A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 5

It’s been a while since I did A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl. I took notes on a day that turned out to be a little on the quiet side, but still loads of fun:

  • Worked on editing videos for Clips4Sale
  • Man with sexy voice called for a cam show. When I told him I love cum, he said he drips a lot of pre cum and gets about 8 good shots every time he cums. We talked about 69ing and he came while watching me touch my pussy.
  • Worked on editing videos
  • Had breakfast
  • Cam show with a guy who is all about my tits. I teased him a little and then eventually pulled them out and squeezed them, sucked my nipples and shook them for him until he came, making super hot noises.
  • Uploaded videos to Clips4Sale and chatted with some callers
  • Worked on advertising
  • Talk to potential caller about Skype show
  • Phone sex call about pussy bukkake. Ten guys lined up to fuck my pussy and end it by jerking off big loads of cum on the outside of my pussy. The caller came hard thinking about licking up the cum and using my mouth as I get fucked.
  • Caller paid for a show. Set appointment for later today. He is very particular about my outfit. We’ll see what he comes up with for today.
  • Second call with the guy who likes pussy bukkake. He came hard again and just like before, I didn’t get to cum. I was vibrating my pussy the whole time and it made me crazy to do this, but I didn’t masturbate after. I try to save it for shows!
  • Chatted on Skype with man I haven’t spoken to in a year.
  • Did the appointment. Put on pink fuck me platform heels along with my sexy outfit for the day. I was surprised he went with what I already had on. Usually he has something particular in mind! I fucked myself; mostly rode the toy and watched him jerk hard and shoot off a big load.
  • Did a cam-to-cam show with a long time caller who loves anal. I told him I got worked up on my last call and didn’t get to cum yet. This guy made sure I did. When I was still twitching from my orgasm, I turned around and fucked my ass for him until he dripped out a big load all over his balls.
  • Did a cam-to-cam topless show for a guy who loves strapons. I showed him how I would fuck him with my biggest toy and he came A LOT. It was so hot.
  • Talked to caller about potential show
  • Had lunch
  • Cam to cam call with a hot man. He had a HUGE load, which I was definitely happy about.
  • Hot cam to cam with a new caller. He wanted me to imagine being man handled by him and then fucked hard.
  • Cam to cam with a quiet man I last played with about a year ago. It was great getting him off again!
  • Sent out a few emails including one to a fellow cam girl who is helping me with Clips4Sale
  • Ended the day


About Lusty Lucy

I am sensual, sexual, creative and sweet. I have experience and genuine interest in more fetishes than most people can probably come up with. I have dabbled with nearly every common role play and get into them from all angles; creativity, acting and sexual energy.
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