Caller X’s Night with Mary: Sex with an Older Woman

As promised, here is a naughty, true story by Caller X. His tale of a time he had sex with an older woman named Mary. Enjoy! I know I did!

~ * ~

I had met Mary through an online dating site. She was an older woman on the prowl. Coming off of a divorce, and now free, Mary had a thing for younger guys. She stood about 5’8/5’9 and had a nice body. She had gotten some implants in her chest to go along with her nice full ass. Mary didn’t have many restrictions in the bedroom.

We had started talking on the phone and communicating through text messages in December. Things heated up immediately. There was no sugarcoating with this woman. She would tell you what she wanted, and how she wanted it.

After about four weeks of getting to know each other, it was time to finally meet. She sent me to an Adult store to pick up some oil to really stimulate her clit. Then, I arrived at her house at about midnight. She was dressed in some black and pink lingerie. We got a few drinks and watched a little t.v. first to get comfortable. After about two more drinks, we both knew what we wanted.

It was time to get down to business. We stopped paying attention to the t.v., and we started paying attention to getting Mary out of her clothes. After some kissing and rubbing, it was time to get rid of Mary’s top and unleash her double D set. She directed me to suck on her nipples, but not to be too rough. She decided to return the favor and suck on mine. She was very rough, and enjoyed every moan that I let out.

Then, Mary directed me to remove her panties, and that I should get to work pleasuring her. I buried my head into her bald pussy. I sucked on her clit first, and this drove Mary crazy. Mary is a squirter, but she wasn’t ready to give out her juice yet.

After burying my lips and tongue in her pussy for close to thirty minutes, Mary was ready for some cock. I wanted to regain control over this situation, so I told her no. She is going to have to wait, and beg on her knees for the meat between my legs. I ordered her to get on her hands and knees. She put her ass in the air, and I started fingering her pussy as I licked her ass. Mary almost started squirting when my tongue penetrated her juicy ass.

This extended foreplay was driving Mary crazy. She had already orgasmed twice because of my hands and tongue, and she was begging for the cock now. I got her in the doggy style position, and slowly put my cock into her ass. Mary was a total slut, and loved cock in her ass. We went at it for a while until we were both ready to release. I put Mary on her back and started slapping her clit with my cock. Within seconds, she was squirting like crazy. Any time she has a cock tapping her clit, she explodes like a geyser. I remembered this for later on.

Knowing that I satisfied Mary’s needs, it was time for me satisfy my own. I started slapping her big fake titties with my cock, and then slapped her mouth with it. I pulled back, and proceeded to shoot my big load all over her tits and face. She enjoyed being my slut.

Our night was not over yet though. This woman was 44 with a 26 year old, and she wanted to get a marathon workout in. We topped off our drinks, and took a brief break. When I was ready, I decided to tease Mary with my cock again. I started slapping her clit with my cock. I knew she was ready to squirt right away, so I dropped down and sucked the juice into my mouth. She wanted to taste it, so she pulled me by the back of the head and put her tongue down my throat. She loved the taste of her own pussy juice.

Mary was ready to go now, so I proceeded to put my cock in her pussy, and get to work. She was flat on her back and taking my cock like the slut that she was. I didn’t care about satisfying her needs this time. Mary had gotten three or four orgasms at this point, and now it was my turn to do whatever I wanted with this cougar slut. I pulled out of her pussy, and put my cock back in her ass. When I was ready, I just unloaded another load.

This time, I wanted to fill up her ass with cum. Since she asked nicely, I pulled out, and put my cock in her pussy, so she could be dripping from both holes.

Mary was clearly exhausted at this point. It was nearly 3 in the morning, and she had been up since the previous morning. I had already given her some of my juice in her ass and pussy, so I only had hole left to check off. I was nearly done for the night, but I was able to get up for one last round.

In order to get my goal accomplished, I started slapping her clit with my cock again. Instant flood. I had Mary start sucking my cock. She was very experienced, and was a very good girl that night. She took it all in her mouth, and I knew I would be able to achieve my goal. Soon enough, it was time. I had Mary get on her knees and continue to suck on my cock. I put my hands on her thick blonde hair, and made she sure kept her lips wrapped tight. It wasn’t the biggest load of the night, and she was grateful.

Mary’s goal for our visit was to break in a young man and turn him into her personal love making machine. She got more than she bargained for, and became a live sex toy. After all, it was my birthday, not hers. I was able to unwrap my own Barbie and play with her for as long as I wanted. Her dream house turned into my own personal playground.

~ * ~

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