucked my nipples for him, used my Womanizer vibrator on my pussy, fucked myself with my dildo, sucked my dildo then begged for his cum.
  • IMed with Stella.
  • Booked a JOI phone sex call for later with a caller who used to do only mutual masturbation cam shows with me.
  • Did a vape/smoke fetish, suck, spit and choke on dildo cam show with a Daddy caller.
  • Had that fun, long conversation on Skype with one of my callers.
  • Had a show with an Australian regular. He likes mostly dildo fucking. I usually start out slow and then work up to hard fucking. He likes hearing me say that he can visit me and actually fuck me.
  • Chatted more with my caller and a bit more with Stella, another caller (a very special sadist) and the guy who booked the JOI phone sex call. I talked to the JOI guy about Stella. He seemed interested in a possible threesome cam show sometime in the future.
  • Did a cam show with the caller who I had the long conversation with. He loves anal. Usually he will have me fuck my pussy or use my vibrator on it until I cum, then I will fuck my ass. We do all of this on my bed. This time, I was standing for him in my slutty dress and heels and he liked the way I looked bent over near my mirror at the wall. I suggested fucking my ass there and he liked that. I ended up fucking myself standing, half standing and half on my bed, then head down ass up on my bed and finally on my back on the bed with my vibrator on my pussy. I came like that, then I got on all fours until he came.
  • Had a cam show with my special sadist. Usually we do some breast bondage and/or rubber bands around my tits and some impact and then we’ll do some breath play with a bag (or not, but usually we end with the breath play). Today we did almost only breath play. I had a freak out moment and it almost ended the cam show before he came, but I was able to continue. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I had a moment of “this is too much” escalate to “I can’t take this another second” rapidly. It was all ok in the end.
  • Finally did the JOI call. We added some edging and he really enjoyed it! I brought him close to cumming without actually squirting twice and then brought him to the edge a third time and told him to imagine jerking with his cock head on my tongue and releasing his load just like that!
  • Chatted with a caller.
  • Had a cam show with a new, young caller. He’s 21 years younger than me! That is my largest age gap on that end ever! He loved the age difference. He had me wear jeans and a tee-shirt. We talked about sexy things and slowly over time I worked my way out of my outfit. By the end of the cam show, he was saying all kinds of nasty things to me while watching me finger my ass. Calling me a whore and asking me if I like giving blow jobs for $20 (or something along those lines). What a mouth this kid has! It was a hot cam show to end the day with.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 13

The day I created this day in the life of a cam girl ended up being a rather slow day, but busy enough to keep me entertained and satisfied! I need to make a note here about how I make these posts. For a few days I think, “I haven’t made a day in the life post in a long time.” And then I decide I’ll make one. I create a new post on WordPress at the start of my cam hours and start plugging in notes throughout the day. Whoever calls, ends up in the post. I don’t add or subtract calls. I’ve had some callers ask why I don’t write about them. If you end up here, it’s because you happened to call on the day I made the post. I’m not good about keeping up with my blog otherwise lately, so it’s just these posts once a month or less and news/updates that I think people should be aware of.

Anyway, if you really want to end up here, you can call me super often and I’m sure it will happen eventually! Here it goes:

  • Worked from my first cup of coffee through 1pm minus several breaks of screen time for my headaches on getting pics and videos up on ManyVids and Clips4Sale Videos and Clips4Sale Images. Also got familiarized with JustforFans.
  • A guy with a sexy voice called for phone sex. He has called before, though infrequently. He said a woman from work turned him on. He had me rub my pussy with a dildo. He called me a fucking whore and had me fuck my pussy hard while using my vibrator on my clit. Not long after I started moaning, he had his orgasm.
  • A long time but infrequent caller called for phone sex. He wanted his usual home wrecking role play. We talked like it was the first time. He came over just to visit and I flirted with him. It didn’t take much seduction for me to get him on his back on my bed so I could sit on his face. Then we 69ed. He licked and fingered my pussy with wedding ring finger. Then he fucked me and came in my pussy and got me pregnant.
  • Yet another infrequent caller came around for phone sex! We talked about black guys fucking both of us. We talked about taking turns cleaning their cocks off after they came in and on us. After exploring the double-slut scenario for a bit, he talked about watching four guys approaching me with their cocks coiled like snakes inside tight, white bikini bottoms and then springing free and swaying when they yanked them off. I would take one in my pussy, one in my ass and one in each hand while he would fuck himself with a large, black dildo and watch from the other side of the room.
  • Sent out daily tweet.
  • Had a dildo  titty fucking cam show. After the titty fucking, I begged him to cum on my face. He said he hadn’t cum in a few days and he came in big ropes.
  • Chatted with fellow cam girls .
  • My last show was a long one from a Daddy Dom who calls only once every many months. He makes me cum two or three times usually with lots of pussy play and pussy slapping. Between the orgasms, we talk about breeding, me licking his asshole and him eating my pussy, me sucking his cock, pee play and pain as well as him sharing his many partners with me. Though he doesn’t call often, I love getting the chance to connect with him..
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I’m going on vacation tomorrow! I’ll be back to doing cam shows and phone sex Monday, July 30. While I’m gone, my hot friends would love to spend time with you! When I return, let’s get together for some threesome fun with your favorite !

Skype: boobdelicious10
Call/text: 724-426-6210

Skype: whet_red
Text: 403-907-3965

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Leaving OnlyFans

If you’ve been paying attention to my tweets, you’ve probably noticed that I have been on OnlyFans for a few months and more recently have been having issues uploading pictures. I’ve decided to leave the site. I’ve been in contact with support but they have not been very helpful. The responses have often been very vague (mostly admitting that there is a problem overall and thanking me for my patience). They have also been very slow to respond overall and haven’t responded at all to my last two messages (one has gone unanswered for 11 days).

I have tried to troubleshoot the issue myself. I tried uploading different types of pictures, from different computers, different Internet connections and different browsers all with no luck. I can’t think of anything else to do. I will be away on vacation from tomorrow through Sunday, July 29. I considered waiting until I return, seeing if it’s fixed and deciding then whether or not to shut my profile down, but I think if this is the way issues are handled, I can’t stay on the site.

There is a similar site available. I’m already signed up. I’ll get set up when I return and promote it in the first week or so when I’m back. Thanks to those who subscribed to me on OnlyFans! I had fun showing off for you guys! Hope you’ll subscribe on the new site!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 12

Lounging cam girl Lusty LucyJust another day in the life of this cam girl! Since my last post, I’ve shorten my hours by about half but have somehow stayed just as busy all around! Calls and shows have been packed into the shorter hours and I’ve been busting my butt on content for Clips4Sale and ManyVids on the hours I’m not taking calls. You can see what I’ve been doing by following the links found on FilthyFetish.com. Eventually, FilthyFetish.com will have content of it’s own on it, but that’s a project for the far future.

I’m also on a membership-like site connected to Twitter, but sadly they are having technical issues and I just can’t recommend any more guys sign up there at this time. I’m considering leaving the site and trying a similar site. I’ve written support for about the tenth time to give it one last try. My last support ticket resulted in a vague response. If they give me more information about when I can expect things to be fixed and offer my subscribers some free time on my page for the trouble, I’ll stick around. If not, I’m moving on.

On to this day in the life of a cam girl… Unfortunately, it started out “annoying”. My first caller got annoyed which kind of annoyed me. But I must say, it only made me appreciate everyone else who called that day that much more, so I’d say I turned it into more of a positive. Not every call is going to be awesome!

  • Got on a show with a caller who likes humiliation and some version of domination. He demanded to see my tits. When I told him to beg for them, he said, “I can’t.” I thought it was because he couldn’t really talk so I started to pull them out. Then he said, “just show me your tits.” I said, “if you can demand to see them, you can beg.” He asked, “why are you being annoying?” and hung up. But he wanted domination! How can a guy ask for domination but get annoyed when he gets it? I guess that’s me, annoying horny guys since 2001!
  • Chatted with a regular about playing later today.
  • Sent out daily tweet.
  • Chatted with several regulars about shows.
  • Had a show with a new guy. He wanted me to strip to nothing immediately. I could only see one shoulder and half of his head. I asked to see more as I stripped. When I spread my legs and opened my pussy with my fingers, he stood up and pulled out his hard cock. Before long, he was back to hiding. The rest of the show was just me showing off my pussy very close up while he talked about eating it.
  • Had a rough anal sex phone sex call with a regular involving a friend of his who he has had fantasies about for a very long time. We usually do phone sex calls or sexting sessions involving her. He likes calling me because I’ll get pretty dark and nasty in the fantasies, but also because I resemble her a bit. Mostly because I have big tits like she does!
  • Had a show with a long time regular who said the cutest thing the other day. Anyone who has spent time with me on Skype or Discord, particularly post mid-2017 knows I enjoy chatting between shows. This has become harder and harder to squeeze in as I become busier with shows. I also try to treat this as a serious job and that means there are so many things I need to get done aside from shows. There is never enough time, so I usually do bits and pieces between shows. I used to talk with this caller a lot, but not so much anymore. The other day I apologized for not being able to chat and he said, “I figure ours is just a big, gigantic long conversation that never really stops…” I thought that was just the cutest. Anyway, we had an awesome anal show, as always (“always” referring to the anal and the awesome).
  • Followed up the anal with a double penetration show with a new guy I’ve done two shows with previously. He’s full of surprises. The first show was a two girl show with a bit of domination from me. I didn’t realize he wanted domination before the show started, which is pretty much how all domination shows start with me since I refuse them if asked ahead of time! The second show was a wet and messy (aka WAM) show! He had me make edible cum-looking goo to pour on myself. We pretended I saved it up to dump on myself and lick while having him jerk and give me one last load! See a picture from this show below!
  • Had a chill 15 minute mutual masturbation session with another regular. We’ve been playing for a really long time. He always asks what I want him wearing when we start and where do I want him (couch, bed, floor, etc). I asked him to be naked but he started out in boxer briefs. He said he felt funny hanging out naked and alone. I thought that was funny. I’m often naked and alone! We had a good time and as always, he had a really big load for me.
  • Chatted with potential new caller.
  • Had a cuckolding show with a not very frequent caller, but someone I’ve played with a bit over the years. I’m not sure if that still makes him a regular. He’s into cuckolding. I can’t recall if we have done this particular thing before, but after I came this time, he had me pull my big black toy out of my pussy and talk about him sucking it as if it were a real man’s cock. It was really hot. He twitched a lot after he came!
  • My last show of the day wins the prize for too many categories to list! A new guy and a totally new type of show! I LOVED it so much! He delicately licked an ice cream sandwich while pretending it was my pussy. The more excited he got, the more passionate he got about eating the ice cream. By the end, he was making a mess and telling me how delicious my pussy was. When he asked me if I’d like to see him eat ice cream before he paid, I didn’t think it would turn me on. But seeing him do it and how hard it got him actually worked for me a bit; not just because it was unique and interesting to watch! I was so enjoying it, I didn’t notice we went over the time he paid for. I asked if he could cum for me when I realized and he shot off in about 10 seconds! I really hope he calls again! I love being a cam girl!

Cum goo on cam girl Lusty Lucy

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New Schedule

Just wanted to make it known that I’m trying out a new schedule:

Here is my general (and sometimes subject to change) schedule, EST:

I sign on week days approximately 1pm – 7pm EST (four to five days a week) and occasionally Saturdays; morning to mid afternoon.  I encourage you to write me on Skype, Discord (see my contact page), text, call or send me an email to find out if I am available. Also, if the indicator on the right says I’m available, I am. 🙂

The new schedule means I will be available for shows less, but I’m so excited that I will now be able to fit in time to work on background work! Especially videos! I’m looking forward to being more productive overall and also to feel less overwhelmed all day and dead exhausted at the end of a camming day.

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 11

Oh boy! I’ve done it again. I worked on a day in the life of a cam girl, didn’t take great notes and now so much time has passed, I can’t really fill in the details! I’ll just leave this as it is and do better next time!

  • Talked to a camgirl friend about FOSTA.
  • Internet went out.
  • Phone sex call cam in from a regular who has appeared in these posts before. He loves talking about sharing me with a huge group of guys with really big cocks. He wants me stuffed with cock and both filled and covered with cum. In my last post, I talked about some of the funny things he says. I remember another one! He talks about breeding me with the guys and how I won’t know which one got me pregnant. How it’s “playing baby roulette”!
  • Found out there was an outtage.
  • Had a snack.
  • Made plans to make a video. Painted nails.
  • Just as I finished my nails, Internet came back on!
  • Took pics for OnlyFans and a Tweet. Smudged thumbnails.
  • Fixed thumbnails.
  • Got OnlyFans and tweet pic ready.
  • Did quickie show with a new guy who watched me titty fuck my dildo then fuck my pussy just long enough to make a mess on my toy. He did a fast pump and cum on his tummy.
  • Watched a camgirl’s YouTube videos and responded to some caller’s emails.
  • Worked on an advertising project.
  • Had a snack.
  • Cam show with phone sex caller who hasn’t called in a while. It was cool seeing him for the first time. He has a home wrecking fantasy. We talked about me stealing him from his wife and him shooting his seed in me to get me pregnant while I make a wet spot on his wife’s side of the bed.
  • Quickie phone sex with a Daddy caller who has a smoking fetish. I talked about sucking his cock between taking long drags and blowing big clouds of smoke.
  • Texted UGFE caller about some pics he wanted of me in my PJs and in a towel after I shower.
  • Looked up recipes for blended chai tea drinks.
  • Show with a guy who has only called once before. Was a silent call so it was a little awkward given we have only played once, but it was still pretty hot watching him jerk, play with a pocket pussy and cum all over his hand and balls. I fucked myself with dildo and used my vibe and fingers on my clit.
  • Walked my dog.
  • Made blended chai tea drink.
  • Worked on videos.
  • Had lunch.
  • Worked on videos.
  • Silent show with a young guy who likes older women. He wanted me to play with my tits while sitting on my vibe and do some dirty talk about him spraying on me. He had a huge cock!
  • Worked on videos.
  • Had a phone sex call with an old regular cam caller I haven’t talk to in a while. It was nice to find we are still hot together without the visual stimulation!
  • Talked to guy about a possible show.
  • New caller. Kind of into cuckolding, but he didn’t say that. He likes to talk about how he is small and asked me if he’s small. He says he’d like to see me with a big cock, but he preferred my smaller toy when I gave him a choice. I told him a story about a guy I fucked a long time ago who had a small cock.
  • Quickie show with a guy who likes to humiliate me.
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Sale on Cam Shows Through April!

I took a long “break” from doing phone sex and cam full time. I came back in May 2013. I would like to finish the fifth year with a little thanks to all the callers (current and new) who make it possible for me to enjoy the best job I’ve ever had, so I am running a sale on my nude and topless cam shows through April:

Topless cam is $2.49/min. (down from $2.99/min.) with a 10 min. minimum.
Nude cam is $2.99/min. (down from $3.49/min.) with a 10 min. minimum.

This is for the entire month of April!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 10

This was one of the busier days I’ve had. Particularly in the morning. From 10am to 2pm, I had non-stop shows. I would get off a show and hardly put my tits back in my outfit before another show would come in. It was so much fun! I also had a lot of really long shows and a few long phone sex calls too. After 2pm, it got quieter, but it remained steady. I wish every day was like this!

  • Took pics of my new cam outfit for onlyfans & Twitter.  Sent out tweet & posted on onlyfans. It wasn’t really a new outfit. I actually bought the cam outfit months ago, but couldn’t figure out how to put it on, got frustrated and stuffed it in a drawer. I came across it and gave it another try and luckily got it on right away this time.
  • Did a camshow with a regular where we watched some videos. The first videos were non-nude, but sexy JOI videos. Next we watched a video that started out by showing quick sections of porn that showed tits and pussy and then cock. Then cock going into a pussy. Then slowly more and more cock. All the while there was text on the video that explained what was appearing in the video. I can’t remember what the text said at first, but as more cock appeared in the video, the text started saying that the viewer is turned on by cock. It continued like that for a while. Suddenly, there were less women in the video and more cock, then no women and then shemales. And then shemales getting fucked by cock. And then the text talked about the viewer wanting to be a sissy. It was really clever and hot! After that video, we watched some k-pop videos with porn mixed in. I think the porn was supposed to give off the idea that it was the k-pop girls were getting fucked. Finally, at the end of the show, the caller had me do some JOI for him and he came for me! It was great because more recently, he and I have been watching lots of videos and chatting. I LOVE our shows no matter what. But I really like pleasing my callers and as a cam girl, I get the most satisfaction if I know I’ve made the caller cum. I get that it shouldn’t always have to be about that, but this is what I’m used to so it feels good when it ends this way!
  • Had a cuckolding cam show with a regular I haven’t spoken to in a while. I used my big black toy. Talked about my black lover fucking me while he held my legs open. My lover came in me then the caller licked me clean. I held my vibe on my pussy while we role played that he was licking me. I put the cam really close to my pussy so he could see how wet I was. I watched him jerk and he shot off like a fountain. He always cums in a dramatic display! It was so hot!
  • Did a gangbang phone sex call with one of my frequent regulars. We talked about him having a party and letting all of the guys fuck me. He said I would be the “belle of the ball”; the only woman there. I got fucked by about 50 guys in various ways. This guy is so much fun! The calls are really hot, but he also has a funny way of saying things. My pussy is “grade A fuck meat”, cumming on my pussy is “glazing that doughnut”, hitting my cervix is “knocking on that door” or “ringing that bell”. I can’t remember all of the things he’s said over the years. I’ll have to post again or maybe tweet them next time I catch him saying one of his funny phrases.
  • Had lunch.
  • Talked to potential callers on Skype.
  • Did a long show with another less frequent regular. If they call a few times a year, I still think of them as regulars, even if they aren’t exactly regular. Not sure if that would be every cam girls way of thinking. Anyway, this guy jerked his cock and told me about this 22 year old neighbor he’s been fucking. They lick each other’s assholes, do ass to mouth and some pee play along with every vanilla kind of thing you can think of. While he talked, I fucked my ass. It was a pretty long call, so I had to keep adding lube. I may need to look into getting lube that lasts longer because my Sliquid wasn’t cutting it. After a while, he admitted he also fucks this neighbor’s mom (not the mom and daughter at the same time). He said the mom is just as kinky! He didn’t cum on the show because he wanted to edge longer, but I came several times.
  • Had a show with one of my very frequent regulars. I vibrated my pussy while playing with my tits and he jerked his cock for me with his swollen cock head pointed directly at the cam. He shot off a really big load. I love seeing cum squirt out. It’s one of my favorite things, but the way this caller sounds when he cums is at least as good as his cum shot. He grunts and growls. It is so fucking sexy. I’d love to hear that while fucking him!
  • Talked to potential callers on Skype.
  • Laundry and dishes.
  • The guy who didn’t cum earlier in the day because he wanted to keep edging called back! We played for another 15 or so minutes on cam. I tried to cum again while fucking my ass. I didn’t get there in time, but I was thrilled to see him shoot off a nice load. His cum shot had an arch to it. It was so hot!
  • Didn’t get to cum on last show so I made a video for onlyfans of me finishing myself off. If you don’t know what onlyfans is, you should check it out. It’s basically a membership site. The way I’m doing it is a few picture sets, gifs and one video a week for $5.99/month. And the stuff I’m posting is about 90% exclusive to onlyfans (the 10% that you can find elsewhere would cost you way more than $5.99 to see). If you like me, want to see more of me and want some way to support me and what I’m doing, this is a great way to do it!
  • Had a new caller do a cam show. He wanted me to be the naughty neighbor who comes over when his wife is out and seduces him. I didn’t even pull out my tits before he came! I licked and kissed my dildo, sucked the head and then took it down my throat for a few strokes and he was good!
  • Posted the quickie orgasm video on onlyfans.
  • Had a snack.
  • Had a show with my foot fetish regular. I wore a babydoll nightie, pantyhose he bought for me a while back and a strap on. The strap on is something we added to our shows about six months ago. I love playing with him. It feels so good to do light domination with someone where it feels right and I’m not pushing myself. I know I turn so many guys away for domination. I just can’t do it with most guys!
  • Had a quickie nude show. Did JOI and titty play while watching him stroke his big cock! This guy is young and has such a sexy body. He just likes watching a mature woman tease him with big tits.
  • Cam show with an Australian regular who loves having me make up stories about me having forced sex. He likes the idea that I’ve been forced to have sex so much that it’s all I know and sometimes we add in that I now do it for money. And that I’m cheap! But that even though now I charge for it, some of my customers don’t even pay for it. Yet I keep doing it. It’s such a rotten fantasy, but it turns me on! And my perverted customer gets off so hard to it!
  • Did a quickie show with a newer regular. He didn’t have a lot of time so he gave me some instruction beforehand so he could make the most of it. When we got on the show, I popped my tits out of my teddy, opened the crotch, laid back and rubbed my pussy. My pussy was so juicy wet from playing all day and it also felt plump. I can’t explain that. It just felt and looked a little different. Like it was ready to be fucked. He got what he needed!
  • Took some pics for a new regular! He’s having me take unlimited pics for him. Every time he buys a set, he wants me to take more. The only instruction is that I wear thigh highs and heels. The rest is up to me. I took the pics and sent them out and that was the end of the day in the life of this cam girl!
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 9

  • Researched gadgets for video project.
  • Sent out tweet.
  • Talked with a few callers about potential shows.
  • Show with regular. I added thigh highs for him and we talked about him rubbing his cock on my stockings while he sucked my pussy. I watched him stroke. I put my toy in my pussy and matched his strokes until we both came. I made a big mess on my dildo.
  • Show where both caller and I stood. He jerked cock, I had vibrator on my pussy. He hung up before he shot his load. Not sure if someone caught him or what!
  • Cleaned apartment.
  • Call from a new guy. Pulled tits out and watched him stroke while I teased and sucked dildo. He gave me a nice, big load.
  • Cleaned apartment.
  • Had a show with a guy I’ve played with once before. After a few technical issues on his end were figured out, he talked about licking my pussy and getting it wet for him then he talked about fucking my pussy naked, no condom. I used my toy on my pussy and he quickly got so worked up he had an orgasm. He very enthusiastically yelled as he came and it eventually turned into a coughing fit. Poor guy. He recovered and calmed down while we talked about the big load he squirted all over his belly.
  • Had a snack.
  • Nice long date with my GFE caller who I have mentioned a few times before. He had me change into this very slutty dress he has seen on me in pictures. I wish I had snapped some pics of me in it today. The ensemble with the heels and my hairstyle today was pretty cute. Usually I get up close to the cam for a lot of our shows, but this time we did much of it with me hanging back so he could see my ass, legs, heels and tits until the very end when he wanted my face close up. He gave me an option on where he should cum – on the stove, floor or his hand. I chose his hand since he had never done that for me before. I really liked that and he had a big load today! Then we chatted a bit about a trip he’s taking. I love that we spend some time talking about regular life stuff in addition to playing. It really makes me feel good to get to know him on different levels.
  • Had a snack.
  • Worked on picture sets for Clips4Sale image site.
  • Show with regular creative dominant caller. He had me change into thigh highs and heels, as always. Had me kneel with knees parted. Put in butt plug. Put in dildo. Put on nipple clamps. Put one clothespin on each inner and outer pussy lip. Bounce on dildo. Butt plug metal made noise on floor with each bounce. It ended up falling out. I told him but he had me continue to bounce. Then he had me take all of the clothespins off, turn around and fuck myself with the dildo with my ass in the air and my face low near the floor. After a few more commands, he finally let me do whatever I wanted until I came. I opted for my vibrator. I was so worked up and wet, it didn’t take long at all!
  • Walked my dog.
  • Phone sex call with a regular I have been enjoying time with for a while now. He has a very unique fantasy involving very extreme pain and injuries and then care giving. I am very turned on by our calls!
  • Had a quickie topless show where I played with my tits in various ways. The caller got off in about three minutes and gave me a very big load!
  • Talked to potential callers.
  • Had lunch.
  • Talked to potential callers.
  • Cleaned apartment.
  • Quickie phone sex call with regular. Choked on my dildo for a bit then did some dirty talk about sucking his cock.
  • Had a dirty show with a new regular! We’ve done some pee shows but this one was a regular mutual masturbation show where we talked about dirty things. There are some dirty things I’m willing to talk about, but not actually do on a show. And we went there! Every nasty thing you can imagine, we talked about and got off hard!
  • Did a topless show. We talked about a MMF threesome with another one of my callers (the three of us have done threesomes via Skype before). At the end, when he was ready to cum, all he wanted was lots of encouragement and cheering him on to give me a big load and he delivered!
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 8

Took notes on my day last week and came back to expand on it today; four days later, when the details are fuzzy! I need to stop doing this because I lose most of the fun details. Here it is anyway…

  • Cleaned my apartment.
  • Sent out tweet.
  • Cleaned my apartment.
  • Cam show with a new guy who called me goddess and asked me all kinds of questions about dominance, sugar daddy/sugar baby stuff, begging, pegging and spankings. Sort of brought out my bitchy side, though this was not intended. I told him that I’m not dominant before the show, but he kept trying to turn the show in that direction, which made me grumpy.
  • Researched business bank accounts.
  • Cam show with guy from A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 7. Talked about his wife playing with us. How he’s going to piss on her in the shower this weekend. Also fantasized about him cumming in my pussy and her licking it out. I spread my pussy open and squeezed it open and closed for him. We talked about him convincing her to join him on a future cam show… fingers crossed!
  • Phone sex call with a regular. Talked about shutting down an office for a gang bang. Me and 11 other women in the office get fucked in all our holes by a train of men. Circus cocks, porn star cocks and average in our mouths, asses and pussies. We lick each other’s pussies clean too.
  • I have a regular who calls me while sitting in his truck in panties, his boy pussy freshly fucked, the taste of cum in his mouth and his cock-clit hard. The purpose is for him to finally cum after satisfying anywhere from two to four dominant men. Sometimes he has just come from visiting some guys he knows. Lately, it’s been strangers he meets at a video store in one of those fuck booths, or whatever you call them. We do a quickie 5 minute call. He gets off hard while I coax the details out of him. He thanks me. Hangs up and then a few minutes later, he sends me a tip through my site!
  • Snack.
  • Sent out tweet.
  • Ran errand.
  • Snack.
  • Chatted with potential callers.
  • Laundry and cleaned my apartment.
  • Did a sexting session about cuckolding. He sent me pictures of men with very large cocks. A few BBCs and one white man with a large cock. He ended up calling and we did a marathon call involving his cuckolding fantasy and a focus on my belly (he has a belly fetish).
  • Quickie call about a man’s bisexual experiences. He “hung up” abruptly and I found out later that his phone battery died. To be continued…
  • Had a heavy BDSM show again from the sadist from A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 7. He is a very thoughtful sadist. Most of the time (but not always), he will call on a Friday or the day before a holiday so that I have a few days to heal. This time, he had me load up the base of my tits with rubberbands. Then I beat my tits with a hairbrush that I bought specifically for this purpose because it produces blood (we found this out on my regular hairbrush; which is why I bought a brush to be used specifically for this purpose!). I beat the outsides of my tits, underneath and on one of my nipples. It made nasty marks and hurt very badly. Not too long into the beating, some pin-prick spots of blood developed and some blood slid down my skin. He then had me beat the same areas with the handle end of a screw driver, which was fun because the blood started to splatter around. He had me pull some of the blood up with my hand and smear it on my face, but there wasn’t quite enough to make it very dramatic. This must have made him hot because he had me put the clear bag over my head and pretty soon, he came, the bag came off and that was that. The suffocation stuff should be getting easier as we have been doing this for a while, but I am not getting used to it. When it gets hot, I feel like the next breath is the one I will freak out on. With each breath, I can’t believe I made it that far. It is easier than the first time, but only so much easier and I feel like I’ve only gotten the slightest bit more used to it and just plateaued since. It’s a fun challenge though.
  • I did yet another session with a guy from A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 7! This was a sexting with pics session where we talked about the guy paying me for a blow job, but him forcing me to do more than he paid for and me admitting that this always happens to me. That I get used by men.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 7

Second day of 2018!

  • Caught up on Skype chats that came in after I signed off the night before.
  • Organized to do list.
  • Worked on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Had a long GFE call with a guy who has called me once before. He asked about my romantic history and present for a bit. Then he showed himself on cam and had me tell him what I thought about his cock. It was very thick and a good length. Maybe 7 or 8 inches. We did some mutual masturbation and I came hard while calling him “baby”. I was so focused on my orgasm that I missed him cumming somehow. He shot toward his chest which was covered with a napkin and I couldn’t see the cum. He showed me after and the napkin was COVERED with wetness. Next time I’ll have to ask him to do it on a dark towel so I can see the cum!
  • Cam call with regular. Talked about him and his wife having anal and him pissing in her pussy. Fantasized about him pissing in my pussy and pulling on my nipples. I talked about her pissing in my mouth and me spitting it all over my tits while he pissed in my pussy. He had me finger fuck my pussy then spread it wide while he shot his big load of cum.
  • Had breakfast.
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Got a call from a long time phone sex caller with a medical fantasy. I am nurse Lucy who needs to collect a sperm sample. On our early calls, years ago me and my female student nurses would pump his penis to collect the sample and do various things to make sure we would get a big sample including showing off our tits and sitting on his face. Eventually we started playing with his ass, all while giggling at him. More recently male nurses have started helping as well. We have gotten to the point where he has been fucked by the men, received blow jobs and even jerked off the male nurses while asking him if he’s gay or bi!
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Did 30 min show with one of my Australian regulars. He always makes me cum 2-3 times. First I used my fingers on my clit while watching him stroke and talking about me teasing his cock until he gets frustrated and fucks my mouth roughly. Then he told me he would have me sit on his sexy bearded face. I used my womanizer vibrator until I came hard. Then I fucked my pussy while on my back for a while. I had trouble saying much more than “fuck my pussy hard”. It felt so damn good, I couldn’t find the words. Then I rode it for a while until I came a second time. I continued to ride it while my pussy twitched until he was ready for me to give him some JOI and beg for him to cum on my face. His cock shot off thick cum like a fountain! It was so hot!
  • A regular did a cam show while I modeled three of the many new cam outfits I bought on Yandy. He smacked his cock a whole bunch. It was so fucking hot! He seemed especially appreciative of the last two outfits I put on, which were really tight. He liked seeing my big ass in them. While in the last outfit, he had me suck my dildo then shove it in my pussy and fuck myself until we both came!
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Snacked
  • Worked on tax stuff.
  • Laundry
  • Emailed potential caller.
  • Watched BBC The History of the Home on YouTube between shows and calls.
  • Got a call from an infrequent regular “jerk off boy” type. He likes talking about jerking off in a room full of other guys jerking off. Sometimes we talk about him playing with the other guys. This time we talked about him playing with the guys for a bit, but he admitted that today he really just wanted to see a lot of cum. A man after my own heart! So I told him twenty guys were standing around him jerking off and cumming on him. Shooting off fountains of cum. As soon as they cum, I had more guys lined up to take their place. Just as I said that, he started yelling as he came. He yelled for almost a full minute, thanked me and said goodbye.
  • Quickie cam to cam with a new guy. He had a really sexy voice. He had me strip, stand up, put one foot on my bed and fuck myself while squeezing one of my tits. He asked me to suck my nipple and just as I got it in my mouth, he shot off a big load!
  • Got a call from a GFE guy I mentioned in my last Day in the Life of a Cam Girl post. We have had regular dates since he first started calling and we have been having so much fun! It seems like everything I enjoy about our calls, he likes just as much! Sometimes we sit and chat. He changes things up by taking me to different locations in and outside of his house including the garage, bathroom and the deck. I really like seeing where he lives. It’s fun getting a glimpse of his life. Today he showed me some artwork a family member created. It was so cool! Then we had our playtime. I got in different positions trying to show off the parts of my body he is turned on by while stroking, licking and sucking my toy like it is his cock. I kept eye contact with the cam as if I were looking into his eyes and he let me know when he was cumming so I knew when to look down to watch him cum!
  • Had a snack.
  • Quickie with a guy who has done cam to cam with me three times now since 2016. He pays, I watch him stroke his gorgeous cock while I play with my tits and he hangs up before I get to see him cum! I wish he’d let me watch it squirt!
  • Chatted with potential callers.
  • Sexting with long time caller. He had me tell a story of me being forced into sex over the holidays by family friends in the basement during a Christmas party. I sent him pics of me showing off my tits and round ass while we chatted.
  • Did show with one of my most sadistic callers. He was in an extra harsh mood. None of the cute banter we usually have. Just sexy stern orders from him. He ordered me to strip, then stuff my g-string panties in my pussy and meanly asked if my pussy was a dry desert when I had trouble stuffing them. Had me put clothespins on my tits. Then he had me use my new red nylon rope on my tits, tying them tight. He had me use the crop to knock them off, which was difficult. After getting five off, he got impatient and gave me ten seconds to knock the rest off. I couldn’t even get one more off! My punishment was to leave them on the rest of the show. He had me slap my face hard several times Then he had me wack my pussy with the crop until it was red. He then had me pull the panties out of my pussy and piss on them. I couldn’t pee much; just a bit. He then had me stuff them in my mouth, put on a gag and put a clear plastic bag over my head to suffocate while rubbing my pussy. I was careful to push my tongue up so the panties couldn’t get passed it and move down my throat, but I freaked out while suffocating on the bag. I tried to work with it twice, but I ended up needing to beg to remove the panties and gag. He let me. The bag went back over my head. At some point he came, but I was so in my head, I didn’t notice. I came. After, he had me keep the bag on for 10 more seconds. He cruelly counted down from 10 and at 1 started back at 8 again! When he got to 1, he added zero and then finally let me take it off. It was awesome. And a great way to end the camming week!
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 6

Another fabulous day in the life of this cam girl:

  • Browsed Twitter feed.
  • Organized content folders on laptop.
  • Did a long show with a caller I’ve played with before who enjoys calling me names for humiliation sake. He calls me a fat slut, disgusting and worthless ugly whore, an old slut, etc. This call was a little different. He had me pull out three outfits to change into during the show. I started with a pretty, long beach dress. We talked about him picking me up on the beach and getting me to a semi-private place to use my mouth. Then I wore jeans and a somewhat sheer shirt and we talked about guys seeing my bra through the shirt. Then I put on my tightest, sluttiest dress and talked about how guys would line up to fuck a slut like me. It was so hot!
  • Talked to some potential callers on Skype.
  • Worked on content project.
  • Had lunch.
  • Worked on content project.
  • Did a cam show of me vaping and blowing my smoke all over the caller’s cock and my tits while he stroked. I love watching him cum and calling him Daddy!
  • Had an enjoyable time with a relatively new GFE guy. We’re still getting to know one another, but I am already liking everything we do! Today, he ate a little lunch and we chatted about random stuff. Then he stripped and jerked off in his kitchen. He called me “baby girl” while he squirted a big, white load of cum on his black, smooth top stove!
  • Did a phone sex call with a caller who wanted to role play of me as his neighbor who gets a little drunk at a party and gets put to bed by him while my husband is still at the party! I sucked his cock, he licked my pussy and we fucked. The twist was, I was so drunk I thought he was my husband!
  • Worked on background work.
  • Heavy BDSM show with one of my Masters. He is so sadistic and yet, so sweet. We tried out my new toy – a crop. This was the first time I used it outside of a few test smacks while in jeans. It’s fantastic for pussy, thigh and nipple slaps, it seems! I also showed off my round hairbrush. I would have never thought to use it until a new dominant caller had me use it last week. I can press and grind on it with my pussy AND smack my thighs for abrasions. Master was pleased.
  • A guy who is into sniffing his girlfriend’s panties and sucking on her dildo called for a show. He was trying to sneak it in while his girlfriend was in the shower but by the time we connected, she was out of the shower so he took a rain check!
  • A new guy called for a show. When we connected on Skype, he admitted he’s a big “fan” (his word, not mine) and had been following me for  a long time. He bought some of my pics and videos, but this was his first show. He was so cute. He said he was nervous and I think I could hear his voice shaking. We did JOI and it was super fun. He also bought some custom pics after.
  • Tried to do a foot show with one of my longtime foot fetish guys. Unfortunately, the pantyhose I tried to put on for him were giving me some trouble and ended up ripping. I had another pair, but he told me he didn’t have time left and wanted to save it for another day. So, another rain check!
  • Worked on background work.
  • Had a nice long, JOI show with mutual masturbation. When he shot his load, I ended up having an obstructed view, unfortunately. But from what I could tell, it was a monster load. Can’t wait to get a better view next time and see the load in all its glory!
  • A guy who is into SPH called and jerked for me. I’m not good at SPH. And too be honest, I enjoyed his cock. It was a bit petite, but rock hard. He almost got caught while cumming! He ended up throwing the phone down into a bag or something and I had to quickly hang up. At least he got to cum!
  • Closed out the day with a long time GFE-sort of caller. He had company, so he set up in the bathroom and was quiet. When he shot, he was sitting on the toilet and his device was on the floor. Very hot seeing the cum shoot down toward me!
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Kinky Cam Shows and Phone Sex

I finally moved! This was several years in the making and it feels so nice to be some place where I think I can settle in a bit. It will be a while before I have everything set up. I need
to buy some furniture. I hadn’t anticipated my needs, which is understandable given that most of my things were packed up for several years. Not to mention the fire, which damaged a lot of my things and some furniture beyond repair. Anyway, it will be a while before I can get everything the way I want it set up in the new place, but I am enjoying the apartment and the neighborhood and it already feels like home.

It turns out there is a negative to where I moved. The apartment is not sound proofed at all. I can hear my downstairs neighbor clear his throat! I have no doubt that he can hear me. A lot of the sounds he makes seem to be coming from my living room/entry area, so I leave a radio turned on there during my working hours. I also bought a white noise machine. I believe these things help, but I am worried about pushing things too far so I’ve been limiting myself from doing impact with my open hand, leather strap and paddle while on heavy BDSM shows. I am able to use a closed fist and my cane and my sadistic callers and I have gotten creative with ways to hurt me without making too much sound so it is not a total loss. My couples therapist pointed out that perhaps out of context, impact won’t be so bad. My neighbor may think I’m doing some hammering and not be able to pick out what I’m actually doing. Maybe I will get brave enough to just go for it one of these days!

I thought I’d share a few highlights from all the kinky cam shows and phone sex calls I’ve had this year so far. Enjoy!

  • I have a longtime female caller who likes to imagine I am a shemale. I have the same large breasts and an 8 inch cock. She is somewhat submissive to me, which is extremely rare these days. I enjoy it very much though. Sometimes we talk about me getting her pregnant and all of the calls feel romantic. We spoke a few times this year, so far.
  • My panty monkey called! Calls with him include him being submissive to me, but it’s very light and playful so despite the fact that being dominant is a stretch for me, it works. He dresses in a slip and touches himself as though he is a woman. He also gives himself a nice spanking and we talk about what it would be like if I brought him over for a gathering of all my girlfriends. How we would laugh at him and force him to lick our pussies.
  • I did several double penetration shows. I used to try to do it with my face on the bed and my ass in the air, but it’s really tricky. I guess I am just not acrobatic enough! So instead, I spend a little time fucking my ass in that position and then I flip over so I’m sitting on the butt toy and use my hand to insert and fuck a dildo in my pussy.
  • I have a new caller who loves fantasies that include the church in some way. One time, I was the church secretary and he and his wife found me sorting items for a church yard sale. We ended up having oral, vaginal and anal sex; me licking her, her licking me, him fucking my ass, me licking his ass and so on! Another time, I was the preachers wife and he was a parishioner. He followed me into the bathroom and swiftly seduced me into kinky sex!
  • A dominant caller had me position myself so I was backing up on a dildo in my ass while the other end of it was pressed against the wall. It’s humiliating, but it feels so good!
  • There is a younger guy who has been calling me for a while. He likes to see me on my back, legs in the air, fucking my pussy really hard while calling his name and wearing heels. We had a few shows since the new year including one with a new friend I’ve made named, Brandee. I’ve actually been including a few other cam friends on my shows lately including Brandee, Candy and Ella. It’s been so much fun adding something new to my shows.
  • A new guy has been playing with me a lot. He enjoys the threeways I just mentioned and we have played with all three of my cam friends. Usually he has one of us order the rest around a bit and it always ends with great orgasms! He and I have done a few solo shows too. One that stands out is me dumping water all over myself while wearing a tight tank top and jeans. After, I stripped and fucked myself for him until I came!

There have been many, many more. I’ll try to get back on my blog soon and share some more!

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Life has been a mix of busy, stressful as well as healing and exciting for me since my last update in June. I went on my vacation in July. The first few days were super fun. We spent them at my boyfriend’s hunting property. We attempted to blow up a watermelon with rubber bands but lost patience, did s’mores around the fire, grilled a lot, took the boat out, anchored and swam (the best part! I am such a water baby). On the drive to the beach condo, I got a call from my sister that my mom was having a rough time. I don’t want to go into details, but for me the vacation was hard after learning what was going on. We enjoyed the beach for a few hours that day. I swam just passed the break, we buried my friend’s son up to his head in sand and then lured seagulls with some chips and I taught her younger son how to catch sand crabs. My emotions were all over the place though and by the evening, I realized I needed to get home and help my mom and dad. The next day, we spent more time at the beach and in the evening, my wonderful boyfriend drove me the three hours to get home and then drove back to the beach to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

After that, things got worse with my mom and she ended up in the hospital for over a month. Then my dad needed a surgery and I ended up with both parents in the hospital. It was rough. And it would be hard for anyone to believe all the things that happened in that time. I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing things, so on days that I could work, I made it through by tucking the stress in a box in my head and enjoying my time on shows and calls. But otherwise, it was hard.

Just as things started to run smoothly with both of my parents home, it was time to start apartment hunting. I’m happy to say that I finally found an awesome place. I can’t wait to move in and get set up. I’ve moved so much in the last two years, it will be nice to not only have a place to call home, but for it to be mine and mine only.

That is all the stress I’ve been through. But I also have awesome news. My boyfriend and I have started being sexual with each other again after over a year of no sex! It started a few weeks ago. He was holding back from a feeling of not being able to trust me after all the break ups, so I would talk about wanting to be physical again, but I didn’t push. When he was ready, he gave me hints. The first time, it was three days of him talking about my “kitty” (what we call my pussy) and touching it a little. On the fourth day, he pulled me over his lap for a spanking, which led to some pussy touching and me licking and sucking his cock. After some time playing, we got in bed and he fucked me. I came so quickly once I had his cock inside of me! Since then, he has asked for naughty pics or made other references to his interest in my sexually well before we started playing! The anticipation is so exciting.

I am still putting in plenty of time on phone and cam, but I’ve had a difficult time sticking to a schedule with all that I have going on. I am still putting in plenty of time though, so if you want to play and can’t catch me, send me a text and we’ll figure it out.

Aubrey and I won’t be doing 2 girl for a while, for the most part anyway. There’s still a chance the right situation would get us together for a special show, but scheduling can be somewhat of a nightmare. She moved far away from me and it changes things up a lot for me with my regular schedule. So we can only do it if the caller is looking for a very long show of cam sex (in the hour+ range). Aubrey’s life has really changed since she had her baby and made the move, but we do hope to get back to full 2 girl days where we are available for long hours and can do quickies as well as the longer shows. It’s just a matter of when. We still get together often enough, but usually that’s “our time”, not really meant for shows. I do miss sharing her with you, so I will do what I can to make it happen in time.

I most likely won’t update until the new year, so happy holidays everyone! Stay perverted; that’s how I like you. xoxo

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It has come to my attention that there is a scammer using my Skype ID, picture and website to steal money from my potential callers. My ID is lustylucycam. The scammers ID is maudyde. Be sure to get a preview from me before doing your first show with me. Also, here is an image to help you learn how to tell that you have me when you go to add me on Skype:

ID tip

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 5

It’s been a while since I did A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl. I took notes on a day that turned out to be a little on the quiet side, but still loads of fun:

  • Worked on editing videos for Clips4Sale
  • Man with sexy voice called for a cam show. When I told him I love cum, he said he drips a lot of pre cum and gets about 8 good shots every time he cums. We talked about 69ing and he came while watching me touch my pussy.
  • Worked on editing videos
  • Had breakfast
  • Cam show with a guy who is all about my tits. I teased him a little and then eventually pulled them out and squeezed them, sucked my nipples and shook them for him until he came, making super hot noises.
  • Uploaded videos to Clips4Sale and chatted with some callers
  • Worked on advertising
  • Talk to potential caller about Skype show
  • Phone sex call about pussy bukkake. Ten guys lined up to fuck my pussy and end it by jerking off big loads of cum on the outside of my pussy. The caller came hard thinking about licking up the cum and using my mouth as I get fucked.
  • Caller paid for a show. Set appointment for later today. He is very particular about my outfit. We’ll see what he comes up with for today.
  • Second call with the guy who likes pussy bukkake. He came hard again and just like before, I didn’t get to cum. I was vibrating my pussy the whole time and it made me crazy to do this, but I didn’t masturbate after. I try to save it for shows!
  • Chatted on Skype with man I haven’t spoken to in a year.
  • Did the appointment. Put on pink fuck me platform heels along with my sexy outfit for the day. I was surprised he went with what I already had on. Usually he has something particular in mind! I fucked myself; mostly rode the toy and watched him jerk hard and shoot off a big load.
  • Did a cam-to-cam show with a long time caller who loves anal. I told him I got worked up on my last call and didn’t get to cum yet. This guy made sure I did. When I was still twitching from my orgasm, I turned around and fucked my ass for him until he dripped out a big load all over his balls.
  • Did a cam-to-cam topless show for a guy who loves strapons. I showed him how I would fuck him with my biggest toy and he came A LOT. It was so hot.
  • Talked to caller about potential show
  • Had lunch
  • Cam to cam call with a hot man. He had a HUGE load, which I was definitely happy about.
  • Hot cam to cam with a new caller. He wanted me to imagine being man handled by him and then fucked hard.
  • Cam to cam with a quiet man I last played with about a year ago. It was great getting him off again!
  • Sent out a few emails including one to a fellow cam girl who is helping me with Clips4Sale
  • Ended the day


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Updates of a Cam Girl

Post 3-starWatermark3Not too many big things have changed since I last wrote in March, but there was one big and exciting change. Aubrey had her baby! She honored me by allowing me to watch the birth. She was so brave and strong through the painful labor and she had a beautiful baby! I bring you this news in part to note that Aubrey and I will not be doing 2 girl for a while. When we get back to it, I will make sure to get the news out!

Aside from that, I booked a vacation for this summer. I’m really excited to enjoy some time at the beach. I previously mentioned that my mom is having some health issues. She seems to be going up and down. Sometimes she’s doing great and other times she post 1Watermark1struggles. I’m finding myself spending more and more time with my parents to help them out. My three sisters live out of state and at least one visits every 6-8 weeks, which is great. I am here to fill in the gaps. It’s nice spending extra time with my parents. We have a good time together even though there are moments that make us sad with what we are dealing with right now.

I’ve been debating whether or not to announce a new site Aubrey and I are working on. Though the site is bare bones right now, I have decided to share anyway. We are launching a content site where we will post all of our videos, pictures, audio and even stories. So far, we have a placeholder page up with links to my solo and our 2 girl Clips4Sale stores. In the future, the site will be made up nice with graphics and previews of each video including options to purchse on Clips4Sale and directly through the site, but for now there are just links to Clips4Sale. The site is www.FilthyFetish.com. Please check it out! Here are the direct links to the stores:

My solo store

2 Girl store

I may be switching my schedule a bit and taking off Thursdays, instead of Wednesdays. I’ll post a message when this happens but for now, I have a few weeks of switching back and forth between having Wednesday off and Thursday off. I will make a note on Twitter, but feel free to text, call or email if you are unsure.

Here are some highlights of some of the calls and shows I’ve been doing lately:

  • I’ve been advertising in Australia lately and have gotten a few calls with men who have the sexy accent! One in particular stands out. He likes taking his time and having me fuck myself hard with my toy. He is the strong, silent type and there is a lot of mystery to him, which is such a turn on.
  • One of my long time regulars had some dates with a shemale. He called me for phone sex after each date and it was so hot hearing what he did with her!
  • I lost touch with one of my callers for a while, but he came back around a few months ago. We’ve done two marathon phone sex calls since then. He is the best story teller. He could make anything sound interesting and I am entertained every second! As nice, sweet and sexy as he is, he also has this delicious dark side when he gets down to the business of getting off.
  • There was a pause in the heavy beat-me-up BDSM shows for a while, but two of my favorite sadists called recently. I bruised my right breast with one. With the help of arnica gel, it healed up in about a week. Three days after the bruises were gone, the other called to bruise my right breast again!
  • I’ve done many hot calls and shows with this sexy older man who cums twice in a quick call on almost every call! He likes trying new things, so we’ve done a lot of different things including a show with odd insertions and a bit of pussy stretching!
  • I’ve played a few times with a panty boy. I’ve been talking to him for just about three years and we have so much fun together. Our shows usually have at least a hint of me being dominant (but not much, as this isn’t really me). What I love so much about our shows is that I really can be myself. I draw from that small part of me is dominant, but I can turn right around and be a total slut and have him fuck me while he’s calling me Miss Lucy. It’s so hot! He also loves tasting his own pre cum for me.

There have been so many awesome shows and calls. Definitely too many to list. I’ll have to do A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl again soon!

Post 2-starWatermark2

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ad6I moved in with the three kinky people I mentioned in my last post. It has been nice being surrounded by people I can say anything to. I’m decent at being a chameleon; fitting in with most groups of people. My interests are probably not even thought of by most people and I can’t talk about my job to everyone. I’ve tried, but it makes most people uncomfortable so I’ve gone back to feeling people out before opening my mouth! Again, it’s nice being around people who are ok and up to talking about anything. My roommates are semi-nudists, so that has been interesting for me! I adjusted to seeing quite a few naked people at fetish parties. I was commanded to be naked or mostly naked by my ex dominant. I still wasn’t completely prepared to be in a naked household! When the couple (a dominant man and his submissive) are home, they are often naked. Especially the man. It may seem odd that I would be thrown of by nudity. I guess it’s the context. I am not used to seeing it where I live! On the couch, passing me in the hall and frying a pan of eggs in the kitchen! I might just have to join them at some point!

My set up at the new place is great. I’m in a large room and was able to organize my massive collection of lingerie, stockings and heels! I can stand to buy another dresser or storage systems for my other cam outfits; dresses, skirts and tops. My closet has two large mirror doors. If I turn my cam a bit, callers get a great view of my tits and ass at the same time! And I finally have room to stand! That has been a challenge in the last two rooms I worked from.

Aubrey and I are back to doing 2 girl days, though not as frequent as in the past and we’vetweet had to reschedule a few times as things haven’t completely calmed down yet. I expect the next few months before her baby is due to be hit or miss and once the baby is born, Aubrey will be restricted from doing penetration for a while, not to mention having a new little one to care for! To anyone who is reading this: catch us while you can! Especially if very pregnant women is a turn on for you. Visit our 2 girl site and follow us on Twitter @2GirlCam to keep updated on upcoming 2 girl days! The next date is this coming Monday, March 21.

Since it’s been a while since I posted, here are just a few highlights from the last few months:

  • A very young (early 20’s) cutie who is in the military and calling me from overseas when he gets a moment alone.
  • An absolute sweetheart who has sent me a few love notes via email between our shows. It turns out, he is a bit delightfully twisted and we’ve tried out a few kinky things.
  • A man who likes longer shows. I enjoy quickies as much, but it has been nice chatting with him before getting to the sex stuff. It’s sort of like going on dates with him; dates that always have sexy endings!
  • A man who likes group sex. He created a video including a picture of me on my hands and knees with a moving image of a man behind, fucking me and a moving image of him stroking near my face!
  • My hot Daddy is still calling! It’s great meeting and playing with new people, but there is something very cool about developing special relationships over time. He’s started having me prepare before he calls; butt plug in, nipple clamps on, vibrator on my pussy. He calls when I am already moaning!
  • On the last few shows with one of my panty boys, he brought out a cup to catch his cum and eat it. We still haven’t gotten him to eat all of his cum, but he’s getting there. It’s not the act so much as the gesture that does it for me. Making him taste his cum and knowing he’s doing it to please me is very cool!

I could go on and on! There really are too many highlights in my head to actually list here! It’s been a great few months!

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Phone Sex and Cam Highlights

A month has passed since my last post and the time certainly flew! When I posted my video update, I thought I would either be moving back in with my friend or staying at my boyfriend’s house. It turns out there was a third option! I have decided to move in with phone sex and cam highlightssome kinky people. I found them through Fetlife. I’m excited! My work can be very isolating. In the last two and half years, the only new friend I’ve made was Aubrey’s husband. In the new house, I’ll be sharing space with two men and a woman. I haven’t met the second man, but the first and his submissive are very cool people and they have a dog. Truth be told, I would have been sold on their dog alone, but it helps that they are so awesome.

My mom is doing pretty well. She has had some treatments that seem to be helping with her health issues and we’re seeing some improvements. Christmas was fun! My entire immediate family was there and one of my sisters brought her dogs. I can’t imagine ever having too many dogs around. We had amazing food. The menu was created by my phone sex and cam highlightsbrother-in-law (an amateur cook who could delight any food critic) and for once, the men kicked us women out of the kitchen! All I did to help was chop some scallions and wash a few dishes. My brother-in-law also made me my first Manhattan. Everybody was in good spirits and we had a lot of fun.

2 girl is still on hold. I will announce our return on here and on Twitter once Aubrey and I schedule some dates.

It’s been a busy and fun time at work around here lately! A few callers who I haven’t heard from in a while did some shows and calls with me and I’ve played with some new guys too. Here a few phone sex and cam highlights from the last month:

  • The return of some of my favorite sadists. They ordinarily play with me solo only occasionally, saving most of our play time for days Aubrey can beat me. I was having quite a dry spell of heavy BDSM via cam and both came back on the same day! I brought out my newish pervertible cane. I pulled the tension rod off window blinds. It works well as a cane, but I’m thinking I need to buy something a little more harsh.
  • A  bunch of calls with a man who loves me to be his gangbang slut. I nearly always have more than one orgasm when he calls!
  • Enjoyed some time with a hottie who has a smoking fetish (I vape).
  • On my first call of the day one morning I was nearly ruined for everyone who came after. He knows how to mix pain with pleasure and I had so many orgasms, I needed a little break before moving on with my day!
  • Used my way with the written word followed by creating a video to cater to a caller with an interest in control, panties and a bit of financial play (not ordinarily something I do much with, but my playful take on it seems to fit him).
  • Had some time with my “other” girlfriend who loves to imagine I have a cock. I’m not a man in the fantasy. Instead, I’m a shemale with matching big tits to my large dick. There is something about playing with her that makes me feel loved, romanced, incredibly aroused and surprisingly somewhat dominant.
  • I pulled off a show for a man who loves a view of my tits, asshole and feet- ask me to show you how I do it all at once!
  • One caller who I’ve been playing with for ten years called. He has this hot fantasy involving an exam by Nurse Lucy and a few student nurses. Tonight we switched it up a little and I played his psychologist. It was fun and hot to try a slightly different role.

phone sex and cam highlightsIf you like the photos included in this post, check out my Twitter feed (@LustyLucyPlays). They are screen shots from one of the teaser videos I made. I’ve created a few in the last month and plan on making more and uploading them to Twitter!

Happy New Year!

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I’ve been staring at the blinking cursor on blank posts over the last two months or so! I want to keep up with my blog to keep everyone informed on the wonderful world of Lucy, but unfortunately I have been lacking maybe inspiration and motivation, but definitely perspiration. Some updates: my life has taken some turns lately. My mom is going through some health issues and I’m preparing for a move back to my old place (it is nearly fixed up after the fire). I wrote here and here about the fact that my boyfriend and I are not having sex. We decided to see a kink friendly therapist. I feel so lucky to be living in a time when that kind of help exists! She is very knowledgeable about BDSM and is not only knowledgeable about polyamory, but also experienced as she lives that lifestyle. My boyfriend and I are pretty far out from knowing how things will work out, but the journey has been good so far. I’ve been holding off on any kind of kink (outside of what I do on my calls and cam shows). Sometimes I get antsy, but really all it takes to snap me back to feeling sure waiting is worthwhile is a moment with my boyfriend; him cracking me up to the point of tears, hugging him and smelling his neck or even just looking at his face and knowing it has been my favorite face for the last 12 years.

Aubrey and I have decided to put two girl days on hold for a little bit; probably until the new year starts but possibly longer. No worries, everything is great between us and I cannot wait to get back to it! Circumstances caused us to need to pause, but we will be back at it as soon as we can.

I expect to be spending many Wednesdays and some weekends at my parent’s house to help out with my mom’s health issues. This means even less time for updates on my blog, but I will do what I can. I’m looking forward to getting settled back into the old house with my roommate (and landlady). I’m looking forward to spending time with her as she is also a dear friend. I’m having trouble remembering the space in her basement (where I will be working), but I have an idea of how I want to set things up- hopefully with space for standing room as well as lounging while playing. So many of you like the full view and the room I’ve been working out of at my boyfriend’s house is just too small for that! I certainly won’t miss hitting my head on the slopping ceiling!

I am still working the hours on my schedule page, including availability via appointment on my days off, but I have been trying something new- a few hours every other Saturday (about 9am – 1pm EST). It’s been going great so far. Once I’m sure I’ll be sticking to this, I will update it on my schedule page with the upcoming dates. For now, I’m still thinking of this as a trial period. Feel free to check in by text, email, Skype or Yahoo if you want to know which Saturdays I’m working. I also want to note that I usually tweet when I have a schedule change, so if you can’t find me during my regular hours, peek at my Twitter page @LustyLucyPlays.

It has been two and a half years since I started doing this full time again and I am still very much into it! Every day there is something new and exciting happening. No matter what is going on in my life, my work provides a predictable constant- that no day is predictable and I love it!

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Video Update

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Trying Out a New Schedule

Just want to make it known that I am trying out a new schedule, including availability on the days I had previously not taken calls:

Here is my general (and sometimes subject to change) schedule, EST:

Monday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday: By appointment
Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment

A few things to note; sometimes I get used up and worn out early. Staying on until 8pm (and sometimes later) happens often, but sometimes doesn’t. You’re always welcome to text me any time. I am now offering the option to make appointments with me on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The best way to do that is by emailing me or texting me. You can also contact me on Skype or Yahoo when I am online to make arrangements. Visit my contact page for all my contact information.

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 4

It’s been a while since I’ve made a day in the life of a cam girl post so I thought I’d get to it! On this particular day, I worked long hours. I was on from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm. Many things can happen in fourteen hours doing what I do and sure enough, all the things happened on this day! There was a lot of variety in the type of play I had.

  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Did a naughty role play on a cam show. The caller was my neighbor. One night, while my husband was out of town, he looked outside his window and saw me “entertaining” a man who was not my husband in my master bedroom. The caller showed up at my door and blackmailed me to suck him and fuck him.
  • Chatted on Skype about potential shows
  • Updated pages on website
  • Started to respond to an email from caller
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Did a sensual domination cam to cam show in which I instructed this hot man on how to stroke to please me. He showed me his tongue, cock and a big cum load in his hand afterward.
  • A sweet and sexy man did a cam to cam show with me. He had me spank myself hard, as if I was over his knee and he was giving me the spanking. My butt was so red and it made my pussy very wet! He then had me stick my ass at the cam while I fingered my asshole with one finger and then two. He wanted me to fuck my ass with a dildo at the end, but he got so hot watching my fingers that he came before we got to it!
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype with Aubrey and some potential callers. Wrote an extra fun sadistic dominants I’ve been playing with for a while. We made some plans for a show with Aubrey beating me for him next week. I think we’re going to try to bruise my butt, aka the beast (because it doesn’t bruise easily).
  • The same sadistic dominant ended up doing a show with me right then! He had me bind my breasts tight and then put a bra on them before they got swollen. I beat the tops of my breasts for a bit before he had me take the bra back off. He ordered me to insert my butt plug in my ass and a dildo in my pussy. I sat on them and used the tension rod from mini blinds as a pervertible cane to beat all over my breasts. I put on my nipple clamps and he had me lift them by the chain while I caned my breasts some more. Finally he let me cum with my vibrator on my clit and two holes still stuffed.
  • Took a break to close the pool until next summer
  • Lunch
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Dealt with a kid trying to trick me into doing paid time with him via text
  • Continued updating pages on website
  • Chatted on Skype about a potential show
  • Responded by email to fellow cam/phone worker
  • Chatted with potential caller who turned out to be a wanker
  • Did a texting session with Nick
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Looked at squirting dildos on Amazon
  • Did a smoking show (I don’t smoke, I vape but I still call it a smoking show) with a very hot man. He called me mommy for the first time since we started playing about a year ago. I sucked my dildo, titty fucked it and bit my nipple all while blowing vapor at the camera.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential caller
  • Did panty pee cam to cam show. He had me pee with my panties on while sniffing and licking a pair of dirty ones. It was hot seeing him cum so hard and so much to the nasty things I did.
  • Did cam to cam with guy with a big cock. He stroked hard while I laid back and rubbed my pussy and told him what I would do to suck his cock and get fucked. I didn’t cum, but immediately after this show…
  • Did Daddy humiliation show where the guy asked me why I was so horny and already naked. I told him I hadn’t cum yet after the last show. He said, “did he say he’d choke you while he fucked you? Did he say he’d slap your face while he fucked you? Did he call you a fat slut?” and so on until I got off on my vibrator. Then he said he’d keep me like that all night. Then he hung up.
  • Answered emails. Finished email to caller that I started earlier in the day.
  • Chatted on Skype with potential callers
  • Responded to emails by fellow cam worker (a Domme)
  • Went through the clothes I got back from the fire (they took things to remove the smoke smell and I just got the repairable stuff back) looking for my red bikini and a white tank top- a request from a possible caller. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to call but I’m looking forward to a shower show with him. Hopefully soon.
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More Jack off Material

Please check out the new Tumblr blog PhoneSexBloopers.com to read about some of the crazy things that happen on calls, shows and off time for both me and Aubrey!

I have more jack off material available on both my store and the 2girlcam.com store:

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My Personal Kinks

Image 13One of the top things I’m asked by callers is, “What are you into?” I often throw the question back to the caller because I’m here to serve him. I get off on pleasing people and the fact is, I like so many different things that a caller is bound to get me going by having me cater to him. It’s easy enough to figure out my kink list by exploring the pages on my site and blog posts, but I thought I’d make a list as close as possible to being in order by favor (though this should be viewed as fluid depending on my mood or more likely, the person I’m playing with). I’m also sharing a favorite porn list.

My personal kinks:

  • Being topped by a dominant man – a Master, Sir or Daddy Dom. I like service, being controlled, pain, humiliation, degradation to an extent and rope play.
  • Vanilla play is shared in the top spot with being topped by a dominant man. I am submissive by orientation but it is as important as regular sex for me. This includes giving and receiving pussy eating, sucking cock, fucking, making out, hand jobs, etc.
  • Cum fetish (ok, this goes with just about everything on the list, but it earns a spot because it’s a huge part of my personal kink)
  • The idea of cuckolding someone (idea only as I have never done this)
  • Foot fetish play
  • Pee play
  • Playing with sissies
  • Being topped by a dominant woman
  • Topping a submissive man or woman. I like playful humiliation, control, receiving service and body worship. I am becoming more and more interested in exploring sadistic levels of pain.
  • Tickling (this is more something I am curious about. I think I’d love it if I played more with it. If you like tickling and you’re reading this; please consider trying 2 girl so I can try this out!)
  • Jack off instruction/guided masturbation
  • Smoking/vaping fetish
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Shoe fetish
  • Role playing

It’s hard to list everything as I have tried so many interesting things in my years as a phone/cam girl, so this is just a general list. There are things I have done once, loved but never repeated as well as variations and elaborations on things on the list. I also think I may have forgotten some things completely, but this is what comes to mind for now.

My favorite porn, in order:

  • Solo man masturbating and cumming
  • Cuckold/creampie eating
  • Older man, younger woman
  • Pussy eating (close up)
  • Gangbang/gangbang creampie/pussy bukkake
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a man or men
  • Submissive man being dominated by a man
  • Submissive woman being dominated by a woman or women
  • Foot fetish (dominant woman making a man worship her feet)
  • Straight man sucks cock
  • Autofellatio (self suck)
  • Hentai
  • Voyeur

There you have it; a full guide to my personal kinks. Coming soon: a list of my current fantasies!

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Letting Phone Sex get Deep

In the context of a conversation about whether or not playing with me on cam or phone is like cheating, a caller said, “As much fun as I’ve had on our calls, I don’t have illusions that you and I have a heart to heart relationship.”

My response was, “I have more than just a sexual relationship with my callers, but I don’t replace the relationship they have or would have with someone they meet in real life.”

This is very true and not something I would have guessed could happen in my early years as a phone sex operator. Back then, I played a fantasy version of a woman to match the stock photos of a woman I portrayed. I developed some slightly deeper relationships with my callers, but the vast majority of my relationships with callers didn’t go beyond an exchange of money and a fantasy.

That changed when I started camming and using my real pictures. I let my callers in and I have various levels of intimacy with them. For some, it is still simply an exchange. And I’m happy with those who just come to me to have a orgasm. For others, there is something more there. With many I have what feels like a friendship with heavy flirting and when we play, a moment of heat. With others there is something else. With some, I slip into a world in which I am actually with the caller and sometimes that excitement slips into my everyday life and I buzz with an energy that comes from a place of wanting more, though I know the line and will not cross it.

Many months ago, I was working late in the evening when a call came in. He told me to charge a larger amount than what would cover a single call. I was excited by this because it seemed he knew, without ever having spoken with me that he would want more time with me than just one call. The idea that something on my website inspired him to want me that badly was something out of my fantasy world. To be desired like that without being known is thrilling. We did a cam to cam show and that was the first and only time I saw him. He called himself Daddy on the call, and the title instantly made me wet, as it long has. I used to belong to a dominant I called Mister and Sir. His other submissive called him Daddy. At first, I was a little uncomfortable hearing her call him that, but at the same time, I longed to call him that myself. Over time, I became more comfortable with it and realized that I wanted the sort of relationship that is a Daddy/baby girl relationship. Aubrey has described the relationship to me many times, and it has finally sunken in. A Daddy is a man who inspires heated sexual longing. He is a protector, a teacher and a guide. He is usually older, but that is not required. It is more about him having wisdom to pass along while being somewhat stronger than his baby girl, or at least stronger in the ways she needs that strength.

That is exactly how my Daddy is with me. From the beginning, he would say things to me to gently guide me to do better with my work. Back when he first called me, I had fallen off keeping up with my blog and he tried to motivate me to post again. I resisted some of his pushing me to do better at first, but I ended up wanting more. He started calling me in the morning when he was in the shower. He would be naked under the warm water, stroking his cock to my words and voice while I touched myself to his deep voice. He doesn’t call every day, but often enough that I know it won’t be long before I hear from him again. It is an awesome relationship and exactly what I never knew I always wanted.

This is true of all of the relationships I have with my callers. At the risk of sounding like I take my work too seriously, I must say that my job is so fulfilling because of these relationships. I liked my job back when it was all about fantasy. I love it now that it is real and I look forward to seeing where it will take me because I get so much out of what I do.

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As Mister’s submissive, Part II

BDSM call preview 1I wrote “As Mister’s submissive part I” a long time ago and promised I would share more about my time as Mister’s submissive in the future. It’s hard to remember the details of the relationship after so much time has passed, but reliving it to write this post has been fun.

In my first post about the relationship, I explained some of the rules Mister had for me and what I did in service to him. I did not go into the times we played, so I thought I would focus on that in this post. The first night I spent with him, I kneeled below him at the table when we ate dinner. After eating, I served him an apple martini, made to his specifications. We fooled around a bit but I don’t recall much else of what happened that evening. In the morning, he went to work and gave me a list of things to clean in the house. He came back at lunch and inspected what I had done, expressing how pleased he was with me. Then he took me to his dungeon.

It was appropriately located in his basement, which was small but had just enough room to offer variety in play. At the bottom of the stairs and to the right was a St. Andrews cross with whips hanging on either side. To the left of that was a futon for aftercare and fucking. On the other side of the futon sat “the tower”. It worked just as a wooden horse does, but BDSM call preview 3was constructed a little different. There was a tall wooden pillar with a removable block near the bottom that could fit into different slots depending on the height of the submissive being used on it. Once seated on the tower, the submissive’s ankles could be tied so her knees pointed down, causing immense pain to her pussy as her weight pushed her harder on to the block. On the far side of the dungeon was a chair that a person could be tied to with legs spread for various types of torture. Mister built all of the furniture with incredible skill. Opposite the BDSM furniture was an armoire which held implements for beating people, items to do electricity play and needle play, hoods, cuffs, sounding instruments and more. The walls were painted red and the floor was covered with mats suitable for wrestling.

When I saw the dungeon for the first time that afternoon, Mister didn’t have a lot of time to play with me so I only got a taste of his sadism. He had me stand facing the St. Andrew’s cross and instructed me to raise my arms up, hold them out at a “v” and place my hands on the top of it. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he got a whip off the wall. There was a pause as I stood there naked and terrified. My pussy started to leak. He cracked the BDSM call preview 4whip in the air so loud I jumped and then he began striking it against my back. Before that night, I had been struck by hands and a belt; both delivering what kinky folks call “thuddy pain” rather than “stingy pain”. Often times, submissives and masochists have a preference in type of pain. The whip that afternoon was my first taste of sharp stingy. It would be much, much later that I realized I prefer thuddy, but will eagerly take stingy to please the person hurting me.

I took the pain and after he left to return to work, I admired the red marks in the long mirror in the dungeon, in the bathroom and later, at home.

Some weekend later, I arrived at Mister’s house after a long week at work. He pushed me against the wall in the kitchen and kissed me hard. He told me to make him an apple martini, a drink for myself and to meet him in the dungeon. When I got there, I was trembling. Mister had a very imposing way about him. He was 6’5’’ and as he often said, his skin color (a dark black- but his race did not add to my fear, personally) and bald head did not help. His Fetlife page showed his list of kinks which were heavier than others and within his pictures were images of very bruised women he played with. He would say he was put off by the fact that people thought he was scary, but I think he secretly liked it.

I kneeled in front of Mister where he sat on the futon. I handed him his martini and sipped mine. He had his laptop in front of him and a tripod with a camera on it facing the St. Andrew’s cross. He asked if I was ready and I nodded and took a big gulp of my drink. He told me to stand in front of the cross and he put boxing glove like things on my hands as the broadcast to his cam show started. He lifted my mitt-covered hands straight above me and chained them to a hard point in the ceiling. Then he put a hood over my head and began beating me. He used a baton on my thighs. He had a habit of doing even hits. Four medium-hard hits to my left thigh, two hard ones, three more medium ones and then a whale. He would repeat this on my right thigh. I hated the rhythm of it. I loved the play, but knowing it would end in one extraordinarily hard hit at the end gave me an unpleasant feeling of anticipation that I never ended up shaking in the time I was with him. He beat my breasts with his fists and kicked my cunt with his boot. Then he stood behind me and pushed my face up to his. I liked the feeling of closeness. He started to choke me and after squeezing my throat a few times, I passed out. He must have noticed something because he asked if I was ok. I said, “yes” but found out later that it was the wrong response. He didn’t actually know that he had choked me out and considering I had passed out, I was supposed to say I wasn’t ok. But he didn’t know it at the time, so we continued playing.

He removed the hood and unchained my wrists from the ceiling and pushed me on my belly. He started flogging my back. I love the flogger. Even when it’s incredibly painful, it is my favorite implement. On its own, it probably wouldn’t have caused me to break down, but I was frightened after passing out and after a few more strikes of the flogger, I started crying for the first time in my experience as a bottom and submissive. The play ended then. He gave me a little aftercare- mild snuggling and showed me what the people viewing the cam show were saying in the chat room.

Some weekend later, Mister threw a party. I helped him prep for it and shyly mingled with his guests once things got going. I met a lot of Mister’s friends for the first time that night including a man they called Iron Hands. He was an avid rock climber and his hands had become so tough he earned that name. At some point, I was standing near the basement door when Mister turned to Iron Hands and said, “get her”. Mister grabbed the hair at the back of my head and Iron Hands pushed me to my hands and knees. Mister forced me to crawl down the basement stairs and when I got to the basement, Iron hands started beating me with his hands, sometimes open and sometimes balled up in fists. He beat me for a long time. Sometimes even kicking me. He would ask me questions while he hurt me and my response was always, “I don’t know.” I was so meek in my submissive position, I couldn’t answer him in a more straight forward way. My response always made him laugh before he’d hit me again. After a time, he had me on my belly and he used a chain to hog tie me. Finally, it hit me. This man was in incredibly good shape and he wasn’t going to get worn out before me. I never wanted to call “red” (the universal shout to stop), but I asked him, “Am I going to have to say ‘red’? When will you stop?” and his response was, “I’m not going to run out of energy any time soon.” So I said it and he stopped beating me.

My time with Mister was full of excitement. A lot of parties, a lot of play and devoted service from me. It was relatively short – only three months long, which was as long as my second D/s relationship with Michael (more about that in a future post), but an experience I’ll never forget.

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Sexting with Nick 2

Nick is still doing frequent sexting sessions where we make up stories about Selena. Here is one of the recent ones we did.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Have Selena dress like a slut and be drunk when a customer gives her coke in the private bathroom and it is after closing

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: Detailed with pics what she’d wear? Or just tell you?

anonymous Yahoo ID: As she is doing the second snort he pulls her jeans down

anonymous Yahoo ID: And makes her “pay” him back

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Find her top

anonymous Yahoo ID: Show me

lustylucycam: Ok so skinny jeans and a bra that shows through a loose shirt she has on. Sort of a punk outfit.

lustylucycam: ok lemme see

lustylucycam: what I can find

anonymous Yahoo ID: It’s like a sports bra

lustylucycam: I was thinking a regular bra

lustylucycam: REALLY slutty

lustylucycam: sorta like this, but a hotter top

(I Google image search the kind of top I’m thinking of and send him a picture)

lustylucycam: That’s almost exactly what I had in mind, except a little sexier.

lustylucycam: And a black bra, not lace

lustylucycam: Skinny jeans and booties

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: Oh no

lustylucycam: High heel sandals or wedges

lustylucycam: Since it’s summer

lustylucycam: haha

lustylucycam: Not booties

lustylucycam: Anyway

lustylucycam: So she’s tending bar and this one guy comes in alone.

lustylucycam: He’s really tall and a little cut

lustylucycam: Kinda sexy

lustylucycam: He spends the whole night slowly drinking. Has maybe three martini’s the whole time.

lustylucycam: But he’s really nice and gives her a lot of attention. Maybe he pays in cash for each drink and tips her with huge tips.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I think he would have come in before too

lustylucycam: Each drink is like $11 (I’m assuming this is a nicer bar) and he gives her $20 each time telling her to keep the change. So she give him a lot of attention.

lustylucycam: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: And always been like that

lustylucycam: He’s like that every time, HUGE tipper.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes. She would give him a lot of attention

lustylucycam: Maybe he sort of planned this.

lustylucycam: He wanted to see if he could do a slow seduction then get her to do coke and fuck him.

lustylucycam: And he wants to be rough with her.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: He assumes he can get away with it. But this is kind of his thing… a “slow seduction” at the bar over the course of weeks.

lustylucycam: Then he goes for it.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Maybe he usually dumps the girl after. Fucks her then never comes back but Selena shows him he can go even further with her so he will come back for more. Anyway, so near the end of the night when it slows down, she’s leaning over the bar flirting with him and he asks if she can slip away.

lustylucycam: She says, “where” and he just gets up and heads to the hall where the bathrooms are.

lustylucycam: She follows him after a min. and when she gets in the hall he pulls her into the men’s room.

lustylucycam: It’s a multi-urinal/toilet room with no lock on the outside door.

anonymous Yahoo ID: And he locks it

anonymous Yahoo ID: Oh

lustylucycam: I’m thinking he can’t.

lustylucycam: It’s risky

lustylucycam: And both of them like that.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

anonymous Yahoo ID: Go on

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: But he can if you want

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: hehe

lustylucycam: Ok cool

lustylucycam: So he kisses her and he realizes he doesn’t even need to share the coke with her, but he likes to get girls fucked up.

lustylucycam: She’s had a few drinks and he watched this closely.

lustylucycam: He pulls the coke bag and his driver’s out of his pocket and walks over to the mirror where there is a little shelf.

lustylucycam: He makes a few lines and with a rolled up $20 does two.

lustylucycam: He hands her the $20

lustylucycam: She does one…. and he says

lustylucycam: He just tells her to do more coke.

lustylucycam: So he gets her really fucked up and being the slut she is, she gets right on her knees to suck his cock

anonymous Yahoo ID: No

lustylucycam: He forces it in her mouth after she only gets to play a few seconds.

lustylucycam: no?

anonymous Yahoo ID: As she is snorting he takes her jeans down

lustylucycam: Ooh that’s right

lustylucycam: From behind?

lustylucycam: While she’s leaning over?

anonymous Yahoo ID: She asks what he is doing but he tells her to keep her nose in the bag

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes while she is leaning over

lustylucycam: Then what?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Show me what kind of thong or g-string the little slut has on

 (I Google image search pink thong panties and show him a pair with lace and a bow on them)

lustylucycam: Do you like those?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Very much

lustylucycam: ok

lustylucycam: So I have an idea of what I want him to do…. unless you have an idea.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes. Go for it

lustylucycam: Ok so she listens and snorts more coke while he starts rubbing her. He slides his hand between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy and guess what? She’s wet.

lustylucycam: So it doesn’t take long before she starts moaning.

lustylucycam: But then I think he does something REALLY nasty.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: He puts his arms around her mid-section and drags her over to the urinal. She can’t move him away because her jeans are around her ankles and her shoes are still on. She’s kind of bound. He pushes her down and she has to brace herself on the urinal. Then he gets on his knees and pushes her so that her panty covered pussy is exposed to him. He starts eating her from behind… pushes her panties to the side and licks and sucks on her until she moans some more. As she braces herself on the urinal, she’s disgusted by it but kind of turned on that he wants to do something so nasty to her by making her face in it. (I don’t know if this is too gross for you. I personally think it’s kind of hot)

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: Yay

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: So then he stands up and pulls his cock out. She’s soaking wet… like dripping down her thigh wet at this point.

lustylucycam: And this is how he knows how nasty she is, by the way…. he never tried anything so nasty and now he knows the kind of girl she is.

lustylucycam: He pulls on her g-string, yanking it hard and it snaps, hurting her. She yelps and he pulls her cheeks apart and drives his cock into her pussy making her moan.

lustylucycam: No condom

lustylucycam: Selena doesn’t even think about it.

lustylucycam: She pushes back against him.

lustylucycam: He slams into her over and over again and grabs at her hair pulling her head up so it’s right where men aim their piss in the urinal. Right where it hits the back of the urinal and he starts telling her she’s a nasty piss mop

lustylucycam: He fucks her and makes her say it

lustylucycam: “I’m a piss mop”

lustylucycam: She starts saying it over and over

lustylucycam: “oh god I’m a piss mop”

anonymous Yahoo ID: So hot

lustylucycam: While he’s plunging his cock in her then she adds to it

lustylucycam: “cum inside me. I’m a piss mop god I want your cum”

lustylucycam: But he doesn’t cum inside of her

lustylucycam: He pulls out then and yanks at her hair pulling her back

lustylucycam: “on your knees”

lustylucycam: She does as she’s told and he jams his cock in her mouth exploding as soon as her lips get around it

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes!

lustylucycam: And the load is so big and comes out so fast she can’t swallow it quick enough and some dribbles down her on to her chest.

lustylucycam: I think then she’d have to go home with no panties, cum drying on her. She can’t even figure out where all of it is to clean it off.

lustylucycam: She’d leave her broken panties- forgetting about them.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Wow

anonymous Yahoo ID: Oh she would?

lustylucycam: Yes

lustylucycam: Definitely

anonymous Yahoo ID: Hmm

lustylucycam: The other bartender might find them hehe

anonymous Yahoo ID: Lol

lustylucycam: Figure out what happened since Selena disappeared

anonymous Yahoo ID: Wow that made me cum hard.

You  can get a sexting session too, see my store. Be sure to contact me to make arrangements.

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Why I’m not Having a lot of Sex

Since November of last year, I haven’t been having much sex with my boyfriend. This has been one-sided. He seemed to have lost interest and I thought perhaps his sex drive went down because he is approaching 40, which from what I understand happens sometimes with men. A side note, I’ve heard some women get hornier around the time some men start to lose interest, but this hasn’t happened for me yet. I’ve always had a good sex drive and it hasn’t gotten higher or lower. It turns out the reason my boyfriend is losing interest isn’t a mystery to him and it isn’t about his age. He is clear on why he lost interest and he tried to tell me a few months ago, but it didn’t sink in for me until he repeated the reason when we talked last week.

My boyfriend has a dark side, mostly when it comes to his sense of humor. He is also pleasantly open minded. But overall, he is a straight-laced, mostly vanilla sexually (which I don’t mean in a bad way at all as I have no issues with those who hardly stray from the norm, I’m just not one of them) and the kind of guy who always wanted the white picket fence sort of life. I am not that way. I have always been attracted to dark, mysterious, out of the norm kind of things in all aspects of life, but most notably when it comes to sex. Much of my attraction to the odd things in life start and end with learning about these things but when it comes to sex, I actually want to do many of these odd things and when it comes to BDSM, it is a part of who I am.

I have had fantasies about control since I was a child. The fantasies became sexual and included pain play when I grew up and became a sexual being. I met my boyfriend when I was 24. A few months before he proposed to me, in 2010, my sister introduced me to Fetlife. I like to call it the kinky Facebook. It’s a social networking site where people can explore BDSM, polyamory and all manner of kink and fetishes. I started reading about what people were doing through Fetlife and continued to do so while I was planning my wedding. I don’t understand or even remember the exact progression of things, but a month before the wedding, things came to a head. I got freaked out about the idea that I felt I might be submissive sexually and romantically and that I might never get to explore it. The feelings of submission, which included a nearly daily session of fantasizing at night to help me fall asleep since I was about five years old, were powerful. It was terrible timing. I didn’t want to break my fiancé’s heart, but I had to do it. I broke off the engagement.

Over the next two years, I did things in the BDSM community including giving myself over to two dominant men (one who was extremely sadistic and the other who was into pain as well, but was more notably interested in exploring the dynamic of a D/s relationship), had a few trysts with other kinky people, met a service submissive with a strong foot fetish who I topped for several months and got involved with some kinky women including my girlfriend, Aubrey. In that time, my boyfriend and I got back together and broke up twice (both times because I decided to explore kink some more) before getting back together and staying together a little over two years after the first break up.

A year into our newest reunion, I told him I’d like to start exploring kink again, but this time with him. This was in November of last year. All I had to do was say it. It was enough for my boyfriend to lose interest in having sex with me. He isn’t withholding as punishment, it’s more organic. He still looks at me and is attracted to me, but he sort of doesn’t feel it, if that makes sense. He knows he likes my big, round ass and breasts. He thinks I’m beautiful. And he’ll smack my butt, squeeze my breasts and pretty much behave in all the ways he used to, except when it comes to sex. He is afraid I’ll leave him because I want to explore BDSM again and it’s because this is the reason I broke up with him the last three times. For whatever reason, this fear is affecting his desire to fuck me.

We are actively looking into ways to fix the issue and we are still having sex, it’s just far less frequent. I am confident we’ll figure this out. My boyfriend and I have been together for twelve years (minus the two years after the engagement ended). We have been through more difficult trials in life individually and as a couple than this. I’m just glad that we’re both clear on the reason our sex life has slowed down. It’s a start. I question whether or not I should post this to my work-related blog, but I have decided I will because, as I’ve said before, I want to be authentic on my blog. This is not very sexy, but it is the truth.

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Away for a Week

I won’t be taking calls for the next week. Consider playing with my friend Candy or my girlfriend while I’m gone. They are both hot women who give stellar service.

Boob Delicious Candy

Dirty Girl Aubrey

Hope to talk with you when I’m back to taking calls!



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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 3

In between calls, I’m usually doing what I like to call “back end work” (bring on the jokes). This includes working on posts for my blogs, Tweeting, updates to all my sites, running ads and sometimes working on content (videos, editing pics, audio, stories, etc.), though I usually do this kind of work on Wednesdays (my day “off”; meaning I’m not taking calls, but really I am working). My boyfriend is working on getting his bachelor’s degree and just took a class that I should take! It’s a customer relations class having to do with social marketing. I stole his book and will be reading it between calls in the next few weeks.

When I’m done with that kind of work, I often pull up Age of Empires, a strategy based game that I’ve been playing off and on for years. It’s mind numbing and a sort of therapy/way to pass the time.

I decided to do a day in the life of a cam girl last week and for whatever reason on this particular day, I ended up staring into space a lot. I didn’t notate when I was doing this, but you can pretty much fill in all the gaps in time with me staring into space. It is really odd that I did this at all because I’m not the type of person who likes meditative time (though I do occasionally enjoy intentional meditation). One of my close friends loves waiting rooms because it gives her time to think. My boyfriend hunts and spends most of his time in the tree stand letting his mind drift. I hate time like that. I like to either be active or numb my mind with TV or a video game.

Anyway, here is my third installment of a day in the life of a cam girl. Like the first time I created this type of post, I didn’t take the best notes and it’s been a few days and it’s a struggle to backtrack, so some of the detail on the shows and calls are lacking:

  • Chatted w/ some callers
  • Worked on pics
  • Cam show rough fantasy
  • Cam show – he talked about either me fucking his ass with a dildo or him being fucked by another man while he licked my pussy
  • IM session with Nick. Nick likes to do detailed stories, usually involving a slutty character named Selena. This time Selena was working as a bartender and one of her customers takes her into the bathroom to snort cocaine and fuck. I may be adding a post of the actual IM session soon. Nick lets me take calls in between IMing him, so we broke a few times so I could take calls.
  • Cam show with a sweet man. He fucks me in the role play (I fuck my pussy with my dildo). Then he had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth (I sucked my used dildo in front of the cam).
  • Continue IM session with Nick
  • Phone sex only call with a sissy. He told me about how he got fucked and sucked cock earlier that day. I’ve talked to this sissy a number of times before. He likes to call me to cum with me after he has hot sessions with the men in his life. This time, he jerked off while parked in his car.
  • Finished IM session with Nick
  • Lunch
  • Talked with caller about doing a show this afternoon
  • Chatted with caller
  • Did rough sex cam show
  • Daddy Dom cam show. He talk about pissing on me and hurting me. He called me a fat whore (which is the kind of humiliation I love).
  • Long show with new caller- watched black male/white female sucking and fucking porn. He showed me his cock and jerked it while fucking and sucking toys for me. Had me fuck my black toy, white toy, suck both and masturbate. I came three times.
  • Responded to emails from callers
  • Panty boy cam to cam. He licked his pre cum. I told him I’d sit on his face and make him lick me while he jerks for me.
  • Listened to music between calls
  • Exchanged emails with fellow cam girls.
  • Anal show
  • Chatted with a caller about show
  • Texted pics of me in my lingerie to my boyfriend
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Jack off Material

The photos from the two photo shoots I mentioned in this post and this post are up for sale on the two girl site I share with Aubrey. This is just some of the jack off material we created at the shoots. We also made some videos! Here are a few of my favorite sets, but you can find all of them here! Should you decide to make a purchase, the billing shows up as Web-Tokens out of Canton, GA, which is the same billing I use for cam shows and phone sex.

The videos from the shoots will take a bit longer to upload as the computer they are on is out to be cleaned after the fire.

Button 1Button1Button1Button1Button1Button 1

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Much Needed Vacation

Bath Fun 1There are so many fun things going on in the next month. In less than two weeks, I’m going on a much needed vacation to the beach! I can’t wait. I haven’t been on a vacation longer than a few nights away in over four years, and I’ll be away for an entire week! My boyfriend, his sister (my close friend) and I rented a condo with a community pool at the beach. I can’t wait to swim all day in the ocean, get in the pool and bar hop at the boardwalk at night. I think my sister and her husband are joining us for part of the week! My brother-in-law is a talented cook and promised he’ll make us a nice meal while we’re there.

After that, the festivities begin for Aubrey‘s wedding. First, she’s having a co-ed bridal shower BBQ. It falls on the day I get back from my vacation, so I’m hoping I can swing itFun in the Woods 2 after traveling. She just nailed down a date for her bachelorette party. This should be a crazy night because Aubrey knows how to party. A week later, she gets married in the park.

Somewhere in there, Aubrey and I are having another photo shoot during which her fiance will be taking pictures of us and making videos. As seen in the pictures in this post, he has proven to be a talented photographer, even with no previous experience.

Finally, I’m closing out the summer by celebrating my boyfriend’s 40th birthday. I believe Kitchen Fun 1he’s buying himself a boat and I love the water, so I’m very excited about this. He’s been looking at sailboats, which is cool because I already love spending time on my parent’s sailboat.

I’m happy this will be an active summer.

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The Fire

Last Wednesday, I put a bagel in the toaster and went downstairs to the basement where I work to continue working while it toasted. I was thinking of my boyfriend’s toaster which is slow to toast. I had forgotten that my friend’s toaster is super quick. I was downstairs about five minutes. Unfortunately, the toaster was old and had a faulty “pop out when done” button. I told my friend whose house it is about the toaster and we should have replaced it a year ago, but we didn’t.

I smelled the bagel burning. As I went up the stairs, I smelled an electrical fire smell. The toaster had decent flames coming off it. I yanked the plug from the toaster. I then looked around for the fire extinguisher and couldn’t find it. I thought about trying to smother it or throwing water on it, but I knew there were some instances where you shouldn’t use water so I didn’t do anything.

My dog came up the stairs then and the fire started spreading. All I could think about was my dog’s safety. I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. I considered getting my cat, but she’s skittish, even with me- even without something scary happening so I left her. I ran outside. I got the neighbor’s out of their house (the houses are attached). 8-10 min. later the fire department arrived.

The kitchen is gutted and there is water damage in the basement, broken windows from the firemen- even some damage to the second floor. The house is uninhabitable for an estimated four weeks to three months, based on estimates from the experts my friend is working with to put her house back together.

I put a message up on Twitter the day it happened explaining that because I caused the fire, I will be paying my friend’s insurance deductible and other costs that come up. The costs involved with the fire are far and above what is comfortable for me to pay. If you feel inclined to help, you can do so by purchasing pictures, videos, stories or audio from my store or by doing a sexting, phone sex or cam call with me. It would help me immensely if you would simply coming to me the next time you get horny!

My cat was rescued by a fireman. She received emergency treatment and is doing really well. She is back to normal now, I am only hopeful there isn’t long term damage to her health because she was breathing the smoke for about two hours. Things are moving quickly in terms of getting the house repaired. I am only left with helping my friend with the logistics and dealing with the guilt. But I will survive.

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Rented a BDSM Dungeon

BDSM LLP 11A few weeks ago, Aubrey and I rented a BDSM dungeon where her boyfriend (my ex-Dominant), Michael and a photographer friend of hers shot pictures and videos of us. Aubrey’s fiancé showed up a few hours in to help out with the shoot as well.

After about an hour of Michael and the other photographer setting up lighting and the first set area, we got started. For the first set, we had a bed set up in a very dingy looking room with chains, gags and scary-looking implements hanging on the wall. We put on sexy bra and panty sets with satin robes over top and stockings and heels on our legs and feet. We slowly removed most of the clothing while Michael and the other photographer snapped away. After getting lots of pictures, Michael videotaped Aubrey fucking me to orgasm with the strap on, me sucking it on my knees and me cuffing Aubrey spread eagle on the bed, beating her pussy with a strap. Her pussy got so red and though it wasn’t planned, I made her cum with the vibrator because her pussy got so wet from the beating. I also licked her cunt until she came again on my mouth.

Next we moved to the medical area of the dungeon. Aubrey played doctor. She gave me a breast exam and opened my pussy wide on the gynecological table. Before the shoot, I was a bit nervous about having Aubrey’s fiancé see me naked. At that point, I wasn’t too BDSM LLP 8worried about the other photographer, though I didn’t know him. I have done shoots with professional photographers who are strangers a number of times and Michael has already seen me naked and had me in very vulnerable positions in the past. But I was a little nervous about Aubrey’s fiancé, as he is a friend. It was when I had my feet in the stir ups and my pussy spread wide that Aubrey’s fiancé walked in and it made me nervously and hysterically laugh for quite some time. In fact, I kept pushing out the speculum out! All my nerves went away when Aubrey climbed on the table with me and we started making out though.

The next scene was extra fun. Michael is very skilled with rope and helped Aubrey and I take turns stringing each other to a hard point so we could take turns beating each other up. He didn’t do anything as elaborate as his skill will allow (there is a great example of this in this photo set, where I include one picture of me tied in BDSM LLP 13his ropes with his cum on my face), but it was still hot being tied up again. My very favorite part of the day was Michael spontaneously adding rope to the chain of my nipple clamps, pulling it above my head and through the ring at the hard point and back around to tie the other end to my ankle after he lifted it off the ground. I stood on one leg for quite a while hoping I wouldn’t lose my balance, causing the nipple clamps to be yanked off.

Next, Aubrey got on a spanking bench and I beat her ass crimson with my hands, a braided BDSM LLP 9flogger and a rubber pipe-like implement, which lead to my second favorite part of the day; seeing the puddle of pussy juice Aubrey left on the bench when she got up!

We ended the day with a hot pee scene. Both Aubrey and I had been saving up our pee all day to cover each other in piss. It was so nasty and hot and the perfect way to end our day in the dungeon. We will definitely be booking the space again sometime in the future.

I’ll be adding the pictures and videos to our 2girlcam.com store soon for purchase!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 2

Thought I’d share day two of “a day in the life of a cam girl”. I got an early start on this particular day which brought about a lovely surprise call from an old regular I haven’t spoken with in quite a while! The day started at 6 am:

  • Call from old regular who hasn’t called in a while. Suspect he’s calling from out of the country based on his accent (though I’m not actually sure). I think I may have missed him due to changing my hours a while back (used to start at 5 or 6 am regularly) and the time difference. Tease/Domme phone sex call. Teased with breasts, let him lick my asshole then let him stroke and he came quickly and loudly.
  • Long cam show with submissive/sissy guy. He showed me pictures of himself looking sexy and girly while he watched me touch myself.
  • Talk to some callers on Skype and Candy.
  • Update other blog.
  • Did hot BDSM phone only call. The role play was as follows… I no longer fucked my husband. He calls phone sex line while I’m upstairs. Realizes it’s me on the line. Goes upstairs to confront me. Yells at me for doing it and says since I advertise rough BDSM calls, that he’s going to make me feel pain. Says he’s going to fuck my ass since I never let him do it before. Fucks my ass hard, hurting me while I play with my pussy. Then comes in my pussy.
  • Research video editing program.
  • Send mass email.
  • Respond to some texts from potential and current callers.
  • Cam show, topless. Suck toy for him while watching him cum.
  • Respond to texts.
  • Take Daddy Dom call from someone who makes my panties wet with very few words spoken in that deep, sexy voice of his.
  • Research video editing program more.
  • Respond to texts.
  • Degrading call from regular who has one of the most unique fantasies/shows I’ve ever done. It is part M/s like, part “other-world” in that this is the sort of fantasy that is something that would never actually happen. Sort of like living in a comic book (which I think is how he presented the fantasy originally, if I’m remembering right). Always get excited when he writes me on Skype because I might get to slip into his world again.
  • Role play cam show in which the caller caught me masturbating and we end up fucking.
  • Pantyhose cam show
  • Ate lunch
  • AOE for a few min.
  • Talked about potential shows on Skype.
  • Reply to texts.
  • Cam call with dominant caller. He fucks me without condom and I resist heavily as I don’t want to get pregnant.
  • Caller does incredibly hot cam to cam show in which he buries face in ass, fucks my tits, licks my pussy then fucks me.
  • Talked about shows on Skype.
  • AOE for a little while.
  • Received and responded to email from fellow cam girl… exchanging ideas.
  • Cam to cam jack off session. Lick pussy from behind. Fuck me.
  • Talked about shows on Skype.
  • Heavy BDSM call. Cane, cuffs, anal toy, dildo in pussy and nipple clamps.
  • Skype, texting and emails about calls/shows.
  • BDSM discussion call with a man who has called me a few times now. Always enjoy discussing his experiences and having him question me about my sexual history (in particular as a submissive, but also generally).
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Florida Photo shoot

4previewMy vacation visiting Candy in Florida was perfect! I got a taste of summer over the four days in paradise. We swam in her heated pool, relaxed in the hot tub, had many tasty meals including mussels twice (one in a light cream sauce with wine and one in a tomato, mushroom sauce with a kick), I got a mani-pedi and watched a gorgeous sunset over the water from a beachfront roof top deck. Aside from getting much anticipated face time with one of my closest friends, the highlight of the vacation truly was making a new connection with a really cool friend of Candy’s, Mona. And then of course, there was the photo shoot.

Candy, Mona and I loaded Mona’s new flogger, a bunch of slutty outfits and heels into Candy’s mustang and headed to Candy’s photographer friend’s fabulous house Friday evening. The action began nearly the moment we walked in the door. Mona stripped without waiting for permission and Candy and I were quick to follow her lead. Soon, the three of us were in hot outfits taking turns with the flogger while our photographer (turned pornographer) snapped away. Candy was absolutely gleeful while holding the flogger. I think she enjoyed being able to hit as hard as she liked on my ass. I don’t think she held back and it showed! My ass, particularly my right cheek got pretty red by the time she was done. The best part was listening to Mona’s reactions. She is rather kink-light, at least when it comes to sadomasochism. It was all captured in the pictures! Our photographer was super professional and great fun to work with, but I must admit, the best part was getting a “here we go” out of him when one of us would get spread eagle and show off some pussy.

We switched from lingerie to bikinis and hopped in the tub next. It was fun being in the company of two hot women, stripping out of our suits and holding up our tits for comparison. Mine and Mona’s are far from small, but look tiny compared to Candy’s!

The photos are up on my store and ready to serve as jack off material!

We took some really great videos as well, including hot tub teasing, a punishment scene for my butt and we even got Candy on her knees for a bit! Unfortunately, the videos were accidentally erased. It really is a shame because Florida is so far away and I don’t know when we’ll get to do it again!

My time with Candy could not have been more perfect. I’m sure it won’t be long before I get the itch to visit again.

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Off to Paradise

Time has been moving so quickly. I’ve been keeping busy and hardly noticed the three plus weeks that has passed since my last post here. I’m gearing up for my trip to visit Candy. I leave next Thursday and I’m sure the visit will be a whirlwind of fun. I know we will be going to the beach and swimming at her pool for sure. Based on my past trips to visit her, I’m sure most evenings we will watch the sun set over the water. I’m hoping we will get to this museum she’s been telling me about too.

Candy is working on setting up a photo shoot for both of us. If it works out, I’ll be coming back with some photos I can post here, some nudes I can sell on my store and maybe even a few shots of us together! I originally thought I wouldn’t take calls on this trip, but I’m thinking I might. If I do, it will be phone sex only calls and sexting, no cam. If you’re interested, feel free to call or text me to find out if I’m available. I won’t be signing on to Skype or Yahoo. The dates I’ll be gone and possibly taking calls are Thursday, April 30 – Sunday, May 3. I should be back to my regular schedule Monday, May 4.

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A Day in the Life of Two Cam Girls

webcam-toy-photo97Last week, I posted about my day. This week, I thought it would be fun to post a day in the life of two cam girls. Here’s everything that happened when I worked a 2 girl cam and phone sex day:

  • Created Twitter pics. We kept laughing and had trouble making them.
  • Created photos for a guy who purchased dirty pics. Did one with us sucking either end of our double-ended dildo, one with us both fucking our pussies on it and one with Aubrey sucking it while it slid into my pussy.
  • Tweeted on all Twitter accounts.
  • Guy purchased session for later because he needed to take his Viagra first. We scheduled a time to play an hour and a half from when he paid.
  • Guy did 2 girl cam-to-cam nude show. Aubrey came on my mouth then sucked double dildo while fucking me while I vibrated pussy. I came. Then we double fucked the dildo and she came again. We watched him cum while we continued to fuck the dildo. He had a huge load!
  • Did our scheduled 2 girl show with the man who needed to take viagra. It was a 2 girl Domme show which included humiliation, spankings and jack off instruction while he wore a slip, nylons and panties. He even danced for us. We called him our “panty monkey”. Aubrey came on a mini Hitachi while we watched him stroke, then I did the same. We teased him after our orgasms and even flashed our tits at him after he performed tasks to earn a view of our nipples.
  • Aubrey got a solo call while I set up 2 girl text/IM session with Nick.
  • Had a dirty ATOGM cam show session.
  • We did the text/IM session with Nick. He does sessions with me in which I create dirty stories with key components he gives me at the start of the sessions, usually revolving around a character named Selena. This time it was a story about her becoming “entertainment” for her friend’s father’s friends at a poker game. Story ended with Selena being used by all the blue collar, middle aged men at the poker game.
  • Aubrey got a solo call that lasted about an hour. I could hear her cumming over and over again from her room.
  • While she took the call, I ordered food, took her puppy out, played with her puppy a bit and chatted with men on Skype. Our food came and I ate (all before Aubrey got off the call!)
  • Aubrey got off the call and ate.
  • Call came in from a long time dominant caller who has been splitting time between us and occasionally does 2 girl calls and shows.  He ordered us to sit on chairs with our backs to each other. We masturbated with nothing but our heads touching. It was such a tease! I would have loved to finger Aubrey or eat her pussy.
  • Aubrey got another solo call.
  • Calls slowed down for a bit. We had coffee, talked, looked at some things Aubrey had delivered from Amazon. Replied to emails. Had a few chats on Skype.
  • Did a cat fight/foxy boxing show. We were wiped and ended the day afterward.
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Cam Girl Throwback

Quick post to share some “throwback” pics from when I did cam the first time around. In case you don’t know my history, I started phone sex when I was 22 using stock model photos. I started doing cam when I was about 26. Did it for a bit, quit and worked in an office for five years and got back to it in June 2013 full time.

I thought it would be fun to share some cam pictures I took from that time. I might share some more cam pics and maybe even some better quality pictures later. These were taken via some program I had on my computer back then with one of the better webcams available at the time. The quality isn’t great. Also, I only showed my face on cam. I happened to take a few cam pics that showed my face, but most did not. Enjoy!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl

I want to be authentic in what I do for work, here on my blog and in my cam shows and phone sex. This would not have been possible with previous jobs because, understandably, one is not authentic in all ways at most jobs. But I do want that with what I do now. I wouldn’t have expected to want that when I first got into this kind of work. It was definitely not taught to me. I started out on a fantasy site that used perfect-in-every-way sort of stock photos of girls we were to portray on phone. My mentor, another girl who portrayed one of the fantasy-like girls in the photos on the site often said to me, “you are a fantasy phone girl, nothing more”. And so I was, for many years.

When I branched out from phone sex and started doing cam about six years ago, I came across the website of an indie pornographer who did things in a way that was a far cry from the plastic world of simulated sex that I came from. I would read her blog as often as she would post and I was quickly hooked. I loved how honest she was. How raw her writing was. It was like I was in her head and what she thought, what while she wrote on her blog wasn’t always sexy, but it was always very real sounding and that was more sexy to me than what I had been doing for the many, many years prior to finding her blog.

Very honestly, I do not know how to be that way. I wouldn’t say that I’m the sort of person who cares what other people think. In fact, so many people in my life have told me that I always seem so genuine that it is refreshing… but while I can see where they are coming from, I also know that I am not raw, in the same way the indie pornographer seems to be. I tend to give off to people who I am but only after I’ve carefully examined and refined that in a way that’s acceptable for sharing.

While I’d love to throw out my inner most thoughts for the world to see on my cam sex girl site, I can’t help but worry about what it is that my callers and potential callers truly want to see. Even though I think it would be fun and exciting to be 100% authentic in what I share with my callers, I simply can’t just do it. So, instead, here is my attempt. A few weeks ago, I jotted notes down about my working day. I thought it might be interesting to some of my callers to see what I truly do in one full day (working hours only). Because I made the notes a few weeks ago and haven’t looked at them until now, I can’t go back and make the notes make more sense now. I may do this again and try to be better about getting back to the notes early enough to remember the details. Here the notes are, in the rough format in which I wrote them originally.

A Day in the Life of a Cam girl:

  • (Not on a call or cam, just on my own)… Masturbated to cock sucking/stroke off on face porn. Came in panties.
  • Ran ad on backpage
  • Quickie phone sex only call. Guy looked at pics of me while he jacked off. Told him about how I came in my panties earlier. Told him I’d like him to cum in my mouth.
  • Played Age of Empires (strategy computer based video game) for a few minutes.
  • Got text message about a show this afternoon. Reminded me I owed some guys emails. Sent emails.
  • Played AOE again.
  • Got texts from more callers. Responded.
  • Played AOE again and more texting.
  • Wanker call came in. (A “wanker” is a guy who never intended on purchasing time in the first place and instead messes with the cam or phone sex girl for as long as possible before hanging up. Often find I’m on high alert for wankers after getting so many in a row that I’m short and to the point with all potential callers.)
  • Called Candy to chat for a bit, but a call came in…
  • Cuckold call (more boyfriend who watches me fuck others than typical cuckold call).
  • Created and published post on LustyLucyPlays.com and created and published post on my other blog.
  • Sent email response about a custom video.
  • Cuckold call (playful humiliation).
  • Lunch.
  • Played a little more AOE.
  • Got Skype add. Discussed pricing. He didn’t call.
  • Talked to Aubrey on the phone.
  • Talked to caller. Did boobs only show.
  • Did ridiculously hot Skype show.
  • Hot as shit tease PLUS heavy extreme BDSM show.
  • Did second show with guy who did ridiculously hot show earlier.
  • Did submissive phone only call with regular (a dominant caller who has been with me for a bit). It was a role play of going to a wedding, ending up in the bathroom to suck off other guests and finishing off with ass to mouth.
  • Had cam show on which I smacked my panty-covered pussy hard and then masturbated. It was a topless show, so he didn’t see my pussy. He came three times!
  • Daddy Dom cam to cam show.
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Lots of Fun to Come

There is a lots of fun to come for me. First, this Saturday I will be spending the day with the lovely Dirty Girl Aubrey taking two girl phone sex calls and cam shows. I can’t wait! I have fun going solo, but it’s always better when I’m with Aubrey. We’re doing it again next Wednesday. Next Thursday is my birthday! I plan on taking calls. I love the idea of celebrating with lots of orgasms.

I’m booking my flight soon to visit my friend Candy in sunny Florida! I am so excited to hang out with her again. The plans so far include time at her pool, at the beach, dining at my favorite restaurant in her area for the most delicious mussels I’ve ever had and we’re even going to squeeze in a photo shoot by a friend of hers. I bought a red bikini for the shoot. I’m about to turn 36 years old and this will be the first time I wear a bikini in public, which is a shame with tits and a butt like mine!

I love having so much to look forward to! Life is good!

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A Bit More about Me…

webcam-toy-photo16 (1)I have some thoughts swimming around in my head that I want to share here. It’s a bit more about me, but more specifically about the services I provide and the whole experience callers get with me. These thoughts have been coming up since I got back into doing this work full time, in June 2013. I just had a conversation via text with a new caller this morning that inspired me to put my thoughts into writing.

I have this vision of how my work could be and a clear picture of how it is. I could put a high price tag on my time, be hyper “professional” (for lack of a better term) and reserve all my energy for paid texting, phone sex and cam calls only and nothing in between. I participate in conversation on a forum for phone sex and cam workers. Time and again, I’ve seen posts and conversation come up that makes me believe many and possibly most online sex workers run their business in the way I just described. I’ve even had comments directed at me on these forums that further that belief. For example, just a week ago I mentioned IMing a caller on Skype for ten minutes and several girls commented on that specifically, saying things like, “was that paid time?” and “was that on a call or IMing on Skype?” I didn’t respond because I knew they just don’t do things the way I do. Additionally, I’ve had so many callers let me know that they are surprised and pleased with the difference in how I do things vs. some of the experiences they have had with other sex workers.

Before I go into an explanation of what it is that I do that is so different, I do want to say that I don’t mean to put down other phone sex and cam girls. The vision I laid out is not unappealing to me, for one thing. It seems like a fine way to do things. Perhaps it is an even better way to make a living. I sort of doubt this, but I do believe it might be more profitable. Some of my callers prefer the vision. It is clear that they want nothing more from me thanwebcam-toy-photo14 (1) a transaction. They seem to only want time on phone, cam or via sexting without even ending the time with a “goodbye” or “thank you”. And I am happy to give them what they want. Sometimes the mystery is hot for me. We have our sexy time and then it’s over. I look forward to having it again with them, but don’t expect pleasantries. In the end, I provide a service and they owe me nothing aside from payment for that service.

My experience with many of my customers is not like this. This may be a shock to any fellow sex workers reading this, but my time includes IMing or texting callers in between paid time with them. Catching up on life in general, discussing fantasies we might play out in the future and occasionally getting pictures from my callers, when I have the time to devote some attention to what they want to share with me. Some days I can’t spend any time on this kind of thing and some days I’m not in the right mood to do it. But generally, I am and I do. The main reason for this is that I enjoy it. My job is interesting, exciting and worthwhile to me because of all the kinky naughty things I do on paid time with my callers and it is also interesting, exciting and worthwhile to me because of all of the people I get to meet. Men from all over the world, from so many surprising walks of life, with all manner of kink. I want the in between time. If I charged for every second of my time with my callers, I would miss a huge part of why I like my job.

I also suspect that this is part of why I do as well as I do. I firmly believe that if I nickle and dime my callers, they will feel they are being nickled and dimed and I will lose my appeal. It’s true that this is far from the motivating factor for me. If I chatted with callers ONLY because I want more and better paying customers, I wouldn’t be able to do it, period. I wouldn’t be able to keep it up because I wouldn’t be coming from a genuine place.

webcam-toy-photo15 (3)Don’t get me wrong, I spend most of my day on paid calls and much of the in between on back end sort of work (ads, posts, tweets, content, changes to my site). And I’m no push over. I have boundaries; I can’t and don’t do free phone calls or cam sessions. I do not take well to the few who have come my way who want to take advantage of my extraordinarily nice nature and I don’t put up with it when it happens. But I make allowances on my free time to enjoy my callers as human beings; not as just a bunch of kinky hosts with credit cards.

It’s taken a while to be clear about all of this in my own head. To understand why I do what I do, the pros and cons and so on. It’s taken a while to set reasonable boundaries with some of the men I interact with, because truthfully, I cannot give everything to anyone… and paid time takes precedence over my in between time. As time goes on and as I build my business and become busier with paid time, I have less and less time to sit back and have a nice chat with callers. But this is something I will never stop doing because my job wouldn’t be as fulfilling without it.

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Sexting with Nick

webcam-toy-photo25 (1)Nick has been a loyal customer for probably over a year, by now. We’ve done a few phone sex calls, but what he enjoys most of all is sexting sessions via Yahoo. Over the last year, we have woven a dirty tale involving a slut, Selena. You may have heard her name before. I wrote part one of a naughty story about her for Nick, which he was kind enough to allow me to make available for others to purchase (click “stories” on the link).

Most of the sexting we’ve done has revolved around a story involving Selena’s relationship with a fictional character named Drexel, a pimp and drug dealer. He coerces Selena into being a whore for him. Over time he gets her to invite her friends to his house where his friends use them and groom them to become prostitutes for Drexel’s gain, just as Selena does the same. Nick and I have spent a lot of time on the story, and there is so much to the story that isn’t explained here… but Nick has given me permission to share one of the latest installments in which one of Selena’s prim and proper, church going friends, Paris is introduced to Selena’s friends at a club party/orgy. Paris starts out a virgin, but leaves without that title and a lot of sexual experience under her belt.

Please note, there is a lot of reference to a girl named Lexi. She is one of Drexel’s new escorts. Selena brought her on for Drexel to pimp out. Lexi is the one who brings Paris to the party… I hope you enjoy this naughty tale.

lustylucycam: I love what’s going to happen to this drunk and drugged virgin. With her TIGHT virginal pussy.

lustylucycam: Lexi invites Paris to a party at a club. Drexel’s friend owns the club. The whole club is shut down for the night for certain people to attend ONLY.

lustylucycam: And Drexel and all his horny friends are there.

lustylucycam: The only girls invited are girls Selena knows.

lustylucycam: So those sisters, Desi, Lexi and whoever else they bring.

lustylucycam: Sound good?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Lexi considers this the perfect opportunity to bring Paris in…. she wants favor with Drexel. Maybe she wants to be his Top Bitch (which Selena is now). Do you like that idea?

lustylucycam: So, she invites Paris….

lustylucycam: And Paris, despite being a bible thumper or whatever, she knows how to let loose. So she starts drinking right away.

lustylucycam: Downs multiple cocktails in the first few hours.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok

lustylucycam: On her third cocktail, she’s too drunk to notice that Lexi slipped some kind of drug in her drink. Not a roofie (however you spell it)…. something that will loosen her inhibitions, but not make her forget the night.

lustylucycam: It also gets her horny.

lustylucycam: Paris is a virgin, right?

anonymous Yahoo ID: I assume

lustylucycam: HOT

lustylucycam: So. Paris starts feeling the drug. She’s a flirt… and she suddenly has a “beer goggle” kinda thing going on. She doesn’t care what these guys look like, what they say to her, NOTHING. She starts flirting with everyone.

lustylucycam: Sitting on laps, dancing with her body right up against the men… that kind of thing.

lustylucycam: While she’s on this BIG black dude’s lap, it starts.

lustylucycam: The guy is built like a football player. He’s 6’5” and heavy, but kinda buff. She’s in his lap CALLING HIM DADDY. hehe He is hard the entire time.

lustylucycam: All of a sudden, he drops her from his lap and she falls on the floor.

lustylucycam: He’s towering over her, and he pulls his cock out. (it’s totally appropriate, because the club owner told the guys this was going to turn into some kind of orgy. That the only girl’s invited would be whores and sluts).

lustylucycam: It’s a really big cock. 9 inches and super thick.

lustylucycam: Are you with me?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Very much

lustylucycam: Are you close to cumming, Nick?

lustylucycam: Allo? Where’d you go?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: I am

anonymous Yahoo ID: So close

lustylucycam: Good  Keep stroking… cause Paris is about to get violated.

lustylucycam: So he pulls his rock hard 9 inch black cock out.

lustylucycam: He jerks it and pulls at Paris’ hair and tells her to get up. The club has some stages for dancers. He tells her to get on the stage. She hesitates and he slaps her across the face.

lustylucycam: She gets up on the stage.

lustylucycam: He pushes her down on her back and her legs fall apart. She’s wearing a skirt so he has access now.

lustylucycam: He pulls her panties to the side. Her pussy is wet from all the flirting. When he feels that with his finger, that’s all he needs.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Lexi is enjoying the show?

lustylucycam: He pushes his swollen cock head against her cunt and starts to ease it inside slowly.

lustylucycam: Oh yeah.

lustylucycam: Lexi AND Selena are totally into this.

lustylucycam: Maybe they’d even start making out or fooling around with some of the guys.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I bet

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok so back on stage

lustylucycam: He keeps easing his cock in, aware of it’s enormous size… and he can tell she’s a virgin as he puts it in. He can tell he’s going to cum hard in this tight cunt.

lustylucycam: When he gets it in nearly all the way, he starts fucking her in and out.

lustylucycam: Slow at first, but faster as he goes. Faster and faster he pumps his enormous black cock. She’s scared, but somehow her pussy keeps getting more and more wet.

anonymous Yahoo ID: I love it

lustylucycam: So wet, the juices are running out around his dick. Practically squirting around it. It’s the drug. And the drug makes it feel good too.

lustylucycam: It feels SO good.

lustylucycam: So good, in fact…… just as he EXPLODES a huge hot load of creamy cum inside of her, she has her very first orgasm on his massive dick.

lustylucycam: Very first!

lustylucycam: She’s never masturbated before.

lustylucycam: She’s never even had a guy finger her.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Nice

anonymous Yahoo ID: Now this older black guy just broke her in

lustylucycam: He pulls his cock out slowly and looks at the damage. Her pussy would gape if she had fucked before…. but her poor, used, only just used pussy sucks back up and becomes tight again. It’s lips are swollen though. And sopping wet.

lustylucycam: Yup.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Nice

lustylucycam: Did you cum?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Almost

anonymous Yahoo ID: What happens next

lustylucycam: Hmmmm… well, Selena and Lexi were close to the action, making out.

lustylucycam: When the guy turns around and sees this, he laughs and says, “on your knees”

lustylucycam: The girls giggle and drop. They start playing with his cock.

lustylucycam: It’s still hard and covered in Paris’ juices.

anonymous Yahoo ID: And what happens to Paris?

lustylucycam: And it never gets soft. In fact it gets even harder.

lustylucycam: Well.

lustylucycam: I would imagine she’d lay there crying yet feeling all those good feelings after an orgasm.

lustylucycam: I think some of the other guys would have to use her next.

lustylucycam: Don’t you?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

lustylucycam: Do you want to hear about big dude  and our two PAID WHORES? Or Paris and the other guys?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena wants to keep Paris so tell me how she does that

lustylucycam: Honestly, for that I think Selena would have to give Paris some attention now, don’t you?

lustylucycam: Sort of “aftercare”

anonymous Yahoo ID: Hmm

lustylucycam: She’d have to get in her head.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Take her into a room and talk to her

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Maybe get her high for her upcoming fucking

anonymous Yahoo ID: That Selena says are inevitable

lustylucycam: Maybe caress Paris and tell her this is the way it needs to be. Kiss her and tell her that everything she’s learned in church is wrong. Not like that would work right away, but it would get in her head. YES she’d take her into some back room and give her heroin.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Tell me about that

lustylucycam: She’d get her super fucked up.

lustylucycam: She would tell her that this is exactly what a girl like Paris needs.

lustylucycam: So Paris would eventually stumble out of the room, high as shit.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena would stay there during the fuckings?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yes

anonymous Yahoo ID: Stumbled out

lustylucycam: Yeah… she would be around…. but Paris would go back out in the club

lustylucycam: Asking for it at that point.

lustylucycam: Willing

lustylucycam: She was so virginal, she doesn’t even know what she’s asking for… but she BEGS for more.

lustylucycam: She walks up to some guy and presses her body against him.

lustylucycam: She plays with his pants.

lustylucycam: She pulls his cock out. This guy is young… like 22 or something, thin but kinda cut. He helps her get his cock out and it’s like 7 inches… and thick.

lustylucycam: He tells her to kiss it.

lustylucycam: She drops to her knees.

lustylucycam: She’s not thinking now, just doing as she’s told… she kisses it and he says, “suck it”

lustylucycam: As she does this, more guys move in.

lustylucycam: Maybe 2-3 more

lustylucycam: They pull their cocks out.

lustylucycam: They guide her to suck their cocks too… taking turns.

lustylucycam: You know what’s gonna happen right?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Selena is loving this

lustylucycam: Oh yeah. Like a proud whore house madam AND horny as fuck at the same time.

anonymous Yahoo ID: She is confident Paris will be working on her back next weekend

lustylucycam: Yes

lustylucycam: That too.

anonymous Yahoo ID: Ok I came

lustylucycam:  When?

anonymous Yahoo ID: Thanks you

anonymous Yahoo ID: Just now

lustylucycam: Paris looks so innocent in the pics.

lustylucycam: It’s so hot thinking that’s who we were talking about!!!

anonymous Yahoo ID: Yeah. Most of them

anonymous Yahoo ID: Talk to you later beautiful

anonymous Yahoo ID: I am sleepy

lustylucycam: Thank you.

lustylucycam: Ok

lustylucycam: Hope you relax

anonymous Yahoo ID: Thanks love

anonymous Yahoo ID: You too

Hope you enjoyed a peek into one of my sexting sessions! Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the options on my store for IMing/Sexting with and without pics. Contact me on Skype, Yahoo or phone and we can make arrangements to get started!

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Cheap Cam Sex, Phone Sex and Sexting

webcam-toy-photo3 (1)Just a reminder that I’m offering cheap cam sex, phone sex and sexting every Wednesday through March 25. Here is the pricing:

  • Sexting with nude pics is $1.50/min. (regular price is $1.75/min.)
  • Phone sex is $1.75/min. (regular price is $1.99/min.)
  • Nude cam is $2.99/min., for purchases of 10-29 minutes long and $2.49/min., for purchases of 30 minutes or longer. (regular price is $3.49/min.)
  • Topless cam is $2.49/min. (regular price is $2.99/min.)

Remember, these deals are for Wednesdays only.

I will be adding a page on my site soon where callers can quickly find what deals I’m offering. Please keep an eye out!

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Not Enough Sex

About a year ago, I read an article that quoted a study that found that couples who had sex one to three times a week from the beginning of their relationship would be likely to keep up that frequency throughout their relationship. The study found that couples who had sex more frequently than that would slow down to having sex much less as time went on. If I’m remembering right, the more rabbit-like couples would slow down to once a month or so.

I met my boyfriend over ten years ago. Minus a long break up three years ago that included a few short-lived reunions between us, we have been a couple since just about the day we met (we’ve been back together for over a year now). From the beginning, we were the sort of couple who had sex one to three times a week. An extremely satisfying one to three times a week and for me, to the point of mind blowing sort of satisfying, probably most notable because he is the first man whose cock I had an orgasm on.

I didn’t put too much stock in that study, but still felt good about our sex life frequency-wise and confident that we could keep it up after reading about it. The last three or so months have shut this confidence down. In the first month or so of this period, we slowed down to about once a week. Then it got worse. In the last eight weeks, we’ve had sex twice.

It’s true that I’m still having around four orgasms a day (rarely less, sometimes many, many more) on the days I take phone sex calls and do cam shows. I even sometimes find myself masturbating between time on calls. I’ll watch porn and get myself off and still go again the next time the phone rings. So, I guess things are good sexually Monday through Friday. But on the weekend, when I’m not taking calls, I am finding I’m going virtually orgasm-free. And even though I’m getting off a whole lot, I could still want cock. I want pre-cum on my tongue while I get my boyfriend’s cock hard, feeling his body pressed against mine while he sucks my neck and rhythmically plunges his warm dick in my cunt followed by the reward of a pussy juice covered cock sliding in my mouth a few quick times before exploding hot cum down my throat. Man, how I miss all of that.

Cam sex and phone sex is exactly what I want to be doing to make a living. I feel so lucky to have found a job that is not only fun, but gives me an outlet for all my kink. The variety appeals to me, as I am all over the place sexually. I even give enough attention to my favorite kink through my callers that I do not feel like I’m missing anything sexually because I have a mostly vanilla boyfriend. I had all of this and was having lots of fantastic sex with the man that I love. Now, something has changed. I’m not giving up on getting back to more regular sex with my boyfriend. In fact, we are planning on having sex when he returns home in an hour (it has come to a need to plan). Generally, it seems until we get back to more frequency (and spontaneity), I’m going to have to wear myself out on my toys and use my imagination plus my callers words to get a feeling of the warmth, taste and satisfaction of a real cock.

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Phone sex, Sexting and Cam sex Deals

1Every Wednesday starting today through March 25, I am offering some special phone sex, sexting and cam sex deals:

  • Sexting with nude pics is $1.50/min. (regular price is $1.75/min.)
  • Phone sex is $1.75/min. (regular price is $1.99/min.)
  • Nude cam is $2.99/min., for purchases of 10-29 minutes long and $2.49/min., for purchases of 30 minutes or longer. (regular price is $3.49/min.)
  • Topless cam is $2.49/min. (regular price is $2.99/min.)

Remember, these deals are for Wednesdays only. Looking forward to lots of fun in the coming hump days!

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The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Just a quick update about why I’ve been so bad about updating my blog as well as some information about my GFE service, “the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience” (UGFE).

First, about updating my blog. When I got back into phone sex and cam sex full time again in June 2013, my life was very interesting and exciting, particularly sexually. I was still in the middle of exploring BDSM (both as a Top and a submissive). I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend. By September 2013, my boyfriend and I broke up and I found myself in a D/s relationship with a man (I was his submissive), I was still with my girlfriend and some where in there, I found time to top ps.

Throughout this time, I had a lot of things to write about. Then due to some serious and traumatic life stuff, I fell off track with posting. Things were at there worst in May 2014. Everything got better over time and in all honesty, there was no good reason why I couldn’t get back to blogging around the end of the summer. But that is about when my inspiration dropped.

By that point, I had long ended my relationship with my Dom and ps and I drifted apart. By September, my girlfriend and I decided to end our relationship romantically.

So here I am, a super kinky girl enjoying super kinky things for a living, but clearly living in a not so kinky world otherwise. In the middle of all the changes, my ex boyfriend and I got back together and he’s vanilla. Though what we do in the bedroom is beyond satisfying, I suppose it’s not much to write about. Worst yet, we’ve slowed down our play time tremendously. More about that soon.

So there you have it. I used to have a good mix of work related fun to write about and a lot of interesting things to say about my personal life, but now I’m working with half the inspiration.

On to information about the ultimate girlfriend experience. About a year ago, I had an idea of how to offer the girlfriend experience to my callers in a way that would be mutually satisfying to both my callers and me. In the year that I have been offering the service, UGFE has been a wonderful thing, but has not always been used as it was intended. I have found that, so far, there are four ways in which it can be used; as a girlfriend experience, a Master/slave experience, a Mistress/slave experience and as a way of providing discounted phone sex, cam sex and texting sessions to my callers.

I thought I’d take a moment to direct folks to the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience website for more information and encourage anyone who is interested to contact me on Skype, Yahoo, phone or email for more information.

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Sexy Resolutions

Happy 2015, my kinky friends! There is no better time for sexy resolutions then the start of a new year.

In truth, I’m not one for making a resolution for the new year. I always thought it was sort of cool to constantly work on improvement and made a silly point of avoiding the annual grand gesture long ago. This year is different. For the sake of keeping my blog a place for hot, naughty fun only, I’ll keep the reason to myself. The cause was extraordinarily moving, and the effect was that when I woke up on January 1 (and oddly not a second before), I allowed the feeling of change to fall over and penetrate me; causing me to think about what I’d like to see improve in my life.

So, here it is folks! A short list of the areas of change to my life that I hope will bring a smile to your faces and a hard on in your pants:cropped

  • Some small updates to the pages on my website which will include new pictures on my photo page and possibly some updates to other parts of the pages. I’ll post an update here and Tweet as the changes are made so that you know when to check them out.
  • New blog posts, after eight months of no updates! I’m hoping to produce kinky news about once or twice a month, possibly more.
  • New Tweets, which will likely include pictures you’ll never see on my blog so please be sure to follow me @LustyLucyPlays.

I’m also working on  an expansion to my website that I expect will be very exciting for my existing callers, and possibly other visitors to my site who may not be big on one-on-one phone sex calls and cam sessions. I don’t want to reveal too much about the project at this time because a lot needs to be done before I can make it a reality. Please check back for more information.

No promises on whether or not this last change will enhance my life as a cam girl, but I will be signing for classes at a sexy workout place at the end of next week. They offer floor/chair classes, pole dancing and more naughty, sweat-inducing fun! I’m super excited about it and based on the handful of classes I’ve taken there in the past, I have a feeling that this may mean I’ll be able to perform some hot moves for callers, but again, no promises. At the very least, it may help this slutty girl feel even sexier!

Before I sign off on my first post for the new year, I wanted to take a moment to thank my callers. I’ve been back at full time phone sex and cam for just over a year and a half and it has been a blast! I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you. Regardless of how we do it (phone sex, cam shows, text/IM sessions, quickies, UGFE, etc.) and what we do (suck and fuck, love making, strenuous rope shows, wickedly creative beatings, foot worship, sissy play, cuckolding and everything in between), it is you, my callers, who make this the best fucking job I’ve ever had. I can’t say it enough. Thank you!

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Double-Team Boob Cam


Meet Candy aka Boob Delicious

Exciting news! I’ll be visiting my phone sex mentor and gal pal, Candy June 2 – June 11 for double-team boob cam and phone sex fun! Candy taught me nearly everything I know about phone sex when I started doing it way back when I was 22. Now I’m showing her the ropes with cam! Won’t you help me welcome her to the world of cam sex?

Try her out before I go to visit her- break this beautiful big breasted lady in! Here is her website: www.boobdelicious.com or, go ahead and give her a call at 724-426-6210 (or 7BIGBOOB10)!

We’ll be doing all kinds of fun things for you guys including; double-team boob cam (she has 42G cup boobs to go with my 40F cups), 2girl phone sex and even a little BDSM! Candy is  great at topping me- if you’re into seeing me on my knees, bowing to her will. Or, why not let her be your agent while you dominate me with your cock in your hands? A little secret- I’m hoping to get Candy on HER knees at least once while I’m down there. Why not help me tame this wild girl!?

More details will follow as I get closer to my sexy vacation!

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Jack off Material

webcam-toy-photo96I have written part one of an erotic story that is sure to get you off! It’s called The Story of Selena, The Slut; a filthy tale of how I manipulate a co-worker to become the office slut.

There is also a hot MP3 up on my store; Making Love to My webcam-toy-photo97Sissy Boyfriend. Sometimes a sissy needs to be taken, other times all a sissy wants is sexy times with a woman. This audio is all about how I would make sweet love to my sissy boyfriend. Check it out! There is a preview up here!

Don’t forget, I have nude photos available here!

Follow me on Twitter @LustyLucyPlays for updates on new jack off material, as it is added!

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Tribute pics

I just added a new gallery of tribute pics by sexy B, one of my callers! He loves getting hard looking at my pics and will sometimes send me a little something special back!

How would you like to make it on my tribute pic page? Take a picture of your cock and send it to lustylucycam@gmail.com along with how you would like me to credit you on my tribute page! Here are some ideas:

  • Your hard on in front of my pic.
  • Your cum load in front of my pic.
  • Proud of your cock? Send me a pic of it hard and ready!
  • Are you a sissy? I love sissies and would enjoy receiving pics of you dressed up to show off to all of the visitors of my page!
  • Do you have a small cock and like SPH? Send me a pic of your little penis next to a ruler, a large toy or inside a toilet paper roll! These always get me giggling!

There are plenty of pictures to choose from within the blog portion of this site, or choose from one on my pic page. Additionally, I will be offering the option to purchase custom pics soon!

Follow me on Twitter @LustyLucyPlays to keep posted on when custom pics will be available, as well as other updates including: new posts, my availability for solo and 2girl calls with my girlfriend, Aubrey and when the newest tribute pics are up!

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The African Princess

Another story from Caller X‘s sexual adventures:

Caller X in the shower

Caller X in the shower

Back in 2007, I met the African Princess. She came from Cameroon, and came over when she was 21 or so. We were set up on a blind date, and decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. When we met for our date, neither of us were very comfortable. We talked a bit, and then decided to part ways.

Later on that day, we started texting each other again. We decided to give it another shot, and she came over to my place to just hang out. It was very awkward as we just watched a movie. Then suddenly, for some reason, I started rubbing her palm with my fingers. I later found out that in her culture, rubbing a woman’s palm means that you are horny. Better to be lucky than good.

Well, my princess was ready to get to work. She got aggressive really quick and locked eyes with me. Before I knew it, this thin 5’6 African beauty was on top of me with her tongue down my throat. I did not really have any time to think or react. She moved pretty quickly, and it was obvious that this young lady was a freak.

Soon enough, she had her top and bra off as she grinded on top of me. Her thick nipples right in front of me for my mouth to enjoy. She loved this so much that it did not take long before she is taking my pants off for me. She loves to suck cock, and this nympho was about to get her wish.

For only being 21, this was no girl. This woman was experienced and knew how to please her man. While sucking my cock down her throat she paused for a moment. She took it out of her mouth and asked me if I had any orange juice. I was wondering what she was doing. So being a gentleman, I poured her a glass and brought it to her. She then took a drink, but did not swallow it right away. She got back on my cock and mixed her orange juice with my meat. It was a great sensation after each drink.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have any condoms at the time. She wanted to fuck so badly, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep the heat going if I had to leave and come back for condoms. We decided to compromise. I would suck on her pussy until I was ready to cum.

The princess was ready for me to blow. She was on her knees practically begging for me to cum all over her. She licked on my balls and told me where she wanted it. It was time, and I proceeded to but all over her dark skin and chest. When I unloaded the last drop, I went to go get her a towel. When I got back, I discovered that she did not need a towel. In the short span that I had walked to the other room, she had wiped off the cum with her hands and licked her fingers clean. We had many more adventures after this.


Check back for more hot stories by X! Be updated when a new story by following me on Twitter @LustyLucyPlays!

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Quickie Sex

IMAG2156Had a fantastic quickie this afternoon with my boyfriend. It started when I put on my new nightie, which I will be using for a photo session tomorrow with my girlfriend. I was unsure of the look/fit until I slipped on my 5 1/2 inch platform fuck me heels, which completed the look. My boyfriend seemed to agree because he asked for a quickie.

My boyfriend and I have been together for so long, ordinarily we skip the seduction and just ask one another for sex. I rarely turn him down. I think I can count the times I’ve said no on one hand, in fact- in ten years.

I kept the outfit on, heels and all, knelt on the bed with my ass sticking out. I wasn’t IMAG2154 under boobwearing panties and was already wet, so he slid his cock inside and starting fucking me. After a time, I could feel his cock swell. I squeezed my pussy to milk him of his cum, but he changed positions and slowed the pace.

In the end, he had me with one leg bent against the bed and the other straight up in the air, cunt exposed while he dumped his load on my clit and thigh. Hot, fantastic quickie sex.

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Caller X’s Night with Mary: Sex with an Older Woman

As promised, here is a naughty, true story by Caller X. His tale of a time he had sex with an older woman named Mary. Enjoy! I know I did!

~ * ~

I had met Mary through an online dating site. She was an older woman on the prowl. Coming off of a divorce, and now free, Mary had a thing for younger guys. She stood about 5’8/5’9 and had a nice body. She had gotten some implants in her chest to go along with her nice full ass. Mary didn’t have many restrictions in the bedroom.

We had started talking on the phone and communicating through text messages in December. Things heated up immediately. There was no sugarcoating with this woman. She would tell you what she wanted, and how she wanted it.

After about four weeks of getting to know each other, it was time to finally meet. She sent me to an Adult store to pick up some oil to really stimulate her clit. Then, I arrived at her house at about midnight. She was dressed in some black and pink lingerie. We got a few drinks and watched a little t.v. first to get comfortable. After about two more drinks, we both knew what we wanted.

It was time to get down to business. We stopped paying attention to the t.v., and we started paying attention to getting Mary out of her clothes. After some kissing and rubbing, it was time to get rid of Mary’s top and unleash her double D set. She directed me to suck on her nipples, but not to be too rough. She decided to return the favor and suck on mine. She was very rough, and enjoyed every moan that I let out.

Then, Mary directed me to remove her panties, and that I should get to work pleasuring her. I buried my head into her bald pussy. I sucked on her clit first, and this drove Mary crazy. Mary is a squirter, but she wasn’t ready to give out her juice yet.

After burying my lips and tongue in her pussy for close to thirty minutes, Mary was ready for some cock. I wanted to regain control over this situation, so I told her no. She is going to have to wait, and beg on her knees for the meat between my legs. I ordered her to get on her hands and knees. She put her ass in the air, and I started fingering her pussy as I licked her ass. Mary almost started squirting when my tongue penetrated her juicy ass.

This extended foreplay was driving Mary crazy. She had already orgasmed twice because of my hands and tongue, and she was begging for the cock now. I got her in the doggy style position, and slowly put my cock into her ass. Mary was a total slut, and loved cock in her ass. We went at it for a while until we were both ready to release. I put Mary on her back and started slapping her clit with my cock. Within seconds, she was squirting like crazy. Any time she has a cock tapping her clit, she explodes like a geyser. I remembered this for later on.

Knowing that I satisfied Mary’s needs, it was time for me satisfy my own. I started slapping her big fake titties with my cock, and then slapped her mouth with it. I pulled back, and proceeded to shoot my big load all over her tits and face. She enjoyed being my slut.

Our night was not over yet though. This woman was 44 with a 26 year old, and she wanted to get a marathon workout in. We topped off our drinks, and took a brief break. When I was ready, I decided to tease Mary with my cock again. I started slapping her clit with my cock. I knew she was ready to squirt right away, so I dropped down and sucked the juice into my mouth. She wanted to taste it, so she pulled me by the back of the head and put her tongue down my throat. She loved the taste of her own pussy juice.

Mary was ready to go now, so I proceeded to put my cock in her pussy, and get to work. She was flat on her back and taking my cock like the slut that she was. I didn’t care about satisfying her needs this time. Mary had gotten three or four orgasms at this point, and now it was my turn to do whatever I wanted with this cougar slut. I pulled out of her pussy, and put my cock back in her ass. When I was ready, I just unloaded another load.

This time, I wanted to fill up her ass with cum. Since she asked nicely, I pulled out, and put my cock in her pussy, so she could be dripping from both holes.

Mary was clearly exhausted at this point. It was nearly 3 in the morning, and she had been up since the previous morning. I had already given her some of my juice in her ass and pussy, so I only had hole left to check off. I was nearly done for the night, but I was able to get up for one last round.

In order to get my goal accomplished, I started slapping her clit with my cock again. Instant flood. I had Mary start sucking my cock. She was very experienced, and was a very good girl that night. She took it all in her mouth, and I knew I would be able to achieve my goal. Soon enough, it was time. I had Mary get on her knees and continue to suck on my cock. I put my hands on her thick blonde hair, and made she sure kept her lips wrapped tight. It wasn’t the biggest load of the night, and she was grateful.

Mary’s goal for our visit was to break in a young man and turn him into her personal love making machine. She got more than she bargained for, and became a live sex toy. After all, it was my birthday, not hers. I was able to unwrap my own Barbie and play with her for as long as I wanted. Her dream house turned into my own personal playground.

~ * ~

Check back for more hot stories by X!

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A Conversation with ps, Foot Fetishist and submissive

IMAG1184ps, a foot fetishist and submissive from my local BDSM scene and I are getting together soon! Here is some of the conversation via email with ps:

Hi ps,

How is life treating you? I hope you are doing well.

I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit over the course of the last week. If you have time in your schedule and interest, would you like to discuss being of service to me for an afternoon sometime soon?

I would enjoy it very much. Please let me know.

Miss Lucy

~ * ~

hello Miss Lucy

How are you doing?

To answer your question, i am doing quite well NOW, as this awful winter, i dare say, is behind us. i am officially viewing winter as past. Certainly the 5 degree temps. Good riddance.

More than when we interacted last, i am on a ‘mission’, to experience all that i can, because i have no idea when my kink and party days will end. My health is good, but i am getting in all the experiences that i can while i can. i don’t want to look back and say, “Damn, ‘ps’ (haha), why didn’t you try ‘blank’ when you had the chance?”

Service to you? Well, i am writing this at 7:55 am, and you wrote me at 3:55 am, so i would say i am interested.

It was very fun for me, this past summer, and i don’t feel i need to remind you of that. The service, power exchange, and of course, let us now forget the foot worship.

i am quite curious exactly what has gone through your mind, recently mostly, to initiate your email. If you don’t mind sharing.

always looking to serve,



~ * ~

Yay, ps! I am so very excited that you want this too.

With my phone sex work, there is a lot of talk about what I have done as a submissive and as a Top in the scene. I have a lot of stories as a submissive, but only one, very special story about being a Top (with you, of course). It came up a few times this week, and made me crave it again, to sum things up.

To start, are you available this Friday, March 14? I think 3 or 4pm will work for me. If not, we can come up with another day and time. I would like you to come over this week. I expect to have a busy one and would enjoy you worshiping my feet soon.

I have other ideas and plans/use for you, provided you are interested in more than just one afternoon of service/worship. 🙂

Take care, ps!

Miss Lucy

~ * ~

hi Miss Lucy,

What an exciting 24 hrs!

Am i game for service to you. Once again, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

It is certainly thrilling to me, in ways you can imagine, to hear that you have given some thought to my ‘usage’, and have some potential plans for me. Very thrilling for me.

Not to ‘beat around the bush’, Miss Lucy, you know how much i enjoyed worshiping your feet this summer, and i have no doubts that it would again be enjoyable to me, and hopefully to you as well.

The following are among the activities that i am able to do, within my limits: nudity, my own masturbation, being masturbated by You, anything involving your golden shower, which is a big interest of mine, scheduling my masturbation, my consuming my own cum. i am also adding to this list, i don’t recall your interest level, ass worship.

Not necessarily having to do with you, or us, is that one thing on my own list of wishes, is to perform foot worship while the Woman is having sex with her partner. i think it would simulate a cuckold experience for me, which i believe would be rewarding for me.

i texted you that i am 75% confirmed to already have a pedi this Friday, and i always honor my committments. But, i have the rest of my week free. So, i won’t make any plans until i hear from you.

As i recall you do not like “ma’am”, but prefer “Miss”, or “Miss Lucy”? Right?

This is all very exciting for me, Miss Lucy, and i am glad to hear that you have plans for me, and the good sense to firstly, let us start with Number One, and go from there.

thanks for thinking of me,


~ * ~

Hi ps,

Friday is the only day I have available this week. I have a busy week next week, as well. Monday I am working 2girl for my site with my girlfriend, Wednesday is my birthday. Friday, March 21 is a possibility. Do you have availability next Friday, between 3-4pm?

I am pleased that you have given me a “do” list. Good to know. I will work with this. In fact, I have a task for you. But first, remind me of your masturbation habits, including what you have done in the last week.

I prefer Miss and Miss Lucy, at this time.

Miss Lucy

~ * ~

hello again Miss Lucy,

How exciting you have made my day, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Miss Lucy, i am very much into the kink scene. Doing zillions of pedicures, at public parties, private ones, individual ones. Plus, i get to play sometimes. While the prospect of serving you, doing service for you, pleasing you, amusing you, obeying you, is all very exciting to me, it is not like i am not being kinky. i have lots of kink. TIME, and i have lots of it, and my loyalty, i am willing to go to any extreme, to prove myself to you.

Masturbation? Glad you asked.

For me, more than anything, it is a combination of a sleep aid and habit.

How do i masturbate and when? 99% of the time, it is right before bedtime, to help ease me into sleep. i use a product called Astroglide, and i have a ski cap, believe it or not, that i clean up with. It doesn’t take long, and is always accompanied by fantasy.

So, what do i fantasize about?

Well, my last fantasy was that i see a man and three pretty women in an elevator. i ask about pedicures for the ladies, and they accept, and during the pedicures, i tell them all about my submissiveness and just how low i desire to be treated and to serve. They, the 4 of them, are happy to accommodate my desires to be sexually degraded. i am forced to clean each female from her lover’s cum, from whichever hole it is deposited in, and when they learn about my interest in golden showers, they shower me in the hotel room shower, with their pee.

A great fantasy, especially since my actually seeing the 4 of them adds realism to it all.

So, if you ask me what i am likely to fantasize about, that would be a perfect example.

Let me also mention this about how my body works. It is sort of unusual, i believe. My body remembers whatever it did the day before, with regards to masturbation. Meaning, that if i did not masturbate yesterday, then my body is not expecting to masturbate today. But, if i did jerk off yesterday, then my body wants to jerk off today as well.

i DID masturbate Sunday night, my first time in over a week. i also treated myself and masturbated to orgasm on Monday.

So, based on that, i am guessing my body will expect to enjoy it again tonight.

looking forward to continued foot worship,


~ * ~

Hi ps,

I appreciate your honesty- in all things. If you don’t already know this, and if there is any question, I would not be able to play with you if I didn’t enjoy the foot worship, your company and other areas of service.

I enjoyed reading about your fantasy.

Your masturbation “situation” is interesting. I don’t recall you telling me how your body works. Given that, tell me, ps. Prior to meeting up with me again, are you willing and able to hand over control of your orgasm?

Can you meet up next Friday, March 21? You failed to respond to this part of the email.

Miss Lucy

~ * ~

That’s it for now. Enjoyed reading this? Let me know by contacting me by phone, email or IM.

To be continued…

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Foot Worship by ps

My feet, ps' pedicure.

My feet, ps’ pedicure.

Many months ago, I received foot worship and general service by a very special foot submissive in my town. My pet name for him is ps. ps and I met at a spa day for women in the BDSM scene. He was giving pedicures to the Dominant and submissive women alike, and I received a pedicure while having an enjoyable conversation with this very submissive, funny, intelligent, unique and talented man.

A few days after the pedicure, ps and I began corresponding and decided I should try my hand at topping him. I have dominated and topped many men over the phone over the years, but had never done this in person. I topped him over the course of a few weeks (three

My feet, ps' pedicure and face.

My feet, ps’ pedicure and face.

times), receiving some general service (including a pedicure) and some very hot foot worship! I may post some stories about our first interaction in the future.

For now, some exciting news. ps is coming over next Friday (March 21) to give me some company and for a BDSM scene (with some possible worship- I’m not revealing my plans for Friday just yet, if you’re reading this, ps)! I have set him up with a masturbation schedule before our visit and simply cannot wait until next Friday. I’m going to share some of our correspondence about this visit in a separate post.

If you cannot already guess, I love foot worship to pieces. Would you like to experience this on phone or cam? Call me now: 650-479-5829!

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Introducing Caller X- See Inside a Sexy IM Session

X's stories make me hot!

X’s stories make me hot!

Caller X approached me about placing a D/s cam show with me. He wanted to be submissive to me on the show, saying that most of his sex life has had him in a more dominant role. After some negotiation, X started telling me some stories about his sex life. His sex life is interesting, and he so enjoys talking about it, that I asked if he would write some stories to share on my blog. I will be posting these tales soon, but for now, here is a bit of the sexiest parts of the conversations X and I had on Yahoo IM:

3:24:14 PM lustylucycam: What did you do with her?

3:25:25 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: well, she shows up to the room, changes into a sexy outfit with heels on

3:25:41 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i tell her to lay down on the bed, and i get up there with her

3:27:10 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: we start kissing and making out pretty hard, i pin her arms down and start kissing, biting, and licking her ears

3:27:14 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she’s going wild already

3:27:35 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: this little slut is ready for whatever i want to give her

3:36:53 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: so, she’s moaning, and starting to get really wet

3:37:23 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i have her strip slowly, and i start sucking on her massive chest, and then eventually start rubbing her clit and pussy as well

3:37:44 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i’m able to get both nipples in my mouth, and i just start sucking while she is going crazy

3:38:08 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she’s already begging for the cock, but i wouldn’t even let her see it

3:38:40 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i go to kiss her again and manipulate her clit until she starts her first orgasm

3:39:18 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: then soon after, i start sucking on her pussy…just sucking, licking, and using my hands to drive her wild

3:39:51 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i have her climb up and ride my face and put her hands behind my head to face fuck me

3:40:13 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she cums again…again she’s just begging for the cock…not yet

3:40:58 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: we start kissing and i put my hand on her throat, and she loves that too

3:41:35 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i let her take my top off, and start sucking on my nipples

3:45:46 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she started really biting my nipples, and did a good job, so, i let her suck on the tip of my cock

3:46:37 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: then i rewarded her by fucking her pussy so that she came again, then i pulled out and came on her tits, stomach, neck, and hair…i cum a lot

3:47:13 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she cleaned up, and i started to massage her, she passed out

3:55:24 PM lustylucycam: Damn that’s hot

3:55:30 PM lustylucycam: Do you like licking pussy?

3:55:38 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: yes ma’am i do

3:55:50 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i made her cum around 5-6 times using my hands or tongue

3:56:04 PM lustylucycam: Nice

3:56:14 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: yes

3:56:37 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i’d rather give oral than get my cock sucked

3:56:53 PM lustylucycam: Will you tell me about the times you’ve been with men. You said you’ve done that, right?

3:56:59 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: yes

3:58:15 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: the first time i was with a guy was when I was around 21 or so

3:58:35 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i was talking to a woman about a 3some, and she said i needed to meet her bf first

3:59:17 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he told me to come over, and we’d play around a bit

4:01:37 PM nonymous Yahoo ID: i was nervous, but i came over anyway

4:01:56 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i took my clothes off for him, and laid down

4:02:09 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he said he’d do all the work, and he started sucking my cock

4:02:30 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he was great

4:02:35 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: the best i’ve ever had

4:02:42 PM lustylucycam: Hmmm

4:02:48 PM lustylucycam: I’ve heard men have good jaws for oral

4:03:01 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: eventually i came in his mouth, and when i stood up, i couldn’t walk right

4:07:10 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: then, we talked about a second visit with him and i

4:13:43 PM lustylucycam: What did you do the second time?

4:14:03 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: the second time, he got me naked again, and i told him i’d let him fuck me

4:14:10 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: first time id done that

4:14:24 PM lustylucycam: Omg hot

4:14:33 PM lustylucycam: How did he fuck you? What position?

4:14:37 PM lustylucycam: Did you cum?

4:14:58 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: well, he put my long legs up on his shoulders

4:15:13 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he slowly put his cock in, i let him do it bareback

4:15:46 PM lustylucycam: Did he cum inside you?

4:15:49 PM lustylucycam: hmm

4:15:53 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i came all over my stomach

4:15:55 PM lustylucycam: Did you cum while he fucked you?

4:16:03 PM lustylucycam: Yum

4:16:04 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: oh yeah, he was good

 The next day, the stories continued…

1:01:52 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: let me know what story you want to hear

1:02:04 PM lustylucycam: Any you want to share work for me.

1:02:10 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: okay

1:02:33 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: well, i can tell you about the first time i fucked a guy

1:02:40 PM lustylucycam: k

1:03:01 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: we were probably both 22 or so at the time, he was in town and had a hotel room

1:03:13 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: we started talking, and then i came over

1:03:27 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: we made out for awhile

1:03:51 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he had his nipples pierced

1:04:15 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i had him suck on my nipples, and really go at it

1:04:30 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: then, we stripped down

1:04:49 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: he told me he loved having his ass licked…so he sucked my cock while i licked his ass

1:07:16 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: then i came all over his cute body

1:16:48 PM lustylucycam: Hmmm so fucking hot

1:19:01 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: the first time i was with a crossdresser, it was something else

1:19:09 PM lustylucycam: ooh cool

1:19:24 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i was nervous about it, but went to “her” place

1:20:20 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she had her hair all done up, and nice makeup on…we started kissing and she had a great tongue

1:20:55 PM Anonymous Yahoo ID: she started sucking my cock, and she was great!

1:21:26 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i sucked her a little, but she pulled it away

1:21:36 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: she wanted to break me in right

1:21:54 PM anonymous Yahoo ID: i didn’t know if i was going to fuck her or if she was going to fuck me

It was then that we paused and discussed X writing some of these stories for my blog. Check back for Caller X’s naughty tales! One will be posted this week!

If you are interested in a sexy IM session, contact me on Yahoo or Skype!

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School Girl Pics

There is a school girl pic set available on my store. 38 hot pics with my girlfriend, Aubrey for $19.99! I’ve also lowered the price on my cell phone shots to $9.99.

More to come…

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Body Worship

LL_42LLPSometimes, being a Femdom Mistress is hard work.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy it. That would be totally untrue. I absolutely love being a Domme and having submissive boys just falling all over themselves to serve me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

On the other hand, there are times when a girl just wants to sit back, relax, and forget about all the responsibility that comes with owning a stable of submissives. But because I could never truthfully forget about my darling slave boys, I don’t mind letting you tag along on my brief brain vacation, so long as you can do something to help with my relaxation.

Body worship fans? That’s your cue to come running out onstage. 😉

I would love to lie back in my favorite chair with my Mp3 earbuds in and a tropical drink in my hand while a foot fetishist worshipped my sexy size 1IMG_1194LLP0 feet. I think that would be absolutely glorious. Happy music, a good drink, and a foot massage (among other things)? Can you think of anything that would be a nicer getaway for a couple of hours? I know I sure can’t.

Of course, if my little footboy did a good job, he wouldn’t have to stop at worshipping my feet. If he were able to put me in the right frame of mind, I expect I would be more than willing to let him work his way up my legs nice and slow…and possibly on up to my ass or other areas as well.

Do you think you’d be up for the task? Why not call Miss Lucy up, and let’s find out?

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As Mister’s submissive, Part I

Click to see the goods.

Click to see the goods.

My younger years through age 33, I put myself to sleep with a unique sort of lullaby. No sooner would my head hit the pillow before I would start imagining scenarios that included surrender of control and receiving pain to and by a man or multiple men. It wouldn’t be until I was about 30 years old until I realized just what these fantasies meant.

As a young adult, a friend gave me a copy of Story of O for my birthday. I read the back cover and a few pages one evening and called her up the next day asking, “Why did you give me this book?” She said, simply, “You are submissive.” Years would pass with little more than a bit of dabbling in online chat before I would explore my submissive side.

First there was D. He lived many miles away from me. We had a brief encounter; my first

Click to see the goods.

Click to see the goods.

involving pain. Then there was P, who helped me explore humiliation, pleasure, pain and rope. I may write stories about them at another time. I will start with Mister and Miss, two people I spent three months with just beginning to learn where I fall sexually and romantically as polyamorous, a service submissive and a masochist.

Mister identifies as a sadist and Miss is his submissive who identifies as a switch. We formed a triad relationship for a whirlwind three months. I followed Mister and Miss’ orders in all things, but as Mister’s submissive, I deferred to him above all.

When it comes to service submission, this was the very best of times for me. Mister, no question, got the best of me to date. I have since become not as quick and happy to serve others and believe this is a good thing because it is very important for a submissive to give to those most deserving of his or her service. I had to learn this at some point.

I kept Mister’s house clean, ironed and laundered his clothing, cooked for him and when he cooked, I chopped things, kept up with the dishes and fetched what he needed to prepare his meals. When he hosted parties, which was on a nearly weekly basis, I was made to dress in a bra, apron, panties and heels. I would serve and care for his guests. Through it all, my panties (the few times I wore them) remained absolutely soaked. Mister

Click to see the goods.

Click to see the goods.

had rules for me: unless given permission, I did not use furniture, I was naked in his home and I only ever called him Mister or Sir. Days in which I was not with him, I would text a picture of what I was wearing for the day in the morning and a naughty picture in the evening. I was required to wear an anal plug ten hours a week, spread out however I liked. I got credit for double time if I wore the plug while at work (at the time I worked in an office). I was permitted five orgasms a week, when not with him, but I needed to ask his permission before having these orgasms. I could date and play with others, but I had to ask permission and have discussion with Mister before doing so.

I loved the rules, the structure, giving him control and serving him. I craved receiving pain for him. I have not, before or since, felt the delicious fear I felt when playing with Mister. For the entirety of the three months with Mister, my pussy was a gushing faucet.

To be continued…

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Foot Fetish Play

I have long thought of myself as the type of phone sex and webcam girl who has a gift for 1LLPgetting into her caller’s fetishes and favorite role plays, whatever they may be. I have a keen interest in all things sex, with a short list of limits and boundaries. I have been doing phone sex for over a decade now. I had an out of the ordinary set of kinks even before I started and found that it has only expanded since I started taking calls via my phone sex line. One of those additions to my phone sex repertoire, is foot fetish play.

My interest in feet goes back to my very early days as a phone girl. A somewhat submissive, mainly foot fetishist caller of mine taught me exactly how to please him with my bare feet. I would talk about my long toes, the scent of my feet, my arches, heels and 2LLPtoes. I would tell him when my last pedicure was and what color my toe nails were. I have rather big feet for a girl (size ten) and he liked hearing exactly how I would cover his face with them, smothering him with the scent. We talked about my feet while I instructed him on how to stroke himself. I would get him to the edge of orgasm and when he started to beg for release, I would make him slow down and wait. His sighs and whimpers caused me to giggle with joy and I would reward the weakness I caused in him with more talk about toe sucking.

Fast forward to my first year doing cam shows and I soon become acquainted with a now long-time caller, ADoc. ADoc likes clear or pink colored, well pedicured feet co12-9D4A3205-35773-800LLPvered in sheer stockings. He likes seeing my eyes and hearing me nearly purr as I coax him to worship my pretty feet. I slip into a playful, dominant-like mode with ADoc, “Kiss my pretty feet, ADoc. Worship them. I want to smother you with my feet while you take in the scent of my heels…” ADoc is rather shy, or at least he is quiet on our calls. Every so often, I say the right phrase that causes him to make excited little sounds; moans, sighs and whimpers. The sounds I crave from my callers. The noises that, regardless of the subject of the call, send signals through my body and cause me to become wet and excited.

I like teasing ADoc. Two weeks ago, a girlfriend and I got pedicures. I picked a pale purple-pinkish colored nail polish and sent him pictures while the polish dried. My girlfriend and 5LLPI giggled at ADoc’s responses, especially when he wrote in all caps. After our pedicures, we went to the mall and I told ADoc I would buy some stockings. I bought black, white and candlelight- all on the sheer side. When I got home, I took a bunch of sexy photos of my nylon-covered feet, knowing it would be a turn on for him. Being able to tease ADoc with my feet arouses me immensely and makes for hot times when we play.

Are you a foot fetishist? Whether you like sexy talk only, webcam or a combination of both, I encourage you to contact me! Bookmark me as I plan to post feet pics soon!


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Video: Introducing Lusty Lucy on Webcam

A webcam video in which I introduce you to myself and just a few of my favorite kinks!

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Lucy’s Submissive Phone Sex & Cam Sessions

IMG_1253 (2)LLPHi there, guys! Let’s talk a little bit today about BDSM, shall we?

I should go ahead and tell you that I’m a switch. That means I’m neither totally dominant or totally submissive. I can go either way, depending on the general vibe that I get from my partner. Once I start leaning in a certain direction, though, you can count on me being totally submissive or totally dominant in that scene with that partner. I’m not the type of girl to do things in half measures!

Truthfully, I find myself leaning more and more to the submissive end of the spectrum nowadays. The right kind of dominant can turn my head and leave me longing to kneel at his feet.

I have long felt the call to be on my knees. I love when that type of man calls me for phone sex or webcam shows!

Pretty nice, huh?

Talking to real dominant men on the phone is always great fun. I especially enjoy it when they slowly lead me down the path from mild to wild. It can be humiliation, pain play, or a combination of both. When I make up my mind to submit to someone, that means that I am up for pretty much anything he (or she) can throw at me.

But there is one thing that’s even more fun than regular submissive calls, and that’s submissive cam sessions! I love doing things that my Dom/mes tell me to do, so if they can watch me as I do them, then that makes the whole experience that much more intense.

Are you interested in a submissive phone sex call or webcam show? I would love to make it happen for you. Why not give Lusty Lucy a call after checking out all the ways to play!

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Ready for phone sex and adult webcam shows!

Hey guys! I’m ready to take your calls for filthy phone sex and adult webcam shows! Call me at 650-479-5829. I update my schedule daily, so you will know the best times to try me.

Wouldn’t you like to jack off to my voice or, even better, watch me get off with you? 😉

There are so many fun things I will be adding to my blog; information on the kinds of naughty and nasty things we can do when we play (more detailed information than what is listed here, I mean), packs of hot pics and maybe even some videos and voice recordings for purchase at my store, as well as posts here on my blog. I love writing about my kinky lifestyle, my favorite fantasies and some of the calls I get (don’t worry, I will always ask your permission before posting about our time together).

I hope you will subscribe via email for blog updates (see the subscribe form on the right of this page) and follow me on Twitter (also on the right).

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Phonesex and Webcam with Lucy

Oh guys I am just getting my site set up. Within a few days I’ll be ready to take your calls and do webcam sessions with you.  If you want to be alerted when my site and phone line goes live then you should go ahead and subscribe  ( see right margin for “Subscribe” ) and then when I go live you will get an email. Also when ever I have a special deal or something I know you will want to see you will be one of the first to know.


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