The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Just a quick update about why I’ve been so bad about updating my blog as well as some information about my GFE service, “the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience” (UGFE).

First, about updating my blog. When I got back into phone sex and cam sex full time again in June 2013, my life was very interesting and exciting, particularly sexually. I was still in the middle of exploring BDSM (both as a Top and a submissive). I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend. By September 2013, my boyfriend and I broke up and I found myself in a D/s relationship with a man (I was his submissive), I was still with my girlfriend and some where in there, I found time to top ps.

Throughout this time, I had a lot of things to write about. Then due to some serious and traumatic life stuff, I fell off track with posting. Things were at there worst in May 2014. Everything got better over time and in all honesty, there was no good reason why I couldn’t get back to blogging around the end of the summer. But that is about when my inspiration dropped.

By that point, I had long ended my relationship with my Dom and ps and I drifted apart. By September, my girlfriend and I decided to end our relationship romantically.

So here I am, a super kinky girl enjoying super kinky things for a living, but clearly living in a not so kinky world otherwise. In the middle of all the changes, my ex boyfriend and I got back together and he’s vanilla. Though what we do in the bedroom is beyond satisfying, I suppose it’s not much to write about. Worst yet, we’ve slowed down our play time tremendously. More about that soon.

So there you have it. I used to have a good mix of work related fun to write about and a lot of interesting things to say about my personal life, but now I’m working with half the inspiration.

On to information about the ultimate girlfriend experience. About a year ago, I had an idea of how to offer the girlfriend experience to my callers in a way that would be mutually satisfying to both my callers and me. In the year that I have been offering the service, UGFE has been a wonderful thing, but has not always been used as it was intended. I have found that, so far, there are four ways in which it can be used; as a girlfriend experience, a Master/slave experience, a Mistress/slave experience and as a way of providing discounted phone sex, cam sex and texting sessions to my callers.

I thought I’d take a moment to direct folks to the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience website for more information and encourage anyone who is interested to contact me on Skype, Yahoo, phone or email for more information.

About Lusty Lucy

I am sensual, sexual, creative and sweet. I have experience and genuine interest in more fetishes than most people can probably come up with. I have dabbled with nearly every common role play and get into them from all angles; creativity, acting and sexual energy.
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