The African Princess

Another story from Caller X‘s sexual adventures:

Caller X in the shower

Caller X in the shower

Back in 2007, I met the African Princess. She came from Cameroon, and came over when she was 21 or so. We were set up on a blind date, and decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. When we met for our date, neither of us were very comfortable. We talked a bit, and then decided to part ways.

Later on that day, we started texting each other again. We decided to give it another shot, and she came over to my place to just hang out. It was very awkward as we just watched a movie. Then suddenly, for some reason, I started rubbing her palm with my fingers. I later found out that in her culture, rubbing a woman’s palm means that you are horny. Better to be lucky than good.

Well, my princess was ready to get to work. She got aggressive really quick and locked eyes with me. Before I knew it, this thin 5’6 African beauty was on top of me with her tongue down my throat. I did not really have any time to think or react. She moved pretty quickly, and it was obvious that this young lady was a freak.

Soon enough, she had her top and bra off as she grinded on top of me. Her thick nipples right in front of me for my mouth to enjoy. She loved this so much that it did not take long before she is taking my pants off for me. She loves to suck cock, and this nympho was about to get her wish.

For only being 21, this was no girl. This woman was experienced and knew how to please her man. While sucking my cock down her throat she paused for a moment. She took it out of her mouth and asked me if I had any orange juice. I was wondering what she was doing. So being a gentleman, I poured her a glass and brought it to her. She then took a drink, but did not swallow it right away. She got back on my cock and mixed her orange juice with my meat. It was a great sensation after each drink.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have any condoms at the time. She wanted to fuck so badly, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep the heat going if I had to leave and come back for condoms. We decided to compromise. I would suck on her pussy until I was ready to cum.

The princess was ready for me to blow. She was on her knees practically begging for me to cum all over her. She licked on my balls and told me where she wanted it. It was time, and I proceeded to but all over her dark skin and chest. When I unloaded the last drop, I went to go get her a towel. When I got back, I discovered that she did not need a towel. In the short span that I had walked to the other room, she had wiped off the cum with her hands and licked her fingers clean. We had many more adventures after this.


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