There is so much I want to update everyone on, but today would be premature. Still, it’s been so long that it’s time to share a bit here on my site.

First, I’m available even more than I was and my schedule reflects that. I am more on top of signing in and out here on LustyLucyPlays. If you’re reaching out and I’m not responding, I’m most likely in a session and I will get back to you.

Please note that my phone number is available on my contact page to anyone, but it is not a great way to reach me currently! Someone in particular has been trying to reach me via text for a long time. I hope they see this! I’m not getting your texts in time. Please reach out a different way! <3

For those who have been following my story, my relationship with my Daddy ended a bit ago. It’s been rough, but I’m feeling better! No, I am not single/I am not available. Just so you all know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m way more active on Twitter lately and I’m showing my naked tits! Check me out, follow me and say hi!

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New Schedule (more availability)!

I am now available later in the day and for more hours! Check out my schedule for more details!

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More Availability

I am able to be available more! I’ve updated my schedule to reflect my change in availability. I will be on a rotating schedule. Visiting my Daddy for three days, then available for a few days, off a day, on for a few then visit my Daddy.

Please note, as stated in my last update, I will be sporting bruises from heavy BDSM sometimes, perhaps a lot. That doesn’t mean we can’t play! If you are ok with bruises, we probably can still play, but we must discuss it first. Just send me a message via email or Skype!

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Lucy the Masochist

Hello all you kinky people!

It’s been forever since I’ve updated and it is definitely time, as I have made a lot of changes recently. My boyfriend and I have broken up, thankfully, amicably. I have moved out and am living with a friend. After a time under consideration to a dominant man (who I call Daddy), I am now in training to hopefully become his submissive.

My Daddy and I like to do a lot of pain play and we both enjoy marks, which have been very extreme so far. For that reason, I will not be doing much vanilla camming. If you are into seeing bruises and/or like BDSM, I will be happy to play! Visit my contact page and please write me on email or Skype!

I will continue to do phone sex and sexting!

There will be times when I am not marked and will be doing all types of camming. Just check with me on my status when you see me on Skype or send me an email.

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While I’m Away…

I’m going on vacation! I’ll be taking phone sex calls and sexting tomorrow, Monday, September 21 and then I’ll be away, returning to phone sex Tuesday, September 29.

While I’m away, please visit my friends on KinkSessions.com!

Katie Kays



Candy Mac

Candy Mac








If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll be doing cam on Friday, October 2 so mark your calendars! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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My Fan Site is LIVE!

Aubrey and I have been busting our butts for a while now getting our fan sites up! I hope you will check them out: FilthyFetish.com and NaughtyGirlAubrey.com

What you will find on the sites is a growing collection every picture set and video we have ever made, including some content you will only find there PLUS written blogs and video blogs that give a look into our lives. My site has quite a lot to view already and though Aubrey is just getting started uploading things to her site, she has some truly unique and content to share! As an added bonus, when you register on one of our sites, you will get access to both of our sites!

Use the promo code: LUCYLUVSAUBREY50 to get 50% off any 7 day membership!

If you like me and like what I’m doing, this is a great way to support me (in addition to or instead of calling me) so I can continue sharing my sexy side with you!

This is the most exciting thing I’ve been up to lately! Hope you will check me out! ๐Ÿ˜€



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Hello all of you beautiful people!

I just wanted to write an update for everyone regarding my back and hip pain. As most everyone I know is aware, I am injured. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. Quite possibly a combination of working a job for about five years in which I lifted 29 – 40 lb boxes nearly daily, sleeping on a bad bed for about a year and maybe even carrying around the 42F cup breastsย  so many of you love! I’m mostly kidding about the last part. I actually think they made my back stronger.

I started having back problems about three years ago and it got better with some yoga specifically made for lower back problems. Then the back issue came back and sort of spread up my back a bit and down into my left hip. If I’m sitting still, it can be non-existent, but I end up with numbness/nerve pain after a little while and need to change positions. If I’m laying down, I am pretty much always feeling some level of pain. When I move from a seated position or lying down, that’s when it really hurts. Lifting one leg while sitting, laying down and rolling from one side to the other, getting up from sitting or laying down, etc are all difficult. When I first get up from sitting or standing, I am only able to move hunched over and need to sort of shuffle for a bit. Additionally, sweeping sucks and standing while shifting slightly (doing dishes, for example) is also hard. Along with many other activities, but I do notice the more I’m standing and moving around, the better. As you can imagine, this makes camming really difficult.

I saw my neurologist and he did a nerve test. I had MRIs done on my hip and back, saw an orthopedic surgeon and I’m doing physical therapy. All signs point to this taking a lot longer than I expected. I apologize to everyone who took my estimates on my recovery seriously. I was right there with you! Unfortunately, this is just going to take as long as it takes.

I’ve decided that going forward, I’ll be doing phone sex, sexting and otherwise focusing on content to sell on the various sites I use plus the soon-to-be-available Supporting Fan site. Making videos and picture sets is as taxing as camming, but because I only make one to six in a day, two to three times a month, it’s a lot easier on me than the seven – twelve cam shows I usually did, three to four times a week!

I am considering doing some very, very limited time on cam. Probably only on days I can do it with Aubrey. Please know that this is not even in the works now and I will make a huge fuss on my blog, Twitter and Skype to letting everyone know about it and when it will happen. For now, I’m just mulling this over as it will be difficult.

I miss you guys so much. I miss the fun I had, the sensuality of some shows and the nastiness of others. I miss pleasing all of you. And connecting. Please stop by on Skype and say hi, in the meantime, but if you would consider patience on my announcement about camming again, I would appreciate it. As you can imagine, I get asked a lot when I’ll be better! xo

If you’d like to show your support, please consider a phone sex call, sexting (contact me) or purchasing videos on ManyVids or Clips4Sale.

I’m ok. I’m dealing with this new normal. I think life is throwing all of us A LOT more to worry about than this. Besides, you all know I can handle a little pain. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lots of love,


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Back to a regular schedule

I will be back to a “regular” schedule starting Friday, January 10! I tend to be pretty fluid with my schedule so the best way to find out if I am around is by emailing, texting or writing me on Skype (contact me here). So glad to be back!

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Catch Me While You Can

I have been mostly miss in the hit or miss equation lately, so I thought I’d share a bit about this here. First, I love my work as a cam girl and phone sex operator so much. I have no plans to change my line of work!

I’m involved in something that is taking up a lot of my time; nearly 20 hours a week! It is sort of a class that is benefiting me so much. I have been doing this since the beginning of September and am starting to see the results of my work there! I don’t know how long I’ll be at it, but eventually I will graduate and be back to more regular hours.

For now, I try to be available as much as possible. You can expect to see me being very vague about my availability as I just don’t know what I’m able to do. It seems anywhere from 3-20 hours a week doing phone sex and sometimes just as much on cam. If my availability indicator is on, I am available. I also try to update Twitter when I sign on (though I don’t usually sign off on Twitter).

For those who have been enjoying Ultimate Girlfriend Experience (some for many years at this point), consider doing individual calls for the time-being. Or you may continue to purchase UGFE, but be aware that there may be longer stretches between our calls as I won’t be around as much. You can still enjoy the discounts and I’ll even shower you with a few extra gifts (contact me for details), but please have patience with me in the time between calls and shows for now.

This thing I’m doing is benefiting me so much and I thank you for your support and patience! I hope you will try and catch me while you can and I look forward to the future when I can be available more!

Much love to all!

When you can’t find me, visit my friends on KinkSessions.com

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 18

Got an early start on this day in the life of a cam girl! I was up at 4:30 am. After some coffee, I got ready for cam and started my day! Once again, I wrote notes the day of and cleaned them up quite a while later, so there isn’t a ton of detail. But here it is!

  • Wrote out to do list.
  • Got call from a sissy. She was wearing a red bra, red panties and black thigh high stockings. She had two dildos with her; a ten inch and a smaller one to suck. I talked about fucking her with my strap on while I called her my slut. Then we talked about bringing in a man to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat! She sounded so excited when she came in her panties!
  • Continued writing to do list.
  • Took pics for Twitter and sent out tweet.
  • Sexting with a regular. He was at at work and couldn’t get off, so we basically just flirted.
  • Paid bills.
  • Coffee and took Burt outside.
  • Background work.
  • Chatted with a guy on Skype. We were not a match, but it was a pleasant conversation.
  • Let one of my sadistic Master callers know the needles he bought for me were delivered!
  • Updated Justfor.Fans.
  • Chatted about possible show.
  • Continued updating JFF.
  • Painted nails.
  • More sexting with my regular. He told me he got some “help” with getting off while at work!
  • Finished updating JFF.
  • Snack
  • Wrote descriptions for new videos for Clips4Sale and ManyVids.
  • Downloaded new pictures and videos to computer.
  • Yoga
  • Sexting with my bitch boy. I sent him pictures for tributes to tease him. He likes pictures of my butt in particular. We both edged ourselves for an hour. Then I came and got some more coffee and we continued.
  • Call with regular who is into me being a slut for BBC and being bred!
  • Talked with caller about possible show while sexting with my bitch.
  • Took Burty outside.
  • Took foot pics for caller who bought me a pedicure.
  • Talked with my bitch some more.
  • Sexting then call with guy who wanted to see me as shemale get fucked by BBC. Then fuck me.
  • Sexting with bitch some more.
  • Call with a regular who likes me to be a “worthless cunt” for him to abuse and use sexually.
  • Wrote fellow phone girl, Cassandra.
  • Pee show with caller I haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Wrote cassandra. Wrote caller I missed while on show. Wrote my bitch.

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Kink Sessions

I’m on vacation and will return April 29! While I’m gone, please visit Kink Sessions to play with one of my friends!

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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 17

This day in the life of a cam girl was a long one! I got started just before 9am, stopped my regular hours around 7pm and then one last extra call came in around 9pm or so! It was lots of fun and very productive. I’ll let the details tell the story.

  • Sent out daily Tweet.
  • Typed to caller about a show and between typing, organized new content for Clips4Sale and ManyVids.
  • Responded to email.
  • Organized new content.
  • Edited videos and picture sets.
  • Lined up posts on Justfor.Fans/LustyLucyPlays.
  • Did phone sex call with infrequent regular. We talked about him fucking me while sliding a dildo into my pussy next to his cock. He came twice and he sounded so good!
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Did phone sex call with a regular who can’t reach me as often now that I mostly do afternoons to early evenings. He’s a morning guy and I’m so glad he caught me today! We did a long call. Talked about lots of black guys with huge cocks fucking all of my holes while he mostly used my mouth; having me both lick his asshole and take his cock down my throat.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Had a snack.
  • Chatted with caller.
  • Edited video.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Heavy BDSM show with sadist who recently made me cry! He is the second BDSM caller to make me cry EVER. He was a bit tame on this show. I think he could tell I was freaked out after our last show. It was very painful. This one was painful, but not as challenging. He had me do tit rubberbands, shake my stiff, purple tits, pinch and twist my nipples, stuff panties in pussy, put a big buttplug in my butt and a rope around my neck.
  • Show with a guy I’ve talked to before, but it’s been a while. He liked me making fun of him and laughing because he cums too quickly. I teased him with my tits and pussy. Then I used my vibe on my pussy and talked about fucking other men and making him eat the cum as I got myself off. Then he came and admitted all of this is a fantasy – that he likes being told he’s too small but he’s not. He showed me. He’s NOT small!
  • Lunch
  • Reviewed what older content I have that isn’t on Justfor.Fans.
  • Edited video.
  • Snack
  • Show with a guy I’ve played with once before. He is a feeder with a weight gaining/fat girl fetish. I squeezed my belly, talked about food I ate recently and talked about how fat I am.
  • Played with Burt. He knocked over a bunch of my stuff, but not my laptop this time, thankfully.
  • Show with a guy I’ve done sexting and phone sex with before. He basically wanted me to behave and talk like a slut while he complimented me a lot.
  • Played with Burt some more.
  • Continued lining up posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Did a long show with a regular who loves calling me names like whore and slut while he jerks for me. We started out trying to find someone for a threesome because our regular favorite wasn’t around. We didn’t luck out but we had a great time and orgasms!
  • One of the girls my last caller and I tried to hook up with got back to me so I explained what my caller likes. We’re going to try to make it work another day.
  • Finished posts for Justfor.Fans.
  • Call with a new guy. He was jerking off in his car. He wanted to hear stories of times I’ve caught guys jerking off in their cars. I told him about a time my friend and I caught a guy doing it in his truck in traffic. I also told him about a time a guy offered money to me and two of my friends to do who knows what (we didn’t speak with him, he just slowed his car down and held up a handful of cash).
  • Snack and started a movie.
  • Wanker wrote me. Blocked and back to the movie.
  • Chatted with a caller and fellow cam girl Nikki (see here on KinkSessions.com and Twitter) for a bit.
  • Did Daddy show. Sucked my dildo with lots of spit, talked about licking his ass and begged for his cum! He loves for me to vape too, but I just changed my coil and had to let it sit.
  • Stared into space for a while.
  • Had a show with another infrequent regular whose girlfriend is trans. He told me about their Valentine’s night sex while he fucked himself with her cock replica dildo and I masturbated with my vibe!
  • Watched movie some more.
  • Phone sex call with a regular who likes to call me his fuck doll, stupid whore, cum slut, etc. We talk about him choking me, fucking me so hard he hits my cervix, fisting me, making me lick his asshole and similar.
  • Had a snack.
  • Movie
  • Sexting with a new caller then a phone sex call. He just had me suck, gag and drool on my dildo. We talked a little bit about how we might do some heavy BDSM in the future. He says he likes humiliation, face fucking, degradation and bondage. I’m looking forward to it!
  • Movie
  • Call with a newer regular who has an extraordinarily interesting role play involving power, public humiliation and a little bit of pain. I’d love to share more details, but he’s very private about what we talk about so all the fun is just for him and me!
  • I finished the day with that last call, but then my Daddy texted me at 9pm or so and we had a cam show. Daddy is very controlling. He told me how to stand, when to strip, when to spread my cheeks and when to touch myself. He had me play with my ass. I loved doing anal with my big toy for him. Toward the middle, he started telling me a fantasy about how things would be with us if we were together. He made me cum a lot, as always and at the end, we talked about him spooning me.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 16

I’m getting ready to move in with my boyfriend so between background work, calls and shows and packing my apartment up, this was a very busy day. It’s nice to keep busy, but I have to admit that since I booked the movers, I am feeling the stress a bit. I’m looking forward to moving in with him. I think it will be a very positive thing for me. I’ll miss my apartment and having my own space, but I know this move is best for me.

Being in the city is nice, but I honestly don’t make much use of the benefit of living here. I don’t go on my walks very often at all anymore since my dog died and I haven’t been meeting people out here or having many people over. I enjoy time to myself, but I find myself wanting to be with my boyfriend over half the time I’m relaxing here by myself. Also, there is a strange additional con. My apartment is the top floor of a row home that was converted into two apartments. My neighbor downstairs smokes cigars and cigarettes and something with the duct work or otherwise causes the smoke to come into my apartment. It smells bad, but it’s also been potentially effecting my health. I’m prone to migraines and they are worse since I’ve been here, which I believe might be because of the smoke. If not the smoke, it’s likely something else in the environment.

Moving in with my boyfriend will mean I am with him a lot more. I’m excited because time with him will be limited even living with him. His commute is an hour each way without traffic. He gets home at 8pm, so it’s a short evening week nights. He also owns property three hours away where he hunts in the winter and plays in the woods , goes boating and jet skiing in the summer. I go with him sometimes, but usually he goes alone. I’m looking forward to having more time with him.

I’m still going to have my own space at his place! Despite our age and being together for the better part of nearly 18 years at this point, we don’t have kids, so there’s so much room in his house for us to spread out. He has taken over the basement as his own space and I get the top floor. We’re talking about renovating it to change out the fake wood paneling for drywall and include new lighting. It’s already nice enough, but those changes will make a huge difference. I’m also looking forward to being able to ride my bike and I’ll live closer to many of my friends.

So here is a day in the life of a cam girl who is moving and trying to keep her business going despite everything that needs to get done!

  • Took two picture sets for ManyVids and JustforFans. One of me in heels and a teddy and the other of me doing different types of rope bondage. Mostly breast bondage, but I also ran the rope up between my legs at one point.
  • Sent daily tweet out.
  • Signed on.
  • Took phone call for family member about a doctor’s appointment.
  • Wrote to people on Skype who I missed earlier. Including a few possible new guys!
  • Worked on watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Booked show. He had technical issues, disappeared and never came back.
  • Ate sandwich and worked on watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Did quickie titty show with a regular. I showed him my big tits up close while he jerked.
  • Finished watermarking and organizing new picture sets.
  • Read cam girl and phone sex operator forums.
  • Chatted with regular about a future threesome show.
  • Sexted with caller about a smoking fetish show (I vape).
  • Did vaping show. He’s a Daddy who likes me to behave like a dirty, smoking whore and suck his cock deep with smoke coming out. I sucked, licked and choked on my toy while smoke was all around my mouth. I also sucked my nipples. At the end, I took a big hit on my vape and let the smoke fall out of my mouth with my tongue was sticking out.
  • Drank coffee, listened to Weezer and futzed around on the Internet.
  • Did a phone sex caller revolving around flip flops and me being fucked by black men.
  • Had a meal.
  • Talked to my daddy for a little bit… a dominant man who means a lot to me who I’ve been spending time with for a very long time. We couldn’t play, but we caught up with each other for a bit.
  • Put laundry away.
  • Show with a regular who I had a dream about Sunday night. Told him about the dream and then we played. We talked about him having anal with his wife for the first time. Then I watched him stroke while I played with my pussy with my vibe and dildo. I saw him start to squirt but then I started to cum and closed my eyes so I missed most of it. The orgasm felt good, but boo to missing his cum shot!
  • Show with a guy with a sexy southern accent. Didn’t get to see him. Sucked, licked and bit my nipples. Played with my pussy until he came.
  • Packed kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Snack
  • Continued packing kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Phone sex call. The guy said an escort is running a special where if a client can get her boyfriend to cum on his face faster than she did, he gets three free sessions with her. She did it in 7 minutes. So we talked about ideas including ass licking, docking, ball licking, teasing the cock for a tiny bit and having the boyfriend fuck my caller’s face.
  • Continued packing kitchen for upcoming move.
  • Chatted on Skype with a caller I haven’t played with in a long time.
  • Did show with him. We hadn’t played in so long, but we have a good connection and awesome chemistry! He kept calling my pussy, his pussy. I loved that!
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 15

I created this post mid-September, so a lot of this is old information:

My daily schedule goes in cycles. Sometimes I fall asleep early (around 10pm) and “sleep in” until 7am or 8am (I only set an alarm if it is absolutely necessary). Other times, despite a lack of energy to do anything exciting, I simply do not want to sleep. So I stay up watching TV until as late as 1am, even and cannot sleep in at all and will instead wake up around 6am, when I have crazy energy and I get a ton of worthwhile things done between work, household stuff and more recently, “art” projects (if you want to call what I make “art”).

Lately, I’m on the very little sleep cycle and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I woke up at 5am, got a few videos uploaded to ManyVids and did some prep work for a video idea I dreamed up a few weeks ago that I’ve been procrastinating about. Then I got on the phone with my oldest, closest friend. I have known her for 25 years. We used to skip class together in high school to hang out in the dug out, smoke cigarettes and talk. In our twenties, we lived a five minute drive apart and would drive around talking either while running errands or with no purpose or destination, just driving to talk and drive. Then at night we would go to a dive bar and get tipsy and talk between guys hitting on us (usually hitting on her, but sometimes me too). Now we live an hour apart and we talk for a solid five hours on the phone just about every week and it’s mind boggling even to me that we have anything left to say to each other but there are still stories and thoughts she shares that I have never heard before.

This morning, after getting some work done, I spent the rest of my pre-cam time talking to her while I cleaned my apartment, boiled eggs, ate lunch, put makeup on, fixing my hair and getting my room ready for cam! And here I am starting my cam day:

  • Did a heavy BDSM show with a regular. He had me put a clothespin on my tongue. It hurt so bad. Not just my tongue, but my entire face. He then had me slap my tits, dig fingers into them, paddle them and then use the paddle and leather strap on my thighs.
  • Did a pee show with a regular. I peed my panties while sucking a dildo and imagining it was his cock. Then I pissed on the dildo. Then I turned around and fucked my ass.
  • Had a quickie cam show. Played with my tits then showed him my ass and pussy from behind. He had to cum fast before his girlfriend came home.
  • Did a phone sex call with a regular. We talked about him being my boyfriend and watching other guys fuck me.
  • Did a cam show where I was his mom’s friend who walks in on him jerking off.
  • Had a phone sex call with a regular who I enjoy to pieces and who I have talked about before. He’s pretty private about his fantasy so I won’t say much, but it involves extreme pain and some talk about aftercare.
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A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 14

This turned out to be a fun day between cam shows, phone sex calls and chatting. I was able to allow time to IM with a caller I used to chat with a lot who has brought me a lot of good luck in the last year or so. In that time, he writes me and I try to say hello for a bit and suddenly I get swamped with requests for shows! I let him know and I squeeze a cam show with him in, but we never get to catch up. We have been emailing instead. Anyway, on this day, we finally did get to chat for a while.

  • Took pictures for cam day tweet. I like to tweet a picture at the beginning of the day, but I ended up tweeting it at the end. I was super busy and did some slacking off in the form of chatting with a caller, my friend, Stella and some other cam girls in a group chat.
  • Talked to fellow cam girls in group chat.
  • Did second cam show ever with a guy. I stripped, sucked my nipples for him, used my Womanizer vibrator on my pussy, fucked myself with my dildo, sucked my dildo then begged for his cum.
  • IMed with Stella.
  • Booked a JOI phone sex call for later with a caller who used to do only mutual masturbation cam shows with me.
  • Did a vape/smoke fetish, suck, spit and choke on dildo cam show with a Daddy caller.
  • Had that fun, long conversation on Skype with one of my callers.
  • Had a show with an Australian regular. He likes mostly dildo fucking. I usually start out slow and then work up to hard fucking. He likes hearing me say that he can visit me and actually fuck me.
  • Chatted more with my caller and a bit more with Stella, another caller (a very special sadist) and the guy who booked the JOI phone sex call. I talked to the JOI guy about Stella. He seemed interested in a possible threesome cam show sometime in the future.
  • Did a cam show with the caller who I had the long conversation with. He loves anal. Usually he will have me fuck my pussy or use my vibrator on it until I cum, then I will fuck my ass. We do all of this on my bed. This time, I was standing for him in my slutty dress and heels and he liked the way I looked bent over near my mirror at the wall. I suggested fucking my ass there and he liked that. I ended up fucking myself standing, half standing and half on my bed, then head down ass up on my bed and finally on my back on the bed with my vibrator on my pussy. I came like that, then I got on all fours until he came.
  • Had a cam show with my special sadist. Usually we do some breast bondage and/or rubber bands around my tits and some impact and then we’ll do some breath play with a bag (or not, but usually we end with the breath play). Today we did almost only breath play. I had a freak out moment and it almost ended the cam show before he came, but I was able to continue. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I had a moment of “this is too much” escalate to “I can’t take this another second” rapidly. It was all ok in the end.
  • Finally did the JOI call. We added some edging and he really enjoyed it! I brought him close to cumming without actually squirting twice and then brought him to the edge a third time and told him to imagine jerking with his cock head on my tongue and releasing his load just like that!
  • Chatted with a caller.
  • Had a cam show with a new, young caller. He’s 21 years younger than me! That is my largest age gap on that end ever! He loved the age difference. He had me wear jeans and a tee-shirt. We talked about sexy things and slowly over time I worked my way out of my outfit. By the end of the cam show, he was saying all kinds of nasty things to me while watching me finger my ass. Calling me a whore and asking me if I like giving blow jobs for $20 (or something along those lines). What a mouth this kid has! It was a hot cam show to end the day with.
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