A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 11

Oh boy! I’ve done it again. I worked on a day in the life of a cam girl, didn’t take great notes and now so much time has passed, I can’t really fill in the details! I’ll just leave this as it is and do better next time!

  • Talked to a camgirl friend about FOSTA.
  • Internet went out.
  • Phone sex call cam in from a regular who has appeared in these posts before. He loves talking about sharing me with a huge group of guys with really big cocks. He wants me stuffed with cock and both filled and covered with cum. In my last post, I talked about some of the funny things he says. I remember another one! He talks about breeding me with the guys and how I won’t know which one got me pregnant. How it’s “playing baby roulette”!
  • Found out there was an outtage.
  • Had a snack.
  • Made plans to make a video. Painted nails.
  • Just as I finished my nails, Internet came back on!
  • Took pics for OnlyFans and a Tweet. Smudged thumbnails.
  • Fixed thumbnails.
  • Got OnlyFans and tweet pic ready.
  • Did quickie show with a new guy who watched me titty fuck my dildo then fuck my pussy just long enough to make a mess on my toy. He did a fast pump and cum on his tummy.
  • Watched a camgirl’s YouTube videos and responded to some caller’s emails.
  • Worked on an advertising project.
  • Had a snack.
  • Cam show with phone sex caller who hasn’t called in a while. It was cool seeing him for the first time. He has a home wrecking fantasy. We talked about me stealing him from his wife and him shooting his seed in me to get me pregnant while I make a wet spot on his wife’s side of the bed.
  • Quickie phone sex with a Daddy caller who has a smoking fetish. I talked about sucking his cock between taking long drags and blowing big clouds of smoke.
  • Texted UGFE caller about some pics he wanted of me in my PJs and in a towel after I shower.
  • Looked up recipes for blended chai tea drinks.
  • Show with a guy who has only called once before. Was a silent call so it was a little awkward given we have only played once, but it was still pretty hot watching him jerk, play with a pocket pussy and cum all over his hand and balls. I fucked myself with dildo and used my vibe and fingers on my clit.
  • Walked my dog.
  • Made blended chai tea drink.
  • Worked on videos.
  • Had lunch.
  • Worked on videos.
  • Silent show with a young guy who likes older women. He wanted me to play with my tits while sitting on my vibe and do some dirty talk about him spraying on me. He had a huge cock!
  • Worked on videos.
  • Had a phone sex call with an old regular cam caller I haven’t talk to in a while. It was nice to find we are still hot together without the visual stimulation!
  • Talked to guy about a possible show.
  • New caller.┬áKind of into cuckolding, but he didn’t say that. He likes to talk about how he is small and asked me if he’s small. He says he’d like to see me with a big cock, but he preferred my smaller toy when I gave him a choice. I told him a story about a guy I fucked a long time ago who had a small cock.
  • Quickie show with a guy who likes to humiliate me.

About Lusty Lucy

I am sensual, sexual, creative and sweet. I have experience and genuine interest in more fetishes than most people can probably come up with. I have dabbled with nearly every common role play and get into them from all angles; creativity, acting and sexual energy.
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