A Day in the Life of a Cam Girl 7

Second day of 2018!

  • Caught up on Skype chats that came in after I signed off the night before.
  • Organized to do list.
  • Worked on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Had a long GFE call with a guy who has called me once before. He asked about my romantic history and present for a bit. Then he showed himself on cam and had me tell him what I thought about his cock. It was very thick and a good length. Maybe 7 or 8 inches. We did some mutual masturbation and I came hard while calling him “baby”. I was so focused on my orgasm that I missed him cumming somehow. He shot toward his chest which was covered with a napkin and I couldn’t see the cum. He showed me after and the napkin was COVERED with wetness. Next time I’ll have to ask him to do it on a dark towel so I can see the cum!
  • Cam call with regular. Talked about him and his wife having anal and him pissing in her pussy. Fantasized about him pissing in my pussy and pulling on my nipples. I talked about her pissing in my mouth and me spitting it all over my tits while he pissed in my pussy. He had me finger fuck my pussy then spread it wide while he shot his big load of cum.
  • Had breakfast.
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Got a call from a long time phone sex caller with a medical fantasy. I am nurse Lucy who needs to collect a sperm sample. On our early calls, years ago me and my female student nurses would pump his penis to collect the sample and do various things to make sure we would get a big sample including showing off our tits and sitting on his face. Eventually we started playing with his ass, all while giggling at him. More recently male nurses have started helping as well. We have gotten to the point where he has been fucked by the men, received blow jobs and even jerked off the male nurses while asking him if he’s gay or bi!
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Did 30 min show with one of my Australian regulars. He always makes me cum 2-3 times. First I used my fingers on my clit while watching him stroke and talking about me teasing his cock until he gets frustrated and fucks my mouth roughly. Then he told me he would have me sit on his sexy bearded face. I used my womanizer vibrator until I came hard. Then I fucked my pussy while on my back for a while. I had trouble saying much more than “fuck my pussy hard”. It felt so damn good, I couldn’t find the words. Then I rode it for a while until I came a second time. I continued to ride it while my pussy twitched until he was ready for me to give him some JOI and beg for him to cum on my face. His cock shot off thick cum like a fountain! It was so hot!
  • A regular did a cam show while I modeled three of the many new cam outfits I bought on Yandy. He smacked his cock a whole bunch. It was so fucking hot! He seemed especially appreciative of the last two outfits I put on, which were really tight. He liked seeing my big ass in them. While in the last outfit, he had me suck my dildo then shove it in my pussy and fuck myself until we both came!
  • Continued working on updating and cleaning up LustyLucyPlays.com.
  • Snacked
  • Worked on tax stuff.
  • Laundry
  • Emailed potential caller.
  • Watched BBC The History of the Home on YouTube between shows and calls.
  • Got a call from an infrequent regular “jerk off boy” type. He likes talking about jerking off in a room full of other guys jerking off. Sometimes we talk about him playing with the other guys. This time we talked about him playing with the guys for a bit, but he admitted that today he really just wanted to see a lot of cum. A man after my own heart! So I told him twenty guys were standing around him jerking off and cumming on him. Shooting off fountains of cum. As soon as they cum, I had more guys lined up to take their place. Just as I said that, he started yelling as he came. He yelled for almost a full minute, thanked me and said goodbye.
  • Quickie cam to cam with a new guy. He had a really sexy voice. He had me strip, stand up, put one foot on my bed and fuck myself while squeezing one of my tits. He asked me to suck my nipple and just as I got it in my mouth, he shot off a big load!
  • Got a call from a GFE guy I mentioned in my last Day in the Life of a Cam Girl post. We have had regular dates since he first started calling and we have been having so much fun! It seems like everything I enjoy about our calls, he likes just as much! Sometimes we sit and chat. He changes things up by taking me to different locations in and outside of his house including the garage, bathroom and the deck. I really like seeing where he lives. It’s fun getting a glimpse of his life. Today he showed me some artwork a family member created. It was so cool! Then we had our playtime. I got in different positions trying to show off the parts of my body he is turned on by while stroking, licking and sucking my toy like it is his cock. I kept eye contact with the cam as if I were looking into his eyes and he let me know when he was cumming so I knew when to look down to watch him cum!
  • Had a snack.
  • Quickie with a guy who has done cam to cam with me three times now since 2016. He pays, I watch him stroke his gorgeous cock while I play with my tits and he hangs up before I get to see him cum! I wish he’d let me watch it squirt!
  • Chatted with potential callers.
  • Sexting with long time caller. He had me tell a story of me being forced into sex over the holidays by family friends in the basement during a Christmas party. I sent him pics of me showing off my tits and round ass while we chatted.
  • Did show with one of my most sadistic callers. He was in an extra harsh mood. None of the cute banter we usually have. Just sexy stern orders from him. He ordered me to strip, then stuff my g-string panties in my pussy and meanly asked if my pussy was a dry desert when I had trouble stuffing them. Had me put clothespins on my tits. Then he had me use my new red nylon rope on my tits, tying them tight. He had me use the crop to knock them off, which was difficult. After getting five off, he got impatient and gave me ten seconds to knock the rest off. I couldn’t even get one more off! My punishment was to leave them on the rest of the show. He had me slap my face hard several times Then he had me wack my pussy with the crop until it was red. He then had me pull the panties out of my pussy and piss on them. I couldn’t pee much; just a bit. He then had me stuff them in my mouth, put on a gag and put a clear plastic bag over my head to suffocate while rubbing my pussy. I was careful to push my tongue up so the panties couldn’t get passed it and move down my throat, but I freaked out while suffocating on the bag. I tried to work with it twice, but I ended up needing to beg to remove the panties and gag. He let me. The bag went back over my head. At some point he came, but I was so in my head, I didn’t notice. I came. After, he had me keep the bag on for 10 more seconds. He cruelly counted down from 10 and at 1 started back at 8 again! When he got to 1, he added zero and then finally let me take it off. It was awesome. And a great way to end the camming week!

About Lusty Lucy

I am sensual, sexual, creative and sweet. I have experience and genuine interest in more fetishes than most people can probably come up with. I have dabbled with nearly every common role play and get into them from all angles; creativity, acting and sexual energy.
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